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I have been involved in Catholic education my entire life from being a K-12 student to being a Catholic school teacher to being an active volunteer in my parish. Avoid this school at all costs!!! The number one priority is sports and recruiting students to play. Authentic Catholic education is not available at this school. The overall culture is what is wrong with our high schools today and what leads to many of the problems our teens face.
What I like most about CGHS is the fact that everyone at the school, both faculty and staff, have become extended members of my family. They work extensively to improve not only the quality of campus life, but also the lives of students outside of school. I don’t think I would be as prepared for college admissions if it weren’t for the guidance department and staff explaining and guiding me in the path I want to be when the time comes for me to apply to colleges.
Felt like everyone wanted to help me succeed. The guidance counselors really seemed to care about my college future.
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Great school with great teachers and administrators. Students have great school spirit, attending sporting events to fine arts concerts to Model UN conferences. There is room for improvement as far as the curriculum goes, but Cardinal Gibbons does a good job preparing students for college.
Cardinal Gibbons guides students to success. With small class numbers the faculty knows who you are and what they need to work on with you. You are not a number
Exceptional school with dedicated staff and faculty. Core values of community, stewardship, integrity, and faith based education. The CGHS experience develops students into confident young adults who are "good to go" when advancing in their pursuit of higher education.
This was an excellent high school for my son. He enjoyed his time there with friends and the faculty and was fully prepared for college by the time he was graduating.
I go to gibbons, class of 2019. I like my school but it could do better with some of the teachers and they have to change the food that they serve their students and teachers for a more healthier option . Sports are great the administration does a good job but i feel that they should accompaniments their students when facing SATs and /or ACTs.
It's a great school with a lot of school spirit but the academics could be improved upon. The students and faculty are friendly.
Cardinal Gibbons is an excellent environment for learning and growing. They provide each for their students with an amazing education and essential skills that they will need for life. Cardinal Gibbons helps the students to prepare for life after high school. They provide everyone with a variety of different sports and clubs to participate in. The administration is very attentive and helpful when it comes to any concerns of the students and parents. Cardinal Gibbons also has a plethora of events for the students and family’s to participate in, which helps create a fun and friendly environment where people love to be.
I recently graduated from Cardinal Gibbons and I'd say that it is an amazing school. There is tons of resources available to the students and the use of Ipads is extremely beneficial especially during the transition to college. The food is amazing and your child will always be safe at this school. A good majority of the teachers are extremely knowledgeable in their subjects, so students will gain an advantage with the college prep curriculum.
I had a great time at Gibbons! The teachers and staff are all very passionate about education and care about their students. Also, the school does so many activities to get the students involved. Could be strict at times but that is to be expected.
Cardinal Gibbons is a very good school. The environment is very friendly and welcoming. Most teachers are great. The food is amazing. However, some policies are quite senseless and that is one thing that I would like to see change.
I loved that the school culture is that of a close knitted family. Facility is always willing to help students.
As a proud alumni of CGHS, I continue to follow all the activities and participate as often as possible. The school provides student's an excellent education, a great family community and prepares the students to be leaders of tomorrow. I highly recommend CGHS
I graduated from Cardinal Gibbons in 2013. I loved my high school experience because of this school! The classes I took really helped me for college and I have so many memories from playing lacrosse and being involved in clubs. I'll always remember high school fondly thanks to CGHS!
I like that the school is very freindly and has a wide variety of sports. The education system is also amazing. Many connections for the future!
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There's a large discrepancy in the rigor of higher level courses provided at Gibbons. The school campus is very good with updated classrooms and clean grounds.
Cardinal Gibbons High School is a great school and prepares you very well for college. The classes are challenging and also helpful. A Cardinal Gibbons education is one like no other. The teachers and administration are helpful and want to see you succeed as they push you to become young adults. The coaches care about each individual player, no matter your role on the team. They prepare you for the next level as best as they can. Many of the students graduate and become people of importance in the community. They become successful people and come back to visit their Cardinal Gibbons family. From the young alumni to old ones, they all loves to call themselves a Chief!
I truly loathed gibbons my first and second years, but now it’s growing on me because I’ve made wonderful friends here that have kept me sane. The kids at gibbons are bitter at best and good friends are rare but attainable. The party scene is terrible; If you want drugs and alcohol abuse, this is a great place to be, if not, you better try to find the only two sober kids in class and cling to them desperately. Typically, the teachers for AP/hon are pretty good to wonderful while reg/basic teachers do nothing to help their students achieve full potential. It’s a blessing student tutoring is available through the NHS. Safety is questionable due to lack of actual guards and the open gates, but the administration are working on it. Guidance is probably the worst resource on campus and I strongly recommend hiring a counselor on the side if you need the services they offer because you won’t get it at Gibbons.
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