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Despite the numerous remarks about the outdated architecture, my time at Canyon was one where I could develop myself as a young adult. I met a plethora of great individuals who shared similar goals as me and felt at home throughout my 4 years. Not only are there great teachers but also a very caring student body that did their best to get their students involved in many events around campus and werent afraid to support the less popular sports.
Canyon made you feel like you didn’t have to work hard at all and didn’t prepare me for college. Going into college was stressful because I only took two real classes my senior year of high school. If I could, I would have challenged myself and went to a school that was more challenging
I liked that high school was not as scary as I originally thought it was going to be. While there may be cliques, bullying here is not a significant factor in the social life. There are some amazing teachers that are so passionate about their work and helping students while some teachers you find yourself asking "How did you get your teaching credentials?"
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Canyon High School has been one of the most challenging, yet one of the best times of my life. Everyone says that high school comes and goes like a blur, but the friendships and memories I have made at this school is something else. Sure, the food may not be the best and the teachers can also be pretty lacking when it comes to teaching ability, but as an overall experience Canyon has been great. I have grown so much as a person at this school and the people here can treat you like family.
Was graduate in 1979 and this school has always been class act! All the teachers I came in contact were always willing to help. As a student who graduated from Canyon when it was in it's infancy it has garnered well earned kudos for how it has turned out. Thanks Canyon!
It was a nice school size where after 4 years of attending, you know everyone in your grade. Great experiences with sports and academics.
I enjoyed all the staff. I had formed some pretty close bonds with some of the teachers that truly cared about their students success. And one teacher in particular's willingness to drop his work to teach students on his own time when in need of help. Canyon's student body was spirited and passionate about helping others. The kids in that school were big hearted and each one had the drive to do something big with their lives.
Some teachers were accommodating, and the administrative staff was not helpful when needing to transfer credits. They did not try to help students who entered as a freshman from different school districts.
I liked the teachers as well as the other students in my class. Everyone knows everyone and there is not as much drama as other high schools. There is still a lot to change as the kids become more aware of their surroundings they know how to get away with things. There is a lot of drug use as well as people not being respectful. The teachers overall are really good.
The campus is in terrible shape. Majority of teachers don’t care. A few are wonderful because they love what they teach.
Good school and overall culture. Facilities are older and no theater space. General hit or miss with tenured teachers, but all around good experience.
I graduated Class of 2017. I had average grades A/B's all 4 years, I TOOK NO AP & NO IB classes 1170/1600 SAT and still got in to all 9 (Top 100 US College/University) The school does an amazing job helping you prepare and get accepted to Universities. I will say If Canyon had better teachers (like El Rancho did) than I would have no doubt that I wouldn't have struggled as much academically the first year at my University. My ADVICE to fellow students and parents reading this would be to have your students take a mixed Regular & Honors classes, AVOID AP & IB classes, that way your student can actually enjoy high school, than I would recommend to go straight to Community College, the only 3 good ones in the OC (based on what % transfer into decent Universities) are Santiago (SCC), Orange Coast College, and Irvine Valley. Don't bother going anywhere else! This way you cut your college DEBT in HALF! BEST ADVICE EVER, I personally ended up on 70% scholarship to a top 60 US rank University
Good school with good people and college opportunities, but buildings have never been changed and teachers are usually new.
The 4 years I have been here at canyon, has been fun. All my classes are hard, but that is because I take hard classes. The facilities and classes are good, some portable classroom are old. The school has a lot of resources for you as a student to take advantage of.
I loved the diversity that was at Canyon High School. There was always help available if you needed it. The teachers always found a way to help you out. The people on campus were always positive.
Canyon High School was absolutely amazing. I was primarily involved in the Drama Program(which has an amazing teacher) and the AP program. Some people enjoyed complaining about teachers, but really, it's just that, they enjoyed complaining. Anyone who just engaged in the classes with the classes and teachers would have a great time. Everyone at Canyon is very much of a "you do you" mindset, if you aren't hurting yourself or others, you can be whoever you want to be.
Canyon High School was a very good school but there were teachers who just weren't passionate enough and didn't care much about their job. A lot of our facilities were and still are run down.
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I like the students and most of the teachers. I would like to see improvements in teaching and testing methods.
I liked that the students and most of the faculty were nice. I would like to see upgrades in the school's infrastructure and replacements of teachers that get a lot of complaints.
Made me ready for college. Did not feel prepared for signing up for classes before starting college.
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