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This school district has a difficult task on hand because it falls in the poorest county in the state and on top of that it is located in a very small town. The learning opportunities for the children are severely limited and the lack of college readiness is alarming. The school is in the process of a possible merger with a neighboring school (Arkport Central) in hopes that this merger will help provide more opportunities for students and accountability for staff. This is not the first time a merger has been sought after, but there is hope that this attempt will be successful if the communities put the needs of the students first and foremost in the decision making process.
Our school has recently gotten cameras throughout the school and has made new policies and codes for bullying, student safety, and fire drills. Our school Nurse is great, very helpful and helps whenever she is needed.
Many students take part in Academic All stars and the Accord program because it looks good on a resume and gives them something to do after school.
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Our school is very very small. My graduating class is 16 kids. We are not a religious school and are not exposed to the outside world unless done individually. We are not a diverse school and probably never will be. I would not choose this school again and will not have my future kids go to this school because you don't have opportunity here. Sports are small and limited ( if your lucky to have enough kids for a team), there are not a lot of choices and if you don't like the 10 kids in your class then your stuck because you will have the same ones until you graduate.
The Teachers at CCS each have a different method for teaching. Many do group activities and let the students take lead in the lesson others prefer presentations and book work for each chapter. For the most part the teachers care about each of the students, they are able to tell if something is wrong or if you need help even if the student doesn't tell them.
this school has seen me in my up and downs no it is seeing me graduated a year early
Each grade is offered a certain set of curriculum. Your only options to pick for are art, band, chorus and some maths and sciences.. Everything else is required.
The social scene at this high school is pretty bacis. Nobody seems to get peer pressured. Also everybody is pretty opened minded to other enthicities attending, its just another person going to school. It's a small high school to the point that everyone know everyone and the little kids as well.
We had lockdowns just for practice and we have also had fake firefighter rescues where the school would be pick students to pretend to go missing during fire drills and it would make sure that teachers are doing a head count and letting officials know when there students are missing.
There are not alot of clubs offered and people dont put enough into them if they want them. We are offered marching band, which everyone now a days seems to be involveed with, a barely there yearbook club, an afterschool program to help students with homework and give some acivites. Other than that it depends in if they really want it.
At my school we didnt have alot of choices to choose from but ffrom the ones that were offered we tried to make the best of them. The sports program has recently went down having to cut teams because not enough players signed up. Of the temas still running strong they are adequate that we win and alose but haven't made any recent titles for ourselves lately.
Our school administration was pretty good with keeping rules in line. We just had a couple issues with the dress code. With some people getting in trouble for an outfit but if someone had the exact same outfit that peron wouldn't get in trouble. There was also the issue of drinking and drugs while playing sports. If people knew someone was drinking that was on a team they wouldn't do anything unless they actually saw it.
My school was great in the small community aspesct that everyone was willing to help you when you needed it and it was a good place to make some life long friends. But, the thing that would keep me from going back to my school again, if I could, would be the lack of opportunities there. there were some clubs and mostly everybody played sports but it didn't offer alot of choices. There also wasn't alot of advisement when it came to looking for shadowing experience or looking for a college.
This high school had good techers that would work well with the student, but the guidnce counselors were not that helpful at all. You would ask them to help you find SAT/ACT sites and it would take weeks the same with finding information on a college that had my interests. After graduation I felt that i was somewhat prepared for the world in the sense of opening banking accounts but learning to fill out FASA and taking out loans was a constant struggle.
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