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Canton High School is a very good School to go to. It helps you get ready for college when you have to walk from school to school to get to your classes. I have loved the time I have spent here and I will miss everyone in the school when I leave.
This school is amazing!
It has many clubs and lots of diversity, through the clubs you can meet new people from freshmen to senior it has lots of amazing activites as well
I would like for the faculty to put more heart into their work. Also, it would be nice if the sidewalks could be thoroughly salted in the winter.
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I loved the plethora of opportunities at Canton High School. I was offered so many classes and extra circulars that interested me that I could not have gotten in other schools in the area. These classes and clubs helped me make connections with like minded people who have helped me shape my plan for college.
I loved Canton High School. The staff are very friendly and the principal is kind and energetic. The school has a welcoming and diverse environment and you fit right in with the student body. The students are very eclectic and everyone is sociable. If you ever feel lost or need help, the Canton counseling staff are inviting and willing to assist you in any way you need. You never feel isolated at the school because there are so many sports and clubs that the administrators and students urge everyone to try. The classes that are offered are top-notch, such as Educational Foundations for future teachers and numerous AP classes available for college preparation. Also, throughout the four years, the counselors make it their priority that every student is comfortable with their transition into high school and later into college. It is a wonderful high school and gives so many opportunities to aspiring students.
Canton has a diverse student body. Although the campus is large, there are clubs and activities for everyone. Having classes in 3 separate buildings prepares students for post high school life.
I liked the wide range of opportunities to get to know new people and take unique classes. The STEM program was especially useful and advanced and it has consistently been one of my favorite classes. There are dozens of clubs so it is easy for kids to find something they are interested in. I would like for the bathrooms to have more functioning doors and hand dryers or paper towels.
There is a variety class options when going to this school. It is not just one school , it’s three schools! Nang options and many activities to choose from.
Canton High School completely shaped the person who I am today. From freshman year to senior year, the staff and students that call themselves Canton Chiefs make me proud to call myself one as well. Canton High School taught me to never give up, to will yourself to succeed, and of course, that Chiefs Are Leaders. I will never forget my time at Canton High School. The teachers at Canton High School care so deeply for their students and you can always tell by the passion they have when they teach. Mr. Heard, the principle, is the best principle anyone could ever wish for in a high school. He continues his education, and he makes sure that he is embedded into the lives of the students in the most positive way. He's an influencer, and he influences every Chief that walks through the main doors to achieve greatness.
You do not leave Canton High School as a Follower, you leave as a Leader.
Large campus, very diverse. Allows students to specialize and take classes they genuinely enjoy because there are enough students to fill a classroom with that subject.
Attending Canton High School was an excellent experience. I always felt welcome by the faculty and the diversity the school had to offer. There were activities for every interest group you could imagine and many opportunities for academic growth.
As I’m writing this, I’m a junior at Canton High School. If you don’t know, Canton is on campus with two other schools, Plymouth and Salem, that, while being a student at one, kay have classes in all three, just two, or just one. I think as a whole Canton is a wonderful environment. Experienced and educated teachers, very diverse, a good demographic of male and female teachers, good lunches and suitable classroom sizes. The curriculum is very wide, with a lot of specific classes for those that have specific passions or interests. Along with that, Canton and the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park as a whole has a very broad range of AP courses to take. Where I believe it lacks is efficiency. For example, some teachers at Canton are very opinionated, and that comes into the classroom. Other than that, I do enjoy the environment of Canton and that of the other schools, despite the workload.
My experience was life changing. Before I started high school, I came from a small private school, then suddenly I was thrown into this huge school and I had to find my way around. I learned many useful life skills, made new friendships, and learned very interesting topics. This school has shaped me into the person I am today. One thing I would change is the little amount of time we get in between classes and it should be longer.
This is a great school to get your kids ready for college. It has a campus like environment with a wide variety of AP/Honors courses. Your child can get the ultimate experience.
I love Canton! I am involved in four clubs at school and I absolutely adore that there is literally a place for everyone. Every kind of club, group, sports team you can think of is at the PARK. Thankful to get to experience such a unique atmosphere.
The campus concept is great. It provides the opportunity for a wide variety of classes. The school administrators aren't really present for students.
I enjoyed the variety of courses available at Canton High School. There were great teachers, and there were also some not so great ones. There were many extracurricular activities that you could get involved in. Also, the counselors were usually pretty helpful. I liked Canton because it was such a big school and you could meet so many different people.
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Good preparation for college because it's a large group of three high schools actually. I'd change the maintenance as it is pretty lackluster.
The High School overall is pretty good. The setting is like a college campus in regards of walking to three different schools to get to your classes. It was rough in the beginning but through the years I may my way around and meet a lot of new people. Most of the teachers a really good and I have had a great connection with a few.
I liked that PCEP had a lot of diversity and it was like a small college campus. I think Canton prepared me well for College and they always pushed students to be their best.
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