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It is a very small school with a friendly environment. There is little to no opportunity to be involved in things such as sports or clubs. It is very church/Christ oriented. For example we have chapel which is basically a church service every Wednesday, and we have to go. If you don't have healthy and strong bonds with the few people in your class, then it's gonna drama 24/7 because you will be with them every class, all day, every year. There is a uniform here, but it's not the worst. If there is a teacher you have issues with, then you are stuck with them because there is no option to transfer. There are no options for higher level learning here, such as AP classes. A few teachers offer an honors course, and you can always dual enroll at the local college.
I have been at Candlelight since 2nd grade, and the environment of the teachers and staff is so caring. They take the time to actually help you and make sure you understand what we are learning. I graduated from here May of 2020, and to say that this school has the most positive environment is an understatement. I graduated from here with a mind full of possibilities and a confidence in myself.
I got a really good education. All of the teachers were really nice. I learned really new things. I was never good at math and when I started this school i was starting to become good at math. they are a Christian school. so they offer a bible class. the sports section is very small. they used to have a girls volleyball team but now they only have a boys basketball team and sometimes there is a frisbee club
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God is in this place. Every person who is here feels an incomparable peace and love. I love this place and it's only my first year. Excellent work team, all are excellent.
Good school with great teachers and staff. Could use more clubs but other than that everything is great.
Good teaching styles, knowledgeable, interested in the students, good communication skills, passionate, and consistent grading.
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