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Canon-McMillan Senior High School Reviews

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The teachers and staff are very nice. The building is large but everything is still right next to each other. The one bad thing I would have to say is that the guidance office gives you little to no help.
Canon Mac is a great school with a lot of opportunities for education and extra-curriculars. I had a great experience when I transferred there my freshmen year of high school.
Canon-McMillan High school excels in offering unique classes and an overall impressive academic experience for many. Our school offers a phenomenal special education program. However, I am disappointed in their continuous failure to stand up for the students who need it most. They preach a zero-tolerance policy for hate, but time and time again they allow homophobia and racism to thrive within our school, creating a toxic atmosphere for many minorities.
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Canon-McMillan School District is a wonderful place to be. Most of the teachers are extremely involved with their students and want to see them succeed in everything that they do. The administration is also supportive is the students and their personal lives.
Teachers care, they make learning interesting, an overall great experience, Soccer team is one of the best in WPIAL, Building is continually updated.
Canon McMillan is a wonderful school with a great atmosphere. There is never a shortage of activities for students to participate in. Teachers are always willing and able to help students succeed, and teachers truly care. Overall, I feel that my time at Canon McMillan helped me achieve many goals and is a great place to grow.
I have been a student at Canon-McMillian Senior High School for almost a full four years and I will only leave with positives towards the school. Our teachers are extremely educated, our administration cares about how their students view certain decisions, and our school lunches have stepped up their game!! It will be an honor to become a Canon Mac Alumni.
School staff take a genuine interest in their students. Many extracurricular activities are available to the students. The academic program prepares students for college.
Love the faculty, everyone is so friendly and helpful. Always guided in the right direction and they support whatever you want to do.
The school has a wide array of courses ranging from general to AP, with nearly all of the teachers being exceptional at their job. All of the staff members are willing to help students, whether it be academics or life problems. There is an excessive amount of clubs, but it allows every student to find a group they can connect with. Our sports teams train very hard, as evidenced by our many state titles. Our principal is very passionate about the arts. We have been able to make many beautiful things because of his generosity. With our many AP classes, it is easy for students to get the college experience all four years of high school. By the time they get to college, they know what to expect. Every day, there are a half-dozen cops patrolling the building to make every student feels safe. We run through safety drills on the regular to ensure that, we will be prepared. While the food may be questionable and the facilities may smell bad, it is a great place to go to school.
Canon-McMillan is a pretty good public school. It has a variety of people between lower class, middle class, and upper class. If I were to change one thing, it would be better distribution of courses to more qualified teachers.
Canon-McMillan High School is a pretty good school, all the staff cares about the students, and most are pretty well-educated and good at their jobs. They should get paid more because it's hard to see some extremely intelligent people get paid the same as a restaurant manager. All conflicts are dealt with fairly quickly. The staff is the right amount of strict and the students are mostly alright, although some are prejudiced.
Sometimes it seemed like the budget went to unimportant things and lunch isn't the best, but it is a great school with good kids and great teachers.
I liked how the teachers are very accommodating if we were to forget to do an assignment or homework. In addition, most of the teachers are always willing to take time out of their day to help if we had a question. I would not change anything regarding the education system.
Great experience as a student. Large variety of activities are offered making it easy for everyone to feel part if the school.
Canon Mac is a pretty good school to go to all things considered. There are lots of classes offered and there are some competent teachers. We don't have to deal with things like metal detectors and fights but we like to complain about the fact that we don't have internet in a majority of the school.
High school wasn't that great of a time for me. There were cliques, bullies, and some teachers that didnt care about their job. Which this most likely is this way for many schools but this is mine I am talking about.
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Beautiful campus and constantly growing. The faculty is great and prepared me for college. I love my alma mater and would recommend to any parent looking to relocate to CMSD
It is a very open school and it is easy to be yourself and meet new people. I've grown up with the same people my whole life so its comfortable and I'm use to the environment.
Along with a wide variety of classes, from wood shop to multiple AP classes like AP Art, the administration and staff make sure to have pep rallies and sporting events along with school dances and multiple clubs to make sure every student finds something they are interested in.
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