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Canton Academy is a wonderful school. It's academic program is outstanding. They give you multiple chances of bettering your grade. The athletic's program is good also. The only changes that need to occur is where the school is it's money. Sometimes the school need to spend the money on what's important like the roof/leaks. Instead they spend it on sports and other things. Overall the experience of being a student at Canton Academy is very good.
I have gone to Canton Academy for my whole life!! I will say it has changed a lot since I have gotten older! This will be my last year at Canton academy! I will miss it and highschool a lot. Canton academy has great coaches and staff members that have gotten me to where I am today!!
Canton Academy is a very good school. The atmosphere is awesome. The students are awesome. Sports could be a little bit better, but the facilities are amazing. Teachers are great and the resources we have are some of the best with new computers. Administration is some of the best. If you attend you are for sure to find friends and enjoy your time along with being prepared for college.
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Just not a good school for many reasons. They barely passed accreditation. That’s enough of an issue there.
The facilities are awful. The cafeteria is a joke. The ceiling is falling in. The desks are so old. We go to class in the same building our whole life. There is no parking places assigned. The gym is ancient.
The school board has too much power. They are made up of Parents with a non-education background. The head of school has to answer to them. There is no checks and balances with the board. Also, the teachers are no very experienced. The students are more focused on sports. It’s pitiful.
Canton Academy has its standard pros and cons like every highschool. With small class sizes and dedicated teachers it can be very easy for one to get the information needed to recieve a standard education. But it has very few AP and Advanced courses available for the ambitious student. Personally I think the classes can move slower than they need to but overall a good deal for a family orientated individual.
Canton Academy has literally put the grit and grace back into my daughter. She was previously enrolled in a larger public school. At first, we noticed her grades declining, she became very negative, and uninterested in any activities. She started not wanting to go to class. To the point of having major panic attacks. It was heartbreaking to see this beautiful, smart young lady start to become just a shell of a kid. Canton Academy welcomed our entire family with open arms. Tuition was going to be a new struggle for us. But after seeing her come out of this black cloud, I would have given any amount of tuition. Canton Academy has given her spirit back to her. She is involved in several school clubs, she plays on the varsity softball team. They truly take a vested interest in every child at their school. The only thing I would change is enrolling her sooner. They say, “It takes a village to raise a child”. We found our village at Canton Academy.
Awful experience at this school, if you can call it that. I am not prepared for college although I paid for a “college prep” curriculum.
This is a great small school for your child to learn. The school offers directed studies to help those with more one on one time and extra help.
You cannot receive a good education at this school. The first thing I saw was that the ACT average was a 21. The local county public school has an average of 25 on the ACT so why pay if the school
doesn’t help you prepare for college? Hopefully the school knows you must have a higher average than a 21 to get a scholarship. However, there is no certified counselor at the school, only a teacher doing the counselor’s job. Most of the boys that attend canton only do so to play sports. The girls all transferred there due to reputation problems from previous schools. In my opinion, I’d look elsewhere for a private school. This one is a joke!!
Canton Academy did not prepare me at all for college. Why is the ACT average only 21? We were never told it was important to prepare for the ACT. We only concentrated on sports but now that I’m at MSU, I see that I was not prepared. No one cares about the scores I made at the game. Here, i should know certain levels of math that I was not taught. I blame parents and principals.
Canton Academy is the best school ever, the teachers cares for the student's well being and shows concern for each person on a personal level. This school became my family. The environment there was so relaxed and learning was fun as well as challenging in some areas. I played football there and the coaches became my mentor and friend, I don't think there any other school in the area that can beat this school, the majority of the students there were friendly and well mannered for the most part. I enjoyed this school so much, it has provided me with a lifetime of positive life lessons and memories of how people can make a good positive impact in your life. Go Panthers!!!
Not a very well run school. The only reason I came here was to play sports. I feel that I received a better education at Madison Central but I didn't make the baseball team. I came to CA to play ball. I'm not getting a good education.
The academics at this school lack terribly. We transferred here from a public school because the public schools are too large. However, as an educated adult, I cannot say that my child is receiving anything close to college -prep preparedness. The average ACT score is low. My child has already passed that average by several points. The only thing anyone cares about is who the next coach is, can a new student play ball, and the kids going half days to school due to us winning last night. No one is striving to raise their ACT scores at all. If a good teacher is hired, they don't stay long. The pay is not sufficient and they are not supported due to "being too hard." We are pulling back out and going to public schools where the education you get prepares you better.
There are almost no options, especially for younger students.
There is a nurse's office, but fights are very common at Canton. Police do not come around often, but if they do, it's mainly because of drugs.
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The school was mostly sports-oriented, and I am more academic. There were no extracurricular opportunities other than sports, and I found that extremely disappointing. There was also little to no diversity in the student body, with most of everyone being sports-centered in their daily lives.
Teachers do not seem interested in working with students. Most just seem to want to get out of the classroom as soon as possible.
Friendly teachers with genuine care for students.
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