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Canterbury is a great school! What I like most about it is that kids are taught to work hard, care about others, and to have a biblical world in every subject. I also like the small class sizes. What I would change is having a cafeteria on campus.
We have had 2 children in this school since kindergarten. Consistently an excellent education in a nurturing supportive environment.
I love Canterbury. I have been at Canterbury for 10 years and it is basically home. Being such a small school offers so many benefits, for example: you get one on one help from teachers, you develop close relationships with everyone, and you become so involved in everything the school has to offer.
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I like that it gets all kids prek-12 grades ready to be in college. The school prepares their kids for the real world. I do not like the fact that there are little clubs and activities provided, and that it doesn’t have a great variety of sports. Another thing that could be changed is the organization of the school.
I am rating the school 1 Star because they are struggling financially. I quality of staff and teacher poor this school because of their money problems.
We came to Canterbury in the middle of last school year. The students, teachers, and administrators were very welcoming and made the transition successful. Administrators are readily available and are always working to improve the academic environment if the school. They have plenty of after school activities for upper elementary, including chess, dance, and basketball training. They are also very receptive of activity recommendations from parents. My family is enjoying being a part of the CES family.
I like the people, in that everyone that I have met my whole experience have always remained so welcoming and kind. I trust that I am readily prepared for college and that i have learned well enough that I will have problem adapting to the college academics.
I began attending Canterbury my sophomore year of high school, and finished my high school career from this school. I could not imagine graduating high school from any other school. The small community was something that you only learn to appreciate once you leave the school, but the experience I received here is one that I will never forget.
I was initially impressed with Canterbury, but it seems to be declining. The push to increase enrollment has led to larger classes than was promised when touring the school. I’m fact, many things that sold us on the school during touring are no longer true.
The Canterbury Episcopal School heavily focuses on language skills and has a heavy workload to prepare students for college. Students learn not only how to analyze literature, but to understand it and present an argument. Teachers generally try to help students if they have a problem, and since the school is small, everyone is at least familiar with each other. One problem is, there aren't very many clubs or activities offered by the school. There is no Future Farmers of America branch or band, but there is a multicultural club and a recent STEM club. Another problem is that communication is oftentimes poor. For example, last year, some students did not find out there was a field trip until the day before.
The teachers are awesome. The school offers a college preparatory curriculum. I wish the high school enrollment was somewhat larger.
The Canterbury Episcopal School is a poor institution. This school makes students suffer based on poor administrative decisions. The only good part about the school is the English department.
the new teachers are not able to teach the class and have been replaced 3x in the past year. the highschool education is not superior to any other private school, you would be better off even at Dunne
The School has lost its acedemic prestige in the past few years within the highschool due to the fact that new administration has hired less skilled teachers that have a difficult time explaining the material to the students
My children are really enjoying the ability to participate in all the activities at Canterbury. They don't have to choose just one. They also get great teachers who care.
This is my daughter's first year at Canterbury. As a bright child, she is able to reach her full potential and excel in whatever she is interested in. The diversity at Canterbury exceeded my expectation. With the school offering scholarships, students from all socioeconomic groups who value learning are able to truly get an education worth the time.
The school is suffering financially and has limited resources to help your child succeed.
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The teachers don't know how to teach only give out work.
When a need presents itself, the administration will deal with the situation as soon as possible.
We always want something new and different, but if there is a teacher willing to support it, the school is willing to do it!
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