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Being a senior in high school lets you experience the school in its entirety, and learn from its teachers and even some of the students. Even though I've been here for four years, I'm still experiencing new things every day and learning more information than I ever thought I would. I personally recommend Canyon High due to its great programs and education system.
It’s small and a good learning environment! When I lived in a big city the learning wasn’t as personal.
I like the friendly environment that Canyon High School provides. Through joining multiple clubs, I have gotten to truly experience what high school is like. The theater program is absolutely amazing and brought a new perspective to my life.
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I personally had a great high school experience. Most of the teachers were kind and worked well with students. However, what I could like to see more is better communication and trust between the students and staff.
Canyon High School was overall a good experience for me personally. The town is very close and it is overall a great community. Made memories and had a good time. As long as you are involved, high school is a lot of fun. Go to football games, concerts, and performances. The teachers are great. The school offers a lot of opportunities that others do not.
Canyon High School has loving teachers who genuinely care about their students. Canyon offers several events for their students including long lunch days, student talent shows, and several fun weeks throughout the year. I totally recommend Canyon High School for everyone who wants to have a support system through the teachers.
Canyon has quite a wonderful school. The arts and sports programs are quite successful and the community is supportive. They are however not the most supportive of freethinkers and minorities. The district also tends to treat some students more fairly than others, and many people overlook blatant drug abuse.
CHS has some really outstanding teachers and classes, and I have taken some of those classes. They have taught me a couple things I need to know, before going into college, such as financial stuff, and life necessities. The English classes really have taught me a lot about how to survive college, and what we'll need going into that next chapter of our lives. I have also been in the theater department for four years, and it's taught me a lot about myself, and acting. I have learned a lot about my personality, and it really helped me overcome being shy around others. The staff is great, teachers and administrators definitely come together to help you succeed!
As a student a few years ago the experience was pretty good. The environment was much like all other high schools, you just need to find your niche group and you can have a lot of fun. The athletic programs were all either competitive or state level competitors and the fine arts were even better. Lots of great opportunities to get involved and really help you to get ready for the next level of your respective education.
Canyon High School is a wonderful place to receive an education. It has teachers that are invested in the learning of their students and a school culture that make you want to root at every sporting event.
I had an absolute blast in high school. The teachers prepare you for college, but there is room for improvement on that spectrum. Dual credit, advanced-placement and AP classes are offered, and took much advantage of those course to better prepare me. The school is in a very safe neighborhood and the students are very home-oriented to this small town. Across all clubs, sports, and arts segments, they highly achieve in academics and their clubs. State meets, championships and concerts have been made in the past, and continue through generations.
I wish that the teachers cared more about the academic and fine arts competitions instead of focusing so much on sports.
Canyon High School was a good experience for my high school years, though I can't say the same for some of my friend who attended. The school is becoming a drug oriented school and kids are constantly fighting each other, and recently a teacher.
Teachers and staff are dedicated to providing the best education and experience for all students. Canyon High School is focused on giving its students a variety of pre-professional options and experiences.
I really love going to Canyon High School. You can tell the teachers really care and that they would do anything to make sure you succeed.
I love it at Canyon High School, but there are things that might need to be reiterated to the students. Some bathrooms don't have soap or toilet paper, but other than that I'm making great memories with amazing peers and teachers.
There are many great teachers who care about the overall well being of the students. There are many different clubs and organizations that every student has the opportunity to be involved in. The district is very involved in making sure that everything is up to par, and that the students need is taken care.
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I'm an overachiever student. I LOVE the fine arts, mathematics, and English language arts. CHS just doesn't have much to offer in those areas. While most schools in our area offer 4 year finance classes, we only offer one year or one semester. Our fine arts program achieves highly, but our instructors tend to belittle the students. And, our English teachers regularly fail to administer new and needed material for testing.
Social groups are secluded, agriculture is over emphasized, and the administration is far too political. Don't get me wrong, there are good people, it's just hard to find good people in the district who aren't known as favorites, or else, blackballed rebels.
CHS is a nice school, but you won't get anywhere unless you're an athlete. As it's a smaller town, cliques have formed since kindergarten, and good luck fitting into them unless you're new, and again, athletic. Also a lot of stereotyping and judgment as it's a majorly white school. But once you do find your groove and the people you want to associate with, you can count on a hassle-free year that flies by. Easygoing classes and teachers. Keep in mind athletics > academics.
I loved going to high school here, it was always divers and the students were very involved in all activities. The only thing I would change is the fact that we had limited college ready classes.
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