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I think that there is a lack of involvement with after school activities and I wish that the NHS was more heavily involved in the school. I love being a student here though.
I like that at CAPA the students are given an opportunity to take half of the school day to focus on arts. As an instrumental student I can say that doing music for half of my school day has very much helped me grow and develop as a musician.
CAPA 6-12 is a good school overall, just not a school the prepares students for college. If students don’t plan on going to an art college or going to college for any for of art they do not need to attend this school.
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CAPA gave me the space and time to explore my art form. I came in split between literary arts and vocal, but through CAPA's invaluable network of connections in my field and my private vocal teachers efforts to advocate for me at every turn, CAPA has set me up for a professional career.
CAPA is a really good school. I recommend for all rising artist. It truly help you perfect your art.
Pittsburgh High School for Creative and performing arts is a good school that can give you many opportunities. The teachers are mostly pretty nice, but sometimes they put extreme pressure on students in certain majors. Its hard to not have at least one friend at CAPA but unfortunately bullying is very common.
CAPA is a very different school with the different arts classes. Academics are fairly up to par even with a focus on the Arts for the students. The faculty is caring and the school environment is progressive. LGBTQ+ friendly with two gender neutral bathrooms. Vertical campus is interesting.
There are a lot of people here who are dedicated to their crafts and there are a lot who have also lost their passions. But the school is so small that the community is well built. I was lucky to have a class with very little drama.
Getting to experience your major everyday is something really different and helps prepare for later in life.
At CAPA, not only do I get an excellent academic education, but I also get an artist education. I love being able to explore new world of learning in a classroom and out in my city. The drive and education I receive from CAPA is like none other and I'm beyond grateful to be apart of a loving and supportive atmosphere.
Ive been in the musical theater program for 7 years and it has been a true learning experience. It was a rollercoaster of experiences and it was interesting to work with the same kids for all those years. It was great growing with the teachers and administration.
I like the diversity of CAPA and how one can express themselves freely. I would like to see some changes in CAPA's organizational skills and the communication of events.
It is a great experience, it was a very open school where you got to express your artistic freedom in various forms and it was a small graduating class so everyone knew everyone, the teachers knew you knew your strengths weaknesses etc. The only thing i wish was that they prepared us for college or the real world we don't need trigonometry we need home ec we need to learn how to cook and clean and do taxes.
If you are planning on going to CAPA, recognize it is not a normal school. School days are longer than normal. Teachers have yet to recognize the toll that this can take on students, especially keeping in mind that many students are "over achievers" involved in extracurriculars and taking harder classes. There is no study hall, and when speaking to friends from other schools, the homework load is heavier. There is no classic homecoming or school spirit at CAPA, but kids are very accepting and less cliquey than a large traditional high school. CAPA is definitely very active when it comes to college readiness. I feel that many people are easily excited by the idea of a fancy Creative and Performing Arts school that they easily overlook the fact that it is truly exhausting and not as amazing as it looks.
CAPA is one of the best schools in the city. It's located in downtown, so if you are in the high school you will learn a lot about independence. If you are interested in pursuing an art I would highly recommend this school.
One of the things that everyone complains about is how long the days are. We get out of school at 3:45 (much later than other high schools) so getting a job or doing extracurriculars is slightly difficult. It is, of course, still possible.
People are always surprised and a bit disappointed when they come to this school because it's not as they expected it. Yes CAPA is an art school, but the departments are not as organized or as challenging as people are led to believe. As a student you need to be proactive in your learning and art to succeed. It's all about realistic expectations.
Middle/high school is going to be kind of crappy no matter what, but I spent it at CAPA, and I think that was a good decision.
Capa provides a great opportunity to build up your skills in the arts and overall is a very cherishing school with all the nice people.
Capa is a great school if you are interested in getting a career in the arts. Academic wise there isn't a whole lot to offer but the teachers are dedicated and advanced classes are offered. The people there are very nice and overall great students in an accepting environment. Thanks to Capa I have had great practice in art due to three hours dedicated daily to art. In addition they let you have a taste of all the art forms so you truly know if you want to pursue it or not by the time you are trying out for college.
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The organization of shows depends on your department/major. It’s very diverse everyone is included in something v
It's a cool idea to have a public performing arts school, but between the excessive drama and average dance department, I didn't love it and chose to attend a typical public high school rather than to continue on at CAPA. Not only have I found it overall more socially stable, laid back, and less dramatic, but I've found many more academic opportunities and had the time to spend more hours at my dance studio.
I liked how it was an accepting environment regardless of your race, sexuality, religion, etc. However there was a lack of communication between the academic and majors teachers causing a conflict with deadlines for classes. The performing aspect was something unforgettable and an amazing opportunity... unless you're not a certain type of person the teachers admire. Although we are a very small school, we have loud voices for human rights and won't hesitate to be involved in activism. It brings out the best in everyone, giving everyone an opportunity as students.
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