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Good academic system and sports teams. Was an overall safe environment. Time management was definitely needed to be successful (I played sports from middle school until I graduated).
Caravel Academy is a school that is proud of their athletics, but really they are only concerned with the popular sports. The more popular the sport, the more funding the team receives. The music program is little to nonexistent, as well as theater. The students are extremely cliquey, so if your son or daughter does not play a "popular" sport, they will most likely not fit in. Quite a few math teachers struggle with teaching their students so that the students can fully understand the content. Considering school spirit, there is none. There are teachers who even complain to the students about their issues with Caravel. The pep rallys are terrible, and the students hardly show up to sports games, plays, or musical performances.
Caravel Academy has been an absolute savior to my seven year old. We recently moved to Newark, DE and the choices were slim as to the public school system. I had found out about Caravel Academy form my neighbor who raved about the teachers and friendly staff. I quickly reached out to them and after completing and passing required tests, my daughter Kayla was accepted into the First Grade. Caravel Academy has also given me some Tuition Assistance which I am totally grateful. We are now eagerly waiting for the second grade to start. It's great to see my daughter actually excited about starting school again.
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I spent the last 6 years of school at Caravel and graduated from there last month. The school challenges students to be their best and to be successful. They put a lot of emphasis on academics, sports and community service to help the students to be well-rounded.
Love Caravel! Such a family atmosphere. Great teachers and wonderful music program! Go Buccaneers! Can't believe it's graduation time already.
Rigorous Academics and Athletics. Wonderful atmosphere. Excellent at preparing students for college.
The academics are very rigorous for all age levels and improve one's English skills dramatically when entering junior and senior year. I would like to see, however, better assistance for students with any disabilities. A teacher will be notified (with a doctor's note) if there is a student who has any, but they do not often listen to that notification; hence the student's efforts will not be reflected in the grades they are given.
Caravel Professes to hold students to a high level of Academic Integrity, which I agree they do. However they do not hold their teachers to the same level of integrity. Apparently, after meeting with an administrator, Teachers are not required to respond to parent emails and if they do they are not accountable for anything they say in their email. A commitment made by a teacher, according to the Headmaster, is not enforceable and does not require said teacher, to actually follow through with their end of the agreement
The education at Caravel Academy is great. It really gets you prepared for college. The teachers want to see the students thrive and succeed and they are a big help as well.
Caravel Academy is a good school for those who like small environments with personal connections to both students and teachers. It has a healthy amount of sports and activities for students to participate in and a warm, friendly setting for students to thrive in and create a family with. The biggest complaint I have with this school is that it can lack in a few of its sports, activities, and classes. For example, there is no option to take AP Economics, participate in crew, or compete against other schools for tennis.
Caravel Academy is very structured and organized. They offer a variety of sports, clubs, extracurricular activities and is small and centered. Every teacher knows your name and is genuinely interested in your education.
I would like to see Caravel Academy incorporate more AP classes into their schedule. Also, some of the athletic fields could be in better shape. Some of the teachers are old and should have retired thus making the classes less enjoyable and to be avoided.
Caravel is a great school when it comes to academics and social involvement. It feels like one big family and you can always find a friendly face in any room you walk into. The teachers here are great and are always willing to help as long as you ask. The music program is my favorite part of this school. There are a lot of great opportunities and everyone is so supportive of each other, always encouraging you to do your best.
I attended the school for its preschool to 12th grade. I made a fantastic group of friends within the very small academy and bonded with the art department. It's a small family, but a good one if you make it so.
Love the family atmosphere of the school. Caravel is very diverse. The teachers expect and demand high quality work. The students who graduate Caravel are well prepared for college.
Overall, my experience at Caravel was very academically valuable. Attending this school since kindergarten and now being a senior in high school, I must confess that I am very well prepared for college; hence the fact that I have 12 credits prior to graduation. On the flip-side, social life here is only beneficial when you're apart of a certain clique. It is quite surprising that after 13 years of attending this school, I do not anticipate staying in contact with any of my peers for longer than a year after graduation. Other than that, being a student at Caravel for so long has been a splendid experience considering all of the knowledge that I have gained.
The education in the literature, art, and french departments is great. The other subjects are mediocre in their teaching. Caravel is exceptional with making sure the students understand the material if they are in need of help. The dress code is too strict. The kids are disciplined but there's a little bit of racism towards African Americans between the students. If there is a social problem, the faculty does their best in trying to fix it. The tuition is really high, and the fact that we have to pay for our own reading books is unreasonable. We also have laptops that we have to pay a lot of money for each year, and when we graduate we still have to pay a fee even though weve paid so much through high school
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My experience here taught me a lot of discipline and I feel it will continue to ready myself for college. All though some teacher have a unique teaching method it helped me adapt to various atmospheres.
We had a security officer at our school the entire time so we as a school felt safe all the time.
I played baseball so I didn't have free time for extracurriculars.
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