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I simply put love this school. My children have attended this school for 4 yrs, and I absolutely feel safe there, and most importantly my children feel safe there. The teachers are amazing, they truly give their all with the kids, and offer extra help is always encouraged. The curriculum is the best i have seen, having come from the public school, I feel my children are getting the best education needed, but also a biblical education as well. We have come to know Cape Christian as our extended family.
All five of my children have had the wonderful opportunity to attend Cape Christian Academy. It is the school I also went to when I was growing up. It is a blessing and a gift from God. I thank him all the time that we have been able to be a part of the school it is like a family and you can get involved and make a difference!
Cape Christian Academy has a small family feel, and teachers and staff work hard to encourage students to do their best and live their faith out loud.
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Cape Christian Academy is a great small school where students are challenged and nurtured by their teachers. The class sizes are small which allows individual attention. Teachers are available to their students both during the school day and after school if students need extra help. Older students are paired with younger students for prayer partners with both encouraging each other. For a small school there is always a lot going on with sports, robotics, chess club, summer camp and other activities.
My children feel save at Cape Christian Academy. They love their teachers, and they know their teachers love them. The school takes security seriously, but still wants parents to feel welcome. They do a good job accommodating students with special health needs. My daughter is gluten free and all the teachers know her and help her and her friends remember this.
For a small school I think there are a lot of extra-curricular activities. Each week in school each student has Art, Performing Art, Library, Performing Arts, Spanish, Gym, and Health. Outside of school there are sports such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball and baseball. Homeschool students are allowed to play on the teams and each student that dedicates themselves to the game is almost guaranteed to have some game time. The school is growing and the Student Life Center is a great addition. They also have a great summer camp program that keeps the kids active and involved.
School security is good. The school adds new measures as needed while still making the parents feel welcome in the building. If you aren't recognized by the secretary they will ask you for id and require a written note from a parent before allowing you to sign out your nephew or niece. The school is accommodating to students with special needs or health issues and strives to treat students respectfully and fairly.
For a small school there are many activities. There are sports each season for the students. There is a Robotics Club which competes in several competitions each year. The Student Council plans fun activities and dress down days for the whole school. Junior High and High School students perform community service each quarter. If you want a club that doesn't exist talk to a teacher or administration and form one!
The students meet with their Prayer Partners each week to pray for each other. Each younger student is paired up with an older student and they meet in groups of 4 to pray for each other. The younger students really look up to the older students and the older students take pride in being a role model.
Every teacher at this school is there because they love and care for their students. Teachers regularly stay after school to tutor students that need help. Teachers meet each morning for prayer and devotions and take time to pray for and with their students. The school is like an extended family and the teachers are a big part of that.
Everyone is friendly and the teachers are always there to help you if you want it. The school may not have many sports or clubs to choose from not have a winning streak in any of the sports, but the people there are since and kind. They are like family if you let them.
The teachers at the school are available for help and friendly at all times.
I had a really great time during my many years here, but that is because I really enjoy school and working hard.
There's not a whole lot of student diversity because of the size of the school.
It's hard with a small school to get a talented team together for any sport.
I believe that you get out what you put in, education-wise at any school. I put a lot in, so I feel prepared for the real world.
Facilities are in desperate need of renovation, and have been for many years. However, the funds just aren't there.
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There is not much diversity in the food offered. Pizza, salad, meatball sandwiches, and hoagies are about all you can order.
Health and safety measures are great and on the rise, and more security measures are always being taken.
The administrators and guidance counselors really care for the student and try to improve the school in any way possible. However, administration is often inconsistent.
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