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I have been a student at Capistrano Valley High School for three years now and I can tell you that being at Capo has given me the best experiences of my life. My school has opened my eyes to so many new opportunities and has challenged me to grow more as an individual. Capo focuses on the studies of their students, but also does a fantastic job of trying to allow students to enjoy our school spirit. We have been given plenty of awards for our school spirit and it gives us students the opportunity to feel apart of something great.
I wish there was more emphasis and encouragement to engage in clubs and extracurricular activities. I feel like it is easy to lose students in the cracks.
I loved the diversity and inclusivity of the school. There were many opportunities in terms of academic programs such as AP or IB. With a plethora of clubs available it was easy to get involved and meet new people and make connections. The athletic department was very strong and our sports programs were high-achieving and impressive. The majority of the teachers are wonderful and genuinely care about the student's education. The experience and quality of different opportunities is unmatched.
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Personally, I enjoyed attending Capistrano Valley High school because there was always someone to help me wherever I went. In academics for the most part, I always had teachers who not only answered my questions, but also reinforced the big picture idea of the course. Not only in academics, but the numerous facilities around the school were helpful. If I ever lost something at the school, the people up at the attendance window were always very kind in helping me search for the item in lost and found, and the librarians were always very helpful in getting documents to be printed and providing a great workspace. Though most of all, the students who go here are always ready to help and are very enthusiastic about their school pride. One thing I would like to see changed however, is better supervision in bathrooms in terms of sanitation.
First of all Capo Valley highschool is an awesome IB top-notch rated school near my area. The school is so welcoming and accepts all students the way they are. I love all the teachers I'm very involved in in a cheer program at capo and I'm in several clubs. I love capo and it's my second home it holds a very special place at the bottom of my heart. Everyone is so nice I don't get bullied I've made nice friends and met a lot of the staff. What I would change from the school is to prohibit vaping and drug use and prohibit violence like fights between students
. Also, the teachers have supported me in everything and anything they do care about your education and try or do everything in your power to help you be successful which is a big thing that I love from that school. I truly believe Capo will help me thrive throughout the rest of my years because I want to major in elementary education to become a teacher. My passion for learning, school, and kids is so amazing.
I love the capo environment and being a student here. I feel like this school really set me up for success and I had great teachers and staff to encourage me to strive for an amazing future.
This school has given me the great four-year high school experience. Many opportunities are offered here to become more than just an ordinary student and the teachers, counselors, and staff support their students in any way they can so that they can proceed to their greatest future. I have made so many friends here and went to this high school with my friends who I have known since elementary school. This place has become my home. I am happy I attended this high school and would not change my experience here for anything.
Capistrano Valley High School has been my home for the last 4 years. There is a vibrant culture on campus and the best compliment I can give to Capo is their emphasis on inclusion. From the time I was a freshman to senior year, I always felt freedom to explore any sport, club, art or academic class that interested me. I participated in a multitude of programs: tennis, track and field, Women in Business Club, Literary Arts Magazine, Model United Nations, National Honors Society, Film and Video Production classes; I always felt welcome and comfortable. By having so much opportunity to explore I was able to find something I was truly passionate about: Filmmaking. After a couple years of immersing myself in our program, I plan on attending Chapman University to study Film Production starting this fall. I accredit much of my artistic and academic successes to my experiences at Capo Valley High School.
Capistrano Valley High School, better known as Capo has become my favorite place to be. Capo students are so spirited, intelligent, athletic, committed, creative, and fun. The teachers make learning easy and have made me into a better person. There are so many opportunities for everyone to find their place.
Honestly a great school all around, just awful bathrooms. They make sure students are aware of many college readiness programs such as futurology. The teachers for the most part are great with the exception of a few.
I love the feeling of unity and togetherness that the school brings. Additionally I like all the diversity throughout our school.
It’s an old school for sure, but it has a lot of history. Not much about it is new and shiny, except for the newly installed solar panels in the parking lots, but Capo has a lot of character. It’s not perfect, nor is every student’s experience as great as mine, but I can tell you that mine has been wonderful. I have been taught by some of the most passionate teachers who are not only skilled in their area of expertise but are also just kind people. They really love what they do, and they love their students. I think that makes a difference, and it has definitely made my education here that much more memorable. And the students are just as good as the teachers. There are mean kids at every school, but Capo just has a culture like no other. It’s the kind that promotes the exact opposite of mean-ness. It’s welcoming and inclusive and uplifting and empowering. The bottom line: I would not have wanted to go to any other school.
Capo Valley highly values success during high school so that students are Abel to succeed once we are out of high Schoo. We have semester check ups with our counselors and get monthly emails on opportunities for us to help us. Capo also has activities that sometimes doesn't make it feel like school. I truly believe that the administration at Capo cares about our future and puts in extra effort to help us do the best so that we are successfully set up for our futures.
I enjoy capo valley high school because the teachers are honestly so supportive and helpful. They also have available tutoring on Monday's which was helpful. I also enjoy how diverse capo is and there is no discrimination. There also plenty of clubs and activities for everyone.
Capo is an inviting place for everyone! The campus, students, and teachers and staff all create an amazing environment where one can flourish.
I like the diversity among the students from different walks of life with a wide variety of perspectives. It's unlike other schools in that sense
Capo valley high school is overall a great learning environment. Most of the staff and administration are great and you can really tell they have a passion for teaching children. There are so many extra curricular opportunities as well as amazing sports teams. I wouldn’t have chosen anywhere else to go besides capo valley HS.
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Capistrano Valley High School is committed to supporting every student in their high school experience and preparing students for life after high school. I enjoy my classes and adore my teachers; however, I wish that our classes were more similar to college classes. I wish we had fewer assignments that are more challenging and useful instead of many assignments that feel like busywork. I would also like more responsibility to be placed on students rather than teachers. In the real world, no one will babysit you. People have to use the resources they have instead of relying on others. Overall, I think that Capistrano Valley High School is a great school with teachers and administrators who care about the lives of the students.
Very good school overall, fun atmosphere and strong administration. The sports teams are competitive and the school has a very strong arts department. They have a multi-million dollar theatre just built in 2014 and strong choir, instrumental music, and theatre programs to make use of it.
Good school good academics. Some of the teachers are not great but a lot are very great so it makes up for it. Sports and athletics is good and the campus itself is very kept up and nice.
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