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Cape Cod Academy was the best thing that has happened to me. The administration and teachers are wonderful. The community provides everything a child could possibly need in order to thrive in school. Once a Seahawk, always a Seahawk.
If the student is having difficulty with a subject matter or with behavior, she will receive the attention she needs. This seems to be unlike some other schools where only those kids who shine get additional attention. To some this is unfair but it’s the philosophy that society in general should have.
My son attends the middle school, having pulled him from our (very good) public school where the class sizes were getting out of control. The individual attention and care he is given by his teachers is unparalleled- he has therefore flourished both socially and academically. The school is completely student-centered, and all students are made to feel important and seen. This spring we were floored by how CCA managed to pull off quality distance learning without missing a beat. Best decision I ever made.
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My child just completed fourth grade at Cape Cod Academy. With all of the challenges we faced this spring, the staff continued to provide excellent academic and social opportunities for their students. The level of participation and engagement was 100%. In "normal" times, the many offerings available through the arts, sports and afternoon enrichments ensure a well rounded educational experience.
Very small school focused on the individual student. If ur child needs a small school focused totally on Academics, this is a great choice. Quality education!
My daughter received a superior education at Cape Cod Academy which prepared her to excel at a highly competitive college. At Cape Cod Academy the students develop strong academic and social skills. Although CCA is best known for their strong math, science and humanities programs - their arts and athletic programs are also terrific. It is a great school.
Cape Cod Academy has beeen a wonderful place for my son to learn and grow. Compared with other high school students, he has been extremely well-prepared for college.
As a Lower School parent, my child has been cared for and he is excelling in a safe and friendly environment. The specials are expansive for a small school and my child loves learning Spanish, Science, Art, Music, PE and Library multiple times throughout the week. He was also excited to learn that the Lower School began having a second recess daily, and that benefits him so much! A great school where the teachers really know the students.
The teachers are the best part of the school. They are all very invested in seeing their students succeed and make sure you have what you need to do so. I built a close relationship with most of my teachers and am still friends with them after graduating. The atmosphere is very friendly and comfortable so I never felt like I didn't want to be there or unsafe.
Great school education-wise. The teachers are always looking to help. The sports are terrible and the administration doesn't know what they're doing. They continue to fire great teachers that are loved by the students every year.
Has been a great experience. The administration has had its ups and downs but I feel is on an up slope and recovery. The admissions department does need some strengthening
Honesty and respect between students and teachers are fostered . Sportsmanship. Flexible class offerings. Teachers are encouraging and approachable.
Very friendly teachers and student. Good hard work atmosphere. Small classes and teacher student ratio allows for lots of hands on learning
All the teachers are very personable and want to see you succeed. They are always open to extra help.
Cape Cod Academy offers great academics and superb teachers, but a very limited course selection. The social scene is competitive, judgmental, and difficult to enter for students that have not been at Cape Cod Academy since at least middle school. The students in general are rich and prestigious.
Was a great school with a safe environment. Small class sizes are great for 1 on 1 learning but become slightly hindering in high school when not enough people sign up for a class and it becomes canceled (coughAPBiologycough). Overall, staff and teachers are good. Has 3 Art rooms which is impressive for a small school.
The staff has created a confident, well defined leader, who will be well capable of heading off any difficult diversions and tacong any issues as well as solving many problems with a clear mind. Her critical problem solving skills impress the heck out of me
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This is a great school and if I had to redo high school, I would come here again.
Our teachers are great and always will give extra help if needed.
Our science building and labs are excellent as well as our facility in general. One of the best for a very small school.
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