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My experience with Campbell High School was a great experience. I met great friends that I can call my brothers and sisters. I enjoyed my teachers and taught me a lot about life who wants to see me succeed when I graduate. Senior year is the best year of high school. Participate in spirit weeks, you are not too cool for school dances. Be the first to say hello to the people you meet on the way to class. Even a small smile can make someone’s day when they are running about their stressful life. I wouldn’t change anything at Campbell High School, but if I had to I would suggest a Chick Fil A section in the cafeteria, just kidding!
I have had a great time at Campbell High School. My teachers were great and taught me a lot that will help to prepare me for college. I felt safe and enjoyed meeting people.
While Campbell is a very diverse school, they lack in the way that the IB program students are very separated from the rest of the school. It creates a small community of IB students who don't have as many opportunities to reach out to other students who arent in IB.
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I love my teachers- they are really engaging and are genuinely interested in teaching the students. They go above and beyond to provide extra help when we need it.
Transiting into high school from middle was a big change for me. I came from a charter school that wasn’t that big. I knew almost everybody that went to that school so when I came to Campbell high school I was appalled by how big it was. My experience at Campbell high school has been amazing. I have went to many football and basketball games to support my school. I like so many things about Campbell High school, but the thing I love the most about my school is the diversity. There are many students that attend my school from different cultures. For example, around thanksgiving my school always hosts a culture festival. The only thing I would change about Campbell high school is the separation between the magnet children and the regular children. I feel like we are all the same. Just because they are in the magnet program doesn’t mean they should be treated better than us. Every child has a bright future so therefore every child deserves the same opportunity.
I was in the IB program and it was a great experience but I often felt cut off from the rest of the student body but nonetheless I enjoyed my education
I personally was a student in the IB program at Campbell and found the program to be perfectly rigorous with many opportunities and fantastic teachers. Campbell has a good school spirit and community. Hopeful changes include though, better space and accommodations and smoother running processes for schoolwide events
Not a very good school all around. The facilities are always dirty and the teachers have a tendency to give up because the students are terrible. And the football team is bad.
While Campbell is a pretty diverse school, they lack diversity on their International Baccalaureate program which is made worse by the lack of integration between IB and non IB students. This has created a division in the student population which makes students feel left out.
I love the opportunities that is provided at Campbell. For instance, the school offers dual enrollment, which I believe is great. I do wish there were more career classes related to health and not technology. The school is very diverse but some racism is still present. Campbell High School is also an IB school and they treat those students better than kids not in the program.
Though I started Campbell, in the middle of my High-school career , I’ve had a really great time here. The clubs are endless, giving each student a chance to succeed in their interests no matter what it is. The school culture is very welcoming and high in pride, rarely no one feels out of place just because there are so many people to connect with and so many academic organizations to join. Overall, my short lived time at Campbell was good , the teachers were challenging and caring. The only thing that campbell should work on is decreasing the student body, only because it can be hard to reach your specific counselor and get important information.
While going to Campbell high school I had a rough time with friends but the teachers and the staff made the experience for me better. Also joining clubs at Campbell helped out a lot to. The Staff and Teachers make sure you feel welcomed on your first day and most of the Teachers don't make you feel stupid when you ask for help or don't understand something. I wish that I had joined more clubs and met more people. But overrall this experience was very good.
Campbell high school is the most diverse school in Cobb county. The food is ok but the building is good. They have clubs for EVERYTHING.
I wish to see more funding and money to a more domains and subjects. This includes music and arts. I feel that the building is also lacking of funding however this is not necessarily the problem of the school. While in some cases there nothing directly for the school to do about this, it does damage the overall experience of the school.
Campbell high school is an okay school. Lots of teachers have favorites and it's easy to tell. They try to be accepting of everyone, but racism and homophobia is still a problem. There's a clear divide between IB(International Baccalaureate) students and students outside of the program. Many think the IB kids are stuck up and many IB kids think they are better then other students.
Additionally this year we had a teacher get arrested, and another one put on leave, we had a whole ordeal where the Lacross team bullied a member for being gay, and many many fights.
I had my ups and downs at Campbell high School but overall I had a nice experience. For the most part the teachers I had helped me through my lessons and easy to work with. The school do monthly pep rallies to get the students school sprities up and explore the different cultures that attend the school.
Campbell was a great experience for different cultures and learning experiences. At Campbell they are really careful about accepting and exposing the students to all types of cultures. There are a lot of great english and marh teachers. They are very involved and wven after you leave the class you will still be able to come back to their class to ask for some advice or help in another math class. You can build great relationships with your teachers and they are willing to help you pass. The counselors do a great job of trying to stay in contact with each of their students especially seniors, juniors, and freshman even thought there is a huge amount of students. There is a lot of exposure for seniors to different colleges and scholarships and opportunities at the school. There are a lot of service opportunities and clubs to get involved in based off of your intrest. The football team is not all that great but the track and basketball teams are awesome.I’m happy that I got to attend.
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It’s a nice school overall and there are sooo many diverse cultures to learn about. They also have a wide variety amount of classes to choose from.
I would like to see more inclusion between IB and non-IB students because it felt like attending a school within a school instead of having a complete and integrated high school experience. Overall, Dr. Walker has done an amazing job of improving the reputation of the school as she really cares about student success. I think teachers need more help with acquiring the information needed to address some mental health issues because they lack resources in this area.
My experience at Campbell, specifically the IB program, was superb. The environment there is really like a family, teachers really reach out and connect to the students as well as pushing students to be the best they can be. My only qualm with the school is the real lack of school spirit, however, over the last 4 years, it has been growing steadily.
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