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My graduating class size was 74, and the majority of us have gone to school with each other from the time we were in kindergarten. This gave all of us the opportunity to all become great friends, and unlike many other schools, there was a great absence of cliques, and there was never a great number of issues with bullying. This being said, there is a great lack of diversity among students and teachers alike. I never had the opportunity to learn among students with many differences. Also, there was much I had to do on my own when it came to preparing for college. I was never informed of when to take the SATs or ACTs, what the difference was between them, or even how to prepare for them. A student attending Canton High School that plans on seeking a higher education will generally be on their own with the process. It is more common for Canton graduates to enter the workforce or pursue a vocational degree.
Although my high school may be boring to some, my experience at Canton has been great. It has been filled with friends and teachers who encourage me to do better and drive me to be the best.
I like the school spirit we have. I enjoy going to all our sporting events because the crowd is always cheering.
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I chose okay as the rating because some days I love school and some days I hate it. Some teachers I love and some teachers I feel nothing for. Some teachers are only focused on their reviews from the standardized tests and I think that taints the children's experience in the classroom. We enjoy teachers that we can relate to and have fun with.
The overall experience of this school is very good.
The academics are great. The curriculum is very well-rounded.
The teachers are great. They are very knowledgeable and helpful.
The administration and policies overall were good. However, they were a little too strict.
There was a good variety of food options. However, there could be a larger variety.
For the most part, the education helped me to prepare for college and for the real world.
The school spirit and team performances are very high.
I enjoyed my teachers in high school, but I was always the teachers pet. There were some that were loved, and others, not so much. Most at least looked like they tried, while some did try and succeeded.
Sticklers on dress code to an extent that is slightly ridiculous. That is about the only thing that the school focused on.
High school did not prepare me for college at all, I do love college though. I managed to survive on my own, but with little to no help from high school.
The ONLY after school programs available are athletics.
My high school was not very unique, the only reason I did not mind it was for a select few teachers and I got along with most of the students.
The cafeteria was disgusting. I went many days without eating because the food did not look edible, nor did it taste it.
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The school is part of an "Anti-Bulying" program; however, bullying occurs very often. There is no security, and the only reprimands that ever happen are warning, or if dramatic enough, detention or in school suspension. The teachers do not really care if a student is being bullied, nor does the principal or head or punishments in the school.
My high school focused more on athletics than it did academics; however, only a few select sports actually got attention. The football team was the pride and joy, and it was not even very good. The volleyball team, which I played starting varsity on, was pretty good. The coach was extremely strict and tough, but it payed off in the end. Cheerleading, another sport I participated in, was looked down upon and had once coach for 4 different squads. Track and Field always did pretty well, but it did not get much school funding. The teams could have been a lot more successful if players with talent actually played, but considering it is a small town school, only players with the right last name actually got to play, regardless of whether or not it was deserved.
The guidance counselors were absolutely horrid to say the least. The head of guidance never sent in my transcripts to my dream school after constant reminders. The school itself was fairly decent. The technology was sufficient, nothing too high-tech. The school is not particularly the cleanest, there was always chewing tobacco and gum spit into the water fountains. There was always vandalism going on in some way or another, and the school took its time fixing that.
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