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This school allowed for great opportunities due to being such a large campus w/ 2 other high schools. Having the 3 schools allowed for many class options, including 3 academy's to take part in to help shape your education to your future plans (Arts, STEM& IB)
I liked that there was diversity and a wide range of opportunities to get involved with multiple organizations/clubs. When you attend a school setting that is a campus setting like PCEP, it is difficult to feel a sense of community or school pride in your school. You attend classes in all three schools (Salem, Plymouth and Canton) so you don't develop a sense of school pride in your home school. You may have some semesters where most of your classes are not in your home school which also makes it difficult when trying to access your locker.
Too many people. Some teachers are good some are awful. Walking between 3 different schools feels like torture. Overall can’t complain about it because it could be worse.
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I liked how the school was designed like a college campus. The way the buildings were set up gave students a glimpse of how college would look. I would change the way the school’s curriculum is set up. The teachers and staff are pushing more for college, but are not as concerned about a student’s high school career. The curriculum is designed to help prepare students for college classes, but now that I am in college, I’m noticing that high school did not truly prepare me. Instead of preparing students for college, the school should focus more on helping the students strive in high school.
They should build a covering or something over the paths to different schools, to protect from weather like snow, rain, sleet etc.
With Canton High School, there are many opportunities available. Whether through the amount and variety of classes or activities, the school is very broad in compiling interests. The school is quite diverse in race and personalities. While in the hallways, you can see kids with music playing through speakers attached to their bags, students talking to each other, the security guards and teachers. The only complaint I have is that the district outsources most of the janitorial staff. Therefore, the floors tend to get super dirty in the classrooms and hallways. The teachers have to put in a request and wait awhile for their rooms to be cleaned. Ants have a tendency to appear in classrooms due to the lack of floor cleanliness.
They tell us that high school would be the best years of our lives. Canton High School made that cliche statement into a reality. I come from a small town in Cavite, Philippines, and never would I ever imagined that I would get the opportunity to attend one of the most diverse schools here in the United States.

The culture and environment was overall fun and welcoming, save for the few students who thought so otherwise. A student can really explore his or her interests and aids the student in what they would like to do in the future. The academies are also a great opportunity for students to focus on their newfound interests and attend classes that fit them. The student gets to choose his or her classes and it is empowering to know that an individual is in charge of his or her own education.
I had a amazing high school experience for the most part. the friday night football games, the sports I played to the lifelong friends I made. the teachers who really made a difference in my life getting to know still continue to do so even when I return and visit them. as far as academics go, I could have been pushed harder and taught a little better. sometimes the grading was a little bias and you really had to work for the grade in some classes. although one teacher of mine who had the reputation of being the "hardest" of the school, became one of my favorites. she pushed me to get the best grade possible and did not let me slack off. extremely glad I went to the park, even though we still has to walk the long paths in a snowstorm to get to our next classes. It did prepare me for the college walking!
I loved the diversity on campus. There were students of many backgrounds and it helped me to become more culturally competent before heading to college. I would love to see canton high school offering more foreign language classes, as well as more classes focused on medical professions.
I like the huge population of the school because I got to meet a lot of diverse people that I wouldn't have if I went to a different school. However, the path between Campus is a little bit tiring The robotics club at Canton High School is the best club I have participated. Not only it provides many opportunities to learn a hands-on skill and prepare me for actually engineering more than any class I take in the school but it also let me relieve stress I've built up during the day. Overall, I am glad I was in this high school
Canton High School has changed my life in numerous ways. I've never been apart of something so diverse and cultured as I have at Canton. My school has brought together such a mixed student body that has not only taught me how to appreciate other cultures, but how to interact with them too. Canton has given students like me so much access to countless clubs an activities, both on campus and off. I've never seen a school take so much pride and shown so much spirit; Canton High School is made up of leaders and ambitious students. These have been the best four years of my life and I couldn't be more appreciative to have attended Canton High School.
Canton is a very good school. The teachers are great and there’s a club or activity for everyone. The sports teams are also very good.
Canton High School is definitely a good school, it has a large diverse student body, A large variety of classes, and a wide variety of clubs, activities, and sports to choose from.
I personally love being a student at Canton. Being a part of the park is so much fun. There is so much diversity and you meet someone new every day. The teachers are great, and everyone is happy to help you and work with you to help you succeed in high school.
It is an amazing school! The best part is definitely the teachers, they are extremely caring and will do anything to make sure that each student is happy. The education system is also top notch, they push us to succeed and prep us for college success from freshmen year!
Canton High School is one of three schools on a huge campus that all work together as one to make one very large school system. It has over 6,000+ students and is full of diversity and opportunities. There are many different classes to choose from and many chances to challenge yourself. The food there is pretty standard, but the lunch ladies are the sweetest people that go out of their way to be nice to you. The teachers are hit or miss but that is usually a matter of opinion. The counselors are frequently not helpful at all and I would highly reccomend avoiding them. The sports teams are very competitive and the coaches are very good. All in all I really would reccomend it as a school.
Canton High School is a very good School to go to. It helps you get ready for college when you have to walk from school to school to get to your classes. I have loved the time I have spent here and I will miss everyone in the school when I leave.
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This school is amazing!
It has many clubs and lots of diversity, through the clubs you can meet new people from freshmen to senior it has lots of amazing activites as well
I would like for the faculty to put more heart into their work. Also, it would be nice if the sidewalks could be thoroughly salted in the winter.
I loved the plethora of opportunities at Canton High School. I was offered so many classes and extra circulars that interested me that I could not have gotten in other schools in the area. These classes and clubs helped me make connections with like minded people who have helped me shape my plan for college.
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