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Was part of the music department for my four years there and there were many amazing experiences including touring and performing at disneyland. Special shout out to the college/career center for being especially flexible with seniors who need help with college stuff.

One downside was that during my years there, there was a lot of vandalism and there were always police officers on campus which was intimidating but I got used to it.

Certain teachers here have changed my life in the most positive way and have influenced me immensely. However, there are also teacher who don’t seem interested in what they are doing which reflects off of students who already might not like the subject.
Capuchino High School allowed me to grow in a variety of ways. I was able to take part in sports and community service. I ran a service project for a club and became president of the club later on. Most teachers are very caring for their students and treat students with respect. The IB program offered is full of very rigorous courses but the school provides a lot of support for the students. The principal and staff care for their students and check in with them to make sure things are going well.
I am part of the International Baccalaureate program here at Capuchino and I have to say that the level of education at this school is incredible. The teachers at Capuchino are some of the most dedicated educators I know, who care deeply for each and every one of their students and want nothing more than to see them succeed.
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The academics at the school are great and there are a lot of opportunities available and given but the school spirit and the people on the campus aren't as enjoyable as everything else there.
I've gone to Capuchino for 4 years, and have been involved with numerous sports and clubs. Faculty is very easy to talk to and love to take part in any school events. They are very involved in their students education. This school incorporates everyone no matter their race or financial status. Being an IB school, I feel I am being prepared for college classes and find my classmates to be very supportive throughout the years. Through sports, I have been able to communicate with more students from different grades, and found comfort knowing that each class bonds with one another, and doesn't discriminate against each other.
At Capuchino High School, I enjoyed being around a diverse group of students. I like the staff and faculty. Additionally, I believe that Capuchino High School has a very helpful, excellent College and Career Center that prepared me for college applications and provided me with my first job.
I enjoyed Capuchino High School. I wish my school was not closed and that I could take the IB tests I have spent 2 years preparing for.
Capuchino High School is a very diverse school that is extremely inclusive of all races. They work hard in making sure all students feel supported in their background. At Capuchino the staff is alway open to helping students develop as individuals and as students. They work towards progressing each students individual career goals.
Capuchino teachers don't care too much about their students. Only a select few teachers would really look out for their students and the others seemed like they didn't want to teach. They just give you a worksheet and expect you to know everything on it and if you needed help, it seemed like they would throw attitude because you had a hard time with something.
It was a nice experience but some of the actives are kind of annoying like prep-rallies and sports. I wish that there was a place to go for people who are no interested in going to the prep-rallies.
firstly this school makes me feel very welcomed, from the teacher, to the peers, just everyone. The teachers are very helpful, they give up their time to help me out not matter what time, after school, before school, lunch, they are always there for me to make sure I am as successful as possible. My classmates, they have multiple different personalities, but they are all nice and very opened minded. Attending Capuchino High school is a really great decision I have made, from clubs to sports to rallies to just everything. Every bit of time I spend in Capuchino will be in my heart forever. I am really glad that I am attending Capuchino high school and can't wait to graduate out of that school and make my school proud.
Love how accepting of diversity there is. Community is nice. Some departments are not as strong as the other ones, so that could be improved.
I have enjoyed my four years at Capuchino. I've had great teachers who were always helpful and have had classes with kind students. But I think there should be more funding and support for the arts, specifically theatre. Sports always gets all the funding and attention. Being in theatre all four years, we haven't gotten as much support or attention from the student body as a whole.
I really enjoyed my time at Capuchino High School. The campus is very beautiful, the teachers and staff were mostly all very friendly and helpful especially during senior year. I was active in Theater, Interact club, and French club out of the many clubs and extracurricular they had. The school improved, they let everyone wear red and blue after banning it for so long and they no longer charge students for any sports games or theater shows anymore. The reason why I rated it four out of five was because they need to improve where they spend their money or give their funds to. Most of it goes to maintenance but, they give the sports teams more money than theater and arts. Education wise, I think that IB isn't the best because it depends on too many factors that won't guarantee college credit or if it was worth two years of sleepless nights. Overall, I enjoyed my experience in Capuchino High School.
Love the diversity, students are friendly, administration/staff is welcoming!! The teachers care about their students, in addition to all the amazing resources available for students. The numerous amounts of clubs and sports are incredible. Social life at sporting events are great!! The IB program is a true success.
The school is welcoming and offers opportunities to find out who you are. It also has a great selection of teachers who are passionate about their topic. The staff is moderately well; some are better than others at helping you in an excellent manner.
Capuchino High was a good experience for me because the teachers were always helpful and the AVID class helped me alot.
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Teachers are great, the staff is welcoming, amazing diversity throughout all students who attend!! There are many resources opened to all students, whether you need to speak to the wellness counselor or check into the mindfulness room. Sports, clubs, music programs here exceed expectations, an amazing thing to be apart of.
Capuchino has nothing really special going for it. There's not that much school spirit, but thats on the students. One thing about Capuchino that I really loved was the science department. All the science teachers that I've had were very funny, kind, and overall, taught very well.
I like how this is a diverse schools that has many different classes. It also has a lot of different sports and clubs and activities that you can participate in.
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