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It was a very great experience overall! There are many extracurricular activities for everyone to be involved in whether it is a sport or a club. Teachers did a great job of helping students with academics and getting to know them. Prepared for college by offering college level classes and more.
I like the teachers and the environment was not awful. The rules and discipline could use some work.
Canton High School has been trying to change a lot in the past few years. Depending on what kind of student you are, you will all have a different experience. The school does try to make sure that everyone is okay and helps out. One thing they have done very good at is making sure that kids who have less, get more. They have started a food pantry and giving out food bags, even during COVID-19.
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the school is good, but the teachers need to get ahold of their students so they learn something. A lot of students just mess around.
I would like to see a better college path. I feel as though Canton High School did not prepare me very well for college. I feel like advisers and administration should do more to help the students prepare for college. If you want to go into agriculture or a trade of sorts, then the high school is great. However, it does not do much for the kids who do not wish to pursue jobs that can be found in a small town. When I got to college, I had no idea there were so many different areas of studies with all sorts of different specifications because CHS didn't give me the tools to explore different paths of life
Canton High School is filled with drama, people who are miserable and due to them being miserable, want to make you miserable. The academics present at the school are not up to par with 2019 standards, and unless you really are studious the school does not prepare you for college.
I always loved going to school. I would like to see more diverse clubs and more support to start new clubs. The teachers need to be more willing to help with college in order for students to succeed. I love Canton and the community support the schools will have. I will always be a Little Giant.
As a alumni of Canton High School there are many different things I look back at now that prepared me for my future endeavors. One of the many things I enjoyed at Canton High School was the amount of options we had wether it be with classes, sports or even clubs we had such a wide variety. Another thing that stuck out to me at Canton was the fact that the teachers were always so supportive and ready to help you. One thing I was that they would change would be college preparation. I believe that I was academically ready for college after leaving highschool, but everything outside of of academics I believe I had less knowledge about and wish that was one thing that could change for future students.
I enjoy Canton high school. I enjoy canton high school because they offer tons of clubs/extra curricular activities for a small town such as Canton. If I could change anything about canton high school it would be the safety. They never plow the parking lots at the high school for students that drive to school. This often causes wrecks.
I went to school here for high school and they really set me up to do great in college, I loved how hands on the teachers were. they were ready to help at any time for anything. I honestly have nothin bad to say about this school.
Every measure taken by CHS was for the safety and comfort of the students.
I always enjoyed participating in extra curricular activites. My coaches and teammates encouraged and pushed each other to do our best.
Every coach, teacher and club leader I had pushed me to do my very best and constantly improve. It helped me improve my communication skills, professionalism and overall attitude towards life. If given the opportunity, i would do ut all over again.
I always felt welcomed by most of the staff at CHS. The majority of the staff were my coaches and club leaders. I never felt that i could not turn to a Staff member at CHS with any problems in my academic life or my personal life. CHS teachers became a part of my family. I still have contact with more than half of my previous teachers. I am very grateful that I attended CHS.
They do some stuff that keeps the school safe. They always have at least one police officer at the school at all times.
The clubs here are alright. They don't do anything to get more people or students involved.
I like going to Canton because its not too big or small. I know pretty much everyone that goes here.
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The teachers here are alright. There is only a select handful that go over the top for their students.
I recently just transferred to Canton High School from a private school and I love it. I love meeting new people and enjoying the technology they offer to help us learn the curriculum. Most of the teachers genuinely care about the grades and the well being of their students.
Most students take advantage of the option of going off campus for lunch. However, that often leads to kids going to fast food restaurants and having a very limited time to actually eat for lunch. The options of eating in the cafeteria are still there, but it isn't a very popular option. For the most part people will buy food like pretzels and cheese, nachos, or candy for lunch if they don't leave campus.
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