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Canton-Galva Jr/Sr High School Reviews

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Love the educational opportunities. They are a small school so I knew all of my teachers on a personal level.
The school focuses really hard of academics and offers extra help to students that don't learn the same as others.
It is a good school for people to find themselves, but is like other schools, it has its flaws. I love how the teachers there are always helpful, especially when kids don't understand. I get extra help on anything if I need it. They make me feel welcomed, I would not be the person I am today without them. I had a hard time when I started school in third grade, I went to a school that would teach or help me with anything. They will never know how much they have helped me learn and understand the way I do now!
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I love being an Eagle. The teachers and faculty are wonderful. The students are great and all are so involved in, not just the school, but also in the community. The support the school has from the community and businesses in the community outstanding.
Extracurricular options are available and fairly high quality. Extras like debate, journalism and trade classes are strong choices also. Clubs and activities are well attended and supported by the community and local businesses.
Knowledge is very high and strong for most teachers, teaching style need some work for several others. Using a variety of hands-on teaching styles takes time and work but needs to be done.
Overall, quite safe and controlled.
Most teachers are very caring and do their academic job quite effectively. Several of the older teachers are just riding their time for retirement and should have gotten out 5-10 years ago, when they became dull and ineffective.
Our food is gross. %50 of our kids bring sack lunches.
It is very hard to transfer from another school to mine because we are so far ahead in our curriculum.
Most of out teachers are very good about making sure that everyone is in the same page. They are very helpful and you can rely on them.
Our school is known or not letting parents be involved. We don't have and AP or Honors classes.
Very safe, small towns are the best!
Best teachers in the world!
Small towns are the best!
A lot of options for everyone!
Great! Just completed a new gym with new locker rooms and equipment. Voted best 2A baseball/softball facilities in the state!
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Best students, best teachers, best coaches, best administrations, best communities! Would do over and over and over!
We have an AMAZING principal! So friendly, knows each and every student by name! Very understanding staff & a great community!
The food is terrible. Rarely will something served to us actually taste good. Multiple times my senior year we were served chicken drumsticks that were not fully cooked; every single one was bloody in the center. Complaints were made to teachers and the principle, but the cooks still continued to serve it to us.
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