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I liked how they prepared us for college acedemics. They gave is a saftey cusion because of their tough grading system.
I love how friendly the students are and how the high academic expectations prepare students for college!
This school really needs a culture shift. Cape High does not know how to deal with survivors of assault. Many victims are left feeling unsupported or victimized. They don't listen to students concerns, and only care about their reputation in the media, not about the students' opinions or issues.
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This school is ok the teachers are alright (at best)a lot of them are old and don't care much if any. The school is old, like really old, The image of cape is much more important to them than the actual material or the student body. overall not a good experience.
The recent news should be all you need to know about this school. Punishing rape victims instead of the rapist. Do you want your child to go here? Are strong academics enough to make you overlook safety?
Cape Elizabeth High School prepares students well for college and life thereafter. The teacher are kind and helpful. We moved to Cape Elizabeth from New York mainly for the school system.
The school cares more about their image than about their students. Academics worked well for some, and they were given plenty of attention, but those who fell behind were ignored. Female students at the school feel unsafe, and sexual assailants are protected. The climate is very competitive and not supportive at all. The school has absolutely no diversity. If you are planning to move here for the schools, PLEASE DON'T! You can find and amazing education elsewhere.
I attended CEHS and can say that I graduated feeling adequately prepared to attend college. During my time, I found that the emphasis on writing that the school places will serve students for many years in the future. My experience was quite positive as a student, because the students are academically driven yet also able to explore athletics and other activities.
My three children have received a very good education at Cape Elizabeth High School. Its strengths are many. At the top of the list is its beautiful location on the coast of Maine. As far as the school, the administration is absolutely top-notch -- truly child centered and strives to do what's best for the students. In particular, the principal and vice-principal are wonderful. The majority of teachers are very strong (Social Studies and English are particularly good), though there are a few who should have left a long time ago. There is a wide-variety of extra curricular activities, though the town is very sports focused. The student population lacks diversity so students miss out on the opportunity of learning from people from different backgrounds.
The Cape school system has a reputation for being full of stuck up rich kids, but, in my experience, for the most part, the students here are very friendly and kind. The staff care about student success and will go out of their way to help them succeed. While the the class work is difficult there are many resources available to help students in need.
Great teachers and a nice community. A very tight knit community so you know everyone very well. The teachers really care about the students but some of their teaching styles don't always work for me.
Both of my parents and all of their siblings went to CEHS, and my brother, my cousins, and I followed. For my personal experience, CEHS has been a great high school experience, despite all the stereotypes about my town. It’s a gorgeous, coastal town with lots of big houses, so you’d assume that all the kids are stuck-up, rich, spoiled brats, but everyone is friendly and kind!
Cape Elizabeth High School heavily lacks in diversity and good teachers, but its students still tend to do well in school and life. The administration is okay and everything else is generally average.
Cape Elizabeth High School is a small and friendly school environment that has great teachers who will go out of there way to find a way to help every students personal need so they can succeed. As well as a high education standard Cape Elizabeth High School even though it is quite small is know for having excellent extra circular opportunities for students to take part in. From the amazing and competitive (that have had several state game appearances this year alone) to the highly regarded music and drama programs Cape Elizabeth is an amazing High School that provides students with everything they could want and helps them prepare for future success.
I hate it here so much God help me. Everyone here is a degenerate, mean, petty, or stupid. This place breathes pretentiousness and liberalism. An absolute hell hole.
The students and staff are friendly and willing to give a hand to most everyone. There are a lot of clubs and activities after school and the sports teams almost always do well. The academic classes are challenging but mostly interesting and electives aren’t ever too hard. They are either valuable experience or engaging and fun. There are plenty of resources from the school or the teachers for extra help and teachers typically will make time if extra help is needed. One of the issues in regards to the students’ attitude is that there is barely any discipline of a student does something that crosses a line where they barely get a slap on the wrist. This makes many students obnoxious and play fast and loose with the rules regularly.
Cape High feels like a private school, but it's public. The teachers are amazing and the level of academic rigor is unmatched by any other public school in Maine as well as many private schools. The social scene is alright, but kind of cliquey. If you play a sport, you'll find friends very easily. However, everyone is nice to each other.
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As a junior, I've been in the Cape School systems my whole life. I can definitely say CEHS has instilled a love of learning and a strong work ethic that will motivate me to do well and work hard in my higher education. I've learned so much and created bonds that I will never forget.
Out of school activities are very popular. There are many different clubs, arts, musical programs, and athletic kinds of groups to join. Personally I have been apart of the soccer team, basketball, and softball. Also the natural helper program at my school. All of which are amazing.
Our school is very competitive, however that is a positive because it pushes us past our limits. It makes everyone want to do better, and once you get that great grade you feel so much better about your success knowing that you got that grade all on your own.
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