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Attending Canton High School was an excellent experience. I always felt welcome by the faculty and the diversity the school had to offer. There were activities for every interest group you could imagine and many opportunities for academic growth.
As I’m writing this, I’m a junior at Canton High School. If you don’t know, Canton is on campus with two other schools, Plymouth and Salem, that, while being a student at one, kay have classes in all three, just two, or just one. I think as a whole Canton is a wonderful environment. Experienced and educated teachers, very diverse, a good demographic of male and female teachers, good lunches and suitable classroom sizes. The curriculum is very wide, with a lot of specific classes for those that have specific passions or interests. Along with that, Canton and the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park as a whole has a very broad range of AP courses to take. Where I believe it lacks is efficiency. For example, some teachers at Canton are very opinionated, and that comes into the classroom. Other than that, I do enjoy the environment of Canton and that of the other schools, despite the workload.
My experience was life changing. Before I started high school, I came from a small private school, then suddenly I was thrown into this huge school and I had to find my way around. I learned many useful life skills, made new friendships, and learned very interesting topics. This school has shaped me into the person I am today. One thing I would change is the little amount of time we get in between classes and it should be longer.
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This is a great school to get your kids ready for college. It has a campus like environment with a wide variety of AP/Honors courses. Your child can get the ultimate experience.
I love Canton! I am involved in four clubs at school and I absolutely adore that there is literally a place for everyone. Every kind of club, group, sports team you can think of is at the PARK. Thankful to get to experience such a unique atmosphere.
The campus concept is great. It provides the opportunity for a wide variety of classes. The school administrators aren't really present for students.
I enjoyed the variety of courses available at Canton High School. There were great teachers, and there were also some not so great ones. There were many extracurricular activities that you could get involved in. Also, the counselors were usually pretty helpful. I liked Canton because it was such a big school and you could meet so many different people.
Good preparation for college because it's a large group of three high schools actually. I'd change the maintenance as it is pretty lackluster.
The High School overall is pretty good. The setting is like a college campus in regards of walking to three different schools to get to your classes. It was rough in the beginning but through the years I may my way around and meet a lot of new people. Most of the teachers a really good and I have had a great connection with a few.
I liked that PCEP had a lot of diversity and it was like a small college campus. I think Canton prepared me well for College and they always pushed students to be their best.
The school is large but that's ok. Being that large and having to go to different buildings for classes really gets you ready for college. You get a taste of what it's like in college going to the different buildings for classes. Sports were excellent and the parent envolvement is incredible. Staff (Adm. and teachers/coaches) are all helpful and caring about keeping you on track for a great education.
I really enjoy all of the options there are here. There is something for literally everyone it doesn't matter who you are. There are also more than 6,000 students who go to P-CEP so you will always have someone new to meet. It is overall a great school, but the buildings could use some work.
Canton High School is a great opportunity to meet tons of new people as well as a college like campus. There are 3 buildings, we call it the park there is Canton, Plymouth, and Salem we walk between the 3 buildings everyday for classes which sucks in the winter and rain so I feel they should have covered pathways considering it is only a high school and students do not have a choice of where their classes are.
great school. Wide variety of classes and opportunities for everyone. They also have classes that can help you to choose a career, and classes that can help you in life.
Canton High School is a very unique place. It combines with Plymouth High School and Salem High School to make what we call PCEP. Here at Plymouth Canton Educational Park (PCEP) we learn as one. Students transfers between the schools for different classes. Thus allowing each student to participate in any class they choose. Having three schools combine into one allows for a lot of diversity. You are able to meet new people everyday. This also allows for a bunch of clubs. If you are looking for a certain club, PCEP has it. If they don't, you are allowed to create your own club! The best part is that each school encourages each other. No matter if it's academics or sports, the schools work together as one. Not only has the education provided prepared me for college, but the walking between schools has too. There are at least 3 police always on campus and many security guards allowing for you to feel safe and secure always.
Canton High School has a great educational program. The teachers are very helpful and attentive. The sports are very fun to attend and are well organized. However, the attitude of the general population of students is not always positive. Furthermore, I feel that the school is not very clean. The facilities are outdated and quite a few of the bathroom sinks do not work.
I wouldn't change anything about canton high school because the staff are really nice and they teach really good and there is a lot of smart students because the teachers are really good.
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There are so many different things at this school and it makes it a really good experience. They have a lot of things that other schools do not have.
pcep is a wonderful school with many option for electives and clubs. i would honestly be surprised if someone said there is not class for them. with over 6,000 students and 3 schools, this feels like more of a college campus than a high school. pcep gives you so many options and is a great school
Canton High School is an amazing school a part of a 3 school campus. Students travel between Canton, Salem, and Plymouth, often attending classes in all 3 schools. I have loved my experience at PCEP (Plymouth Canton Educational Park), and I will truly miss my teachers and friends when I graduate. My experience with teachers has been beyond amazing. They all care about their students so much, and there are so many ways to get additional help if you need it (Writing Center, Math Lab, NHS tutoring, etc).
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