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I would not really change anything about Capital it is good the way it is to be honest. It has that diversity as well as the fundamentals to prepare you for college readiness. I also think the staff there is great and they do a really good job with helping you with your work whether it be school work or homework. The people are very nice there which is always a great thing that way everyone gets along and it creates a safe environment for everyone to safely and comfortably be able to work. I think the facilities could get a bit better.
Capital high's staff has always been invested in our education. Safety has always been taken extremely serious, when conducting drills or during an actual emergency.
Graduated Class of 2020, Capital high school offers different programs that expands a students knowledge in careers and experiences. I was part of the Medical Capstone Program allowing to be competitive amongst my peers. They also have a variety of choices of extra curricular activities that connect to the required programs they offer. For example, I was part of HOSA a future health care professional club that was a competitive interaction with students across the state. Overall my student experience academically and school involvement was amazing thankfully to my teachers and peers!
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Some teachers are amazing, while others... not so much. Very hard to be motivated to do work when your teachers seem to dislike kids. The athletic environment and school spirit is great on the other hand.
I like how helpful the teachers are, but they could use More faculty. Well runned, and very great athletic department.
I liked the relationships students and staff held with one another. I would like to see more diversity.
Capital high is a very diverse and accepting school. As a student, you get to see the different cultures and personalities accepted at this school. In my experience, I have not seen many signs of bullying or harassment.
What i liked about Capital High School is how all the teachers are willing to go out of their way to help the students. Its a great experience meeting people through the year and the variety of classes. What i would like to be changed is the classroom thermometer because sometimes its really hot or really cold.
I love how all the teachers provide you with all the help and support a student trying to get into college could ask for.
Capital High School is a school where you are able to freely be yourself, and where others will accept you as you are. There is a great deal of diversity at Capital, ranging from different ethnicities, religions and beliefs. Throughout the entire four years I have been at Capital, I have experienced many exciting and thrilling experiences. I am a part of the medical pathway at Capital, I began the pathway when I was a sophomore at 16 years old. I am currently in the last two courses of the pathway out of five. Throughout the three years of prying my way through this field, I have had tremendous hands on experiences I also participated in Choir and Acapella in the three years of my High school career. Participating in these classes, provided me with the confidence to stand out and let my voice be heard to the audience and judges in competitions. The only thing I would have liked to change is the amount of space allocated for lunch, also a proper training of new teachers.
I like the support that each staff gives us. Also, that they reward our hard work. They all care about our education, and help us when we need any resources.
I graduated from Capital in 2017. The teachers there are amazing. They take their time teaching and helping their students. I wouldn't change anything.
Its great alot of teachers and students respect each other, they help one another and its a safe learning environment.
Capital High School is a tight knit community, offering a wide variety of classes to its wide variety of students. One can feel the positive energy radiating from the devoted staff and thriving students upon entering the building and seeing all the smiling faces around them. I would love to see this community open more doors for those who wish to participate and be more involved in the school's extra curricular activities.
The school was okay. It had average teachers and average students. Compared to most high schools, it was pretty small. Nothing too bad or too good ever happen.
Some things I really liked about Capital High is that mostly all of the teachers give you the full support you need. As well as with some students helping you out with subjects we have trouble with. I love that in Capital they provide tutoring in all subjects and that helps us out a lot because sometimes we don't understand the way some teachers teach. Some students don't take advantage of all of the opportunities given to us; there are so many great opportunities that Capital gives students. The things I dislike about this school is that during lunch there are too many students and we take about thirty minutes to actually get lunch. The lines get ridiculously long. We only have 55 minutes to get lunch and it is just a waste of time waiting in the line. Other than that I like everything about Capital.
Throughout my high school career at CHS, I have evolved into a successful jag! I am a student-athlete at Capital High. The atmosphere at Capital is very unique, from Spanish to Native to English speaking groups us heard amongst its hallways. Teachers are very nice and the patriotism towards the school is recognized everywhere. Being a Jaguar will always be one of my proudest achievements because this school has given me good memories to look back on. Jaguar Pride is based on how you vision your education beyond the classrooms, teachers, and grades. To focus on a brighter future is a Jaguarś goal!
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I liked the medical pathway at Capital High. It really prepared me for when I go into nursing school and it was a great experience. I wouldn't change anything about the school.
My experience at Capital High School was extremely exciting. The courses in Capital High School provide each student with the material needed for a brighter future. My experience is exciting because I had an opportunity to be part of the medical pathway courses. The medical classes are one of the main reason why I love Capital High. I enjoy taking the medical pathway because I can further my knowledge on the health care career; also I have a head start of knowing the basics in medical. If I could change something from Capital High School it will be our disorganized lunch hours. Personally, I believe that our lunches should be separated by our grades, for instance, freshmen and sophomores together and juniors and seniors together in different lunch hours. This will beneficial because students do not have to wait thirty minutes to get lunch; the lunch lines will be faster and the cafeteria would not be extremely crowded. Other than that, everything in Capital High School is good.
This school did a lot to help me out. It was fun and they had a lot of not only after school programs, but help when it came to what you were struggling with and what you needed help with. There was a lot of downfalls; one being the fact that the construction of the school started when everyone was still there and to this day they are still not done.
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