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Capac High School might not shine in sports and academics, but I will tell you one thing, as a community you will feel excepted here. Everyone knows how to be friendly and have fun at the same time. All the while being very productive in their education.
I have gone to this school since I was five, the teachers are great and they really help you to learn the material. Anyone who works here are great and nice people and they really care about your future. There are teachers who are there for questions that aren't related to school. They help you with anything.
It's a mediocre school. It is a small community and school district so everyone knows everyone. The problem with small schools is resources. Since we are small we don't have as many resources as I wish we did. Could do better to prepare for college.
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I enjoyed my time at Capac High School. The myriad of memories swirls in my mind bringing peace within my soul. However, the excellent and personable administration could only provide so much with such meager funding. The teachers are burnt out and many should retire for the good of the students.
I enjoyed some of the teacher's dedication to the students but felt as though many students didn't care which affected the overall environment of the school.
Capac High School for me was a close-minded place, that offered me little educational opportunities. I was bullied throughout my four-years of High School, and I did not connect with the teaching styles. Great Music Program though.
The education here was not challenging. Advanced Placement classes were helpful and sometimes challenging, but besides Advanced Placement classes, Capac High School is a very easy school. The teachers, however, are excellent. Almost all teachers are very open and social with their students and try to make personal connections with their class.
The mock trial program is seriously great! Love it
I really enjoyed this school and I love all the people I was able to meet!
The teachers genuinely care about the students here! I'm so glad i got to experience my high school life here.
I was involved in sports all throughout high school which made this school a better experience for me.
The teachers at my high school did not have an overall good quality to their teaching.
I like most of the students and a select few teachers, but other than that, I pretty much hate this school.
ive never personally bought any food from the school.
The teachers here really know how to teach us at a level we understand
we have great resources to use depending on what it is.
being in a small school it gives all students to be able to participate in team sports.
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this school is great because of the size. We have a small school which means everybody knows everybody.
our school is rather safe. there isn't ever any problems with violence.
We have many sports for us to participate in, but not many clubs.
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