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Camino Nuevo Charter High School Reviews

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I would like if there are more sports in the school besides soccer and basketball. It is a good school that has amazing support for students.
Camino Nuevo is a very unique school. Most of the students who attend Camino Nuevo come from a central american background. The adminstration and teachers at Camino care about their students education. They also provide a lot of opportunities for students to be part of programs, tutoring, sat prep classes, and traveling to the east coast to see colleges. Camino isn't a traditional school were you get the high school experience. But if you want to succeed in life Camino Nuevo will prepare you for college and adulthood
Camino Nuevo is a great high school, so far I have nothing really to complain about the school since it showed me lots of great ways to better my life and carrier to prepare me for the real world. If I can change something about my school is that they need to be more tough on us students because some students are not showing their full potential due to the lack of push the school does not really apply on us students. With that being said my High school has been overall great to me and an experience one to not forget.
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The teachers are the only reason I enjoyed my time at this school. They are extremely caring and loving towards the students, no matter what. However, the students and school spirit is horrible here. Everyone was super negative about everything. If you take the teachers out of this school, then it sucks.
Camino Nuevo High is not your average school, albeit it shouldn’t be ignored. The faculty is serious in preparing its students to be ready for college, event to those whom are not the brightest. Each student has opportunities to succeed with individualized attention. With that being said, this is a small school, so everyone will see each other almost everyday day, which may be a considerable issue for introverts. Many students who graduated here went to prestigious universities such as Dartmouth and UC Berkeley.
In summary, this is a college prep school, but it is unable to provide any extracurricular activities away from the academic grinder.
This school prepared me very well for what is to come in my next life chapter. It is honestly amazing and a very great experience. I have to say that the majority of my best memories were made there. I enjoyed every aspect of it especially the academics. They always push you to do your best and since it is a small school, your teacher student relationships are strong and you can really get that one on one educational experience.
CNHS is a good school being a charter. It definitely needs to provide more academic opportunities for their students (AP, Honors, etc). Also, they need more extracurricular activities for their students such as sports and clubs. Overall the atmosphere teachers provide for their students is amazing. It is not just a students and faculty relationship. Each staff member tries to have a relationship with the students creating a safe space for their students and ultimately a family.
The high school is very smart giving each student an opportunity to become fast friends with students not just in their grade but in other grades by how many programs they have. There are many very dedicated teachers that help students as much as they can to make sure they are doing well in school and understand the material rather than just go along.
I would have to say that CNHS is the kind of school that makes your world go round. When you go into CNHS, there is a sense of community that the staff tries to build with the students, but somehow the students do not seem to care about that. I feel that the students need some sort of motivation at the school to feel like they care about the people around them and their education.
I feel like the teachers need to fix that in the school.
I been attending Camino Nuevo since i was a freshman. I am now a senior, who is graduating in July 2017. Camino Nuevo is a good school. It allows you be yourself but you wont ever be alone. Its very simple to make friends. Camino is a community with variety of people. The safety is great, those who work at Camino try their absolute best to help motivate the students and help them get to class on time.
Camino Nuevo High School opens doors for their students. They provide opportunities for their students to grow as scholars despite where they come from.
I was one of the first students to ever attend my school. Since it had just opened four years ago, it is still in the making. Things could be better, like more sports, academic interests and opportunities were missed. I understand that our school is small and it is still growing, but indeed it does need a lot more work because I do not have lots of extracurricular activities because of the lack in it of my freshman and sophomore year. I will make it certain that for my last year as a senior, it will be the best.
Camino Nuevo High School offers many programs that support students to be successful in their future. Students create their own clubs and they encourage other student's to participate as well. We have sports such as soccer, cheer, basketball, and much more for students to enjoy after school. Staff's at Camino Nuevo support students with supplies and making clubs more interesting for students.
Parents are such a great source for the child's development because they are very helpful and supportive.
My teachers are pretty knowledgeable about their topics presented. I enjoy the way the present the class because it's very creative and understandable. The class environment is very vivid and an amazing factor to start off the lesson and learn more about certain topic.
Moving to this school has made me a different person. It has changed me in a positive way. This school offers so many opportunities for students to be successful. Students are connects with teachers and our spirit is active. We share ideas and when it comes to supporting each other we offer help in any way. Camino Nuevo Miramar is a High School that encourage students to attend college.
Teachers at Camino Nuevo Miramar are well organize, and helpful. Not only do they make sure students learn, but we have teachers who have stayed until 8 PM tutoring students and preparing them for exams.
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There's not alto of extracurricular activities that students can engage in, and the spaces are limitted.
Parents make sure they partake in the community and mame the school a saber environment.
Teachers are great and show true passion and engagement to their job.
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