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I will only give this school three stars due to the quality of education in the English and Language Departments. Other parts are lacking. The U.S History Honors instructor in the Upper School is disorganized, rude and unprofessional. She forces her views upon her students and has no concept of how to run a classroom in an orderly fashion. The administration prefers to sweep issues under the rug, treating parents as if they are belligerent and unreasonable when they voice concerns. Their is a toxic culture among the students as well. If you want your child to grow up in an insular environment with students of average intellect who won’t challenge their way of thinking and you are expected to blend in then this is the place for you! If you have a gifted child who is above average then you will find that this school is subpar and far below the standards of Charlotte Latin or Country Day. If you want an education that is worth 23,000 a year please drive to Charlotte if you are able!
Cannon school is a welcoming community of teachers, parents, students and faculty. The staff are fully committed to teaching the whole child and really work with the parents to ensure each child is operating to their full potential. The school has made great strides lately in improving communication, safety and parent engagement. While it's academically on-par with other private schools in the area, it's community is second-to-none. Everyone really makes you feel like family and when your child feels welcome and excited to go to school every day, you know they are ready to learn.
I have three children who attend Cannon and all three feel honored, respected and supported by the staff and their peers. The work load and expectations are appropriate and prepare them for the next steps in their academic career. Overall we are very pleased with Cannon and routinely recommend the school to others.
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The teachers are supportive and really care about the students. Cannon is a close knit community and my son has enjoyed his 4 years of high school as a student-athlete. Diversity could be improved.
Cannon offers great relationships between students and teachers, but the primary focus of Cannon can sometimes sway towards their image and not the student
Safe school above average academics for area. Administration top heavy and inadequate. Some great caring teachers. Clicky parents.
Cannon does a great job preparing students for a college workload! The teachers put in the time, effort, and compassion into ensuring students are learning what they need to succeed and while the students are prone grouping in cliques at times, they overall are very friendly and have a strong sense of community. Diversity is something to be desired at Cannon, but there's a growing sense of importance about improving this fact in recent years. Overall a great school!
Transitioning to any school can be difficult, especially in high school. I was blessed with a wonderful advisor, who I respect as a mentor and motherly figure. My advisor went above and beyond her job description and acted as my advocate when I struggled academically in certain classes. There are excellent teachers at Cannon who are invested in their students and desire to see them succeed. There are also teachers here who who practice deplorable teaching methods and are known for showing favoritism to certain students, which adversely effects students who work equally as hard, strive for excellence and are far more deserving of recognition for their academic accomplishments. Overall, I feel my time at Cannon alleviated the amount of stress that I experience as a college student. I was well prepared academically and psychologically for the level of rigor in college courses and I feel that Cannon School is skilled in instilling essential values and principles in its students.
I attended Cannon from Jr K to 12th grade and it became like home to me. My teachers were so kind, and would recognize me when I would visit them years later. Cannon provides many leadership opportunities should you want them, and it is held in very high esteem by colleges and helped get me into Johns Hopkins University.
I came to cannon as a freshman and everything about it has been good for me. I have been able to meet many people from different backgrounds including some people who I would consider lifelong friends. Also, the faculty is phenomenal because they are always there for you and prepare you for college.
Favoritism favoritism favoritism. That should be the motto of Cannon School. In all of my years at Cannon, I never once felt socially safe or accepted. They give many awards, but they always go to the SAME FIVE PEOPLE. And what is this based on? Donations of course! No matter how bright or kind your child is, it is guaranteed that you will win no awards unless you give a 50,000+ donation. In my time at Cannon, I was horribly bullied. I got called multiple names (some based on my race), outcasted, had notes stuffed in my locker, made fun of, even cyberbullied. And what did the administration do, may you ask? NOTHING. "its he said she said situation" they said. And the counselor they referred to me did NOTHING. Megan Thompson is the most useless human being I've ever met. My advice? Don't send your child there. The greatest decision I have ever made was leaving.
Cannon is a very inviting environment for all. Great staff, academics, students, and so on. All around great school.
Cannon is good school. Not great however.
Students are from privileged homes so they tend to be insular. Lacks Diversity but that's OK with most parents.
I arrived at Cannonschool as a Freshman. The year that I came to Cannon it was very hard for me. I liked how well the staff worked with me and wanted me to succeed but I really feel as though they need to help integrate the student pool better and be more on top of things that are going on. The students are exclusive and personally I know atleast 50+ people near me that I know feel this way. The food is great though, the staff is great, and the help is wonderful.
Cannon School has offered me wonderful opportunities to express myself, to try different things, and to step out of my box.
Cannon School is an excellent school. I have been attending for 2 years and am now a senior and I can truly say Cannon has prepared me for college. The courses are rigorous and the teachers are amazing. Cannon pushes self sufficiency and proper time management, they give you a lot of free time which forces students to find the proper balance of having a social life and good study habits. Cannon's student body isn't very big so everybody there feels like family. Students typically know everybody and are very inclusive so nobody feels left. If you are even considering placing your child in a private school, no matter the grade, I think Cannon is a fantastic option. I can honestly say switching from a public school to Cannon was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
As a gay highschool student I feel very unsafe because of both the students, teachers, and administrations. Students have called me names and I’ve been told that I’m going to hell multiple times, I even had a teacher say similar things, the teachers (with the exception of few) have rarely done anything to stop this, partly because of lack of awareness and partly ignorance. After arriving as a freshman I felt unsafe and I immediately addressed the administration, and am still fighting to be heard. This has been quite regressive to my wellbeing and if perhaps I had come in as a straight student I could have been heard and better respected by the students, teachers, and administrators. On the other hand, I wont give Cannon a zero because the quality of education is quite good. The teachers are qualified and ready to teach students. Other than Cannon’s regressive approach to diversity, it is a quite good school.
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My past three years at cannon have been very enjoyable. My time here has broadened my knowledge to a capacity that I would’ve never experienced elsewhere. I have also made friendships that I will always have. Cannon has also instilled an abundance of core values such as leadership which I have the ability to express to the younger kids.
The thing I like the most about Cannon is that you can tell that everyone around you wants to see you succeed and will help you reach your goals!
I've really enjoyed my time at Cannon. The academics and the teachers are exceptional and I always feel welcome when I come to school.
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