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It was an average education and not too fulfilling. The teachers didn’t care much and neither did the students.
Caney Creek is not a good school for a proper academic or social education and is not a healthy environment for students. There are some teachers who do care for their students, but overall most are just collecting a check and not teaching young people anything other than ways to cheat and get by doing the bare minimum. I would love to see the administration change the curriculum so that ALL kids are actually engaged in learning and not just being given a meaningless diploma to get them out. It is also not a good school for students who are anything but caucasian because most of the students are discriminatory and do not include those of any minority. There is heavy racism at this school from students and teachers and nothing has ever been done about it.
It’s a good high school. A lot of the teachers are very involved and a lot of them actually care about their students. The lunch ladies and janitors are very nice (for the most part).
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Small enough of a school to keep friends through out the 4 years. Great teachers for the most part who push their students and have no problem helping them.
They are very rude to teens with disabilities, especially those with service animals. They have discriminated against teens with service animals, especially those with psychiatric service dogs. I DO NOT recommend this school. As they do not respect teens with PTSD, anxiety and depression, and those with chronic illnesses. Avoid this school at all costs.
I came to Caney Creek my sophomore year. I enjoy some of the teachers and the counselor and i understood everything in my classes. If i wanted to see something to change it would allow the students to have more freedom to show that they are soon to become an adult.
The school is not that bad. It has its ups and downs but overall it is a good school with good teachers and amazing administrations.
Caney Creek highschool is at best a school of average. Its graduation rate is very good, with many of its students passing. Its sports range from very poor to very good, with their football team being a bit on the poor side, and their soccer team is on the very good side. I wish that they gave more funding towards the fine arts area because the fine arts are the ones that are constantly excelling. Choir, band and art kids alike are all very talented in this school but do not get the credit they deserve. As for safety, the school is trying its best to make it safer, but time and time again there are constant fistfights and drug deals going on, making most children in danger.
In Caney Creek Highschool I like how it's really friendly, it's super easy to make friends. Also the oppurtunities given at this school are outstanding. If your family doesn't make enough money, the school helps you out.
When I was attending caney creek every teacher made me feel like anything was possible for your future and this is only the start on your long road to success. It takes time and takes sweat, but if you want it bad enough your effort will be worth it in the end
I genuinely have nothing to complain about from my Highschool. I was helped out by many students and teachers. The school helped me stay afloat in tough times.
About my experience in high school, I would like to see more opportunities for postgraduates. Add more classes that involve more values to students and no just academic studies. More support for the students in all the areas such as psychological support, scholarships, and tutoring.
I’ve enjoyed my experience at Caney Creek High School, academically all the AP, Dual Credit classes are very good, the courses are difficult but they push & help you to performing your best & will provide help so you won’t fail the class but you also need to put in the work, out school diversity is growing each year and the students involvement is as well, we also have very good Career readiness if you take the initiative to go and inform yourself.
This school takes the time to give teachers meetings, meetings where our teachers come back from with more ways to help us. Our clubs are also very easy to get involved with, not to mention the fact that the diversity in them all help us, as classmates, to get to know each other. I, personally, took the cosmetology class there when they still sent us over to Conroe High School, and it is one of the best decisions of my life. Now that Caney Creek has improved the school, those minutes are spent learning and it even opened up more spots in the program.
I want to see more school activities and involvement of the students, I would like for the culture of our school to grow and the dedication of students to be consistent.
Caney creek was an alright school. In between the country and the city, wasn’t very diverse, but overall academics and activities that involved the school were great
I had a lot of fun when I was at Caney Creek. There were plenty of clubs and organizations to join, along with quite a few sports. Something I would like to change is how the classes that teach us about taxes and college and how to live our lives are extra curricular classes, not priorities like math and science and language.
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Caney Creek is overall a decent school. I would appreciate it more if some teachers were more involved and there were fewer fights, but perfection isn't realistic.
While Caney Creek High School is set in the back woods of Conroe, Texas and it may seem ignorant at first glance that is far from the truth. The staff, and most students are kind and helpful. I've learned so much through the classes and I would not want to graduate from any other high school.
I like the clubs at CCHS. Everyone really likes helping the community. I like the small town feel. CCHS needs better teachers that aren't just there for the paycheck.
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