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Camino Nuevo Charter Academy Reviews

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Camino is improving. They are a great team and their mascot is a dragon. The faculty and staff provide a safe place for the students they are always improving and are a great school overall.
Great school for students looking for opportunities. Also great for students raised in urban, poor neighborhood. The teachers take care of them. But I was not challenged enough compared to other schools I've been to. Not a great school to stay in. Use their programs to be transferred to other schools.
Camino Nuevo High School Miramar is a small school of about 500 students. The staff and teachers are very friendly and always willing to help students with tutoring.
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Camino Nuevo makes everyone feel safe, it is what many would say a second home. Camino does not leave any student out. Everyone is part of everything. None is alone in any struggle. Friendly environment. Teachers are always supported and even can be a friend when you have none to talk to.
It is really hard not being able to have all the resources kids need to learn yet they made the best with what they had. The school always pushed their students to do their best and brought in all the help they could. They truly cared about the students and went beyond what their duties called for. I have never seen a school where everyone acts like family and cares for each other and their community.
The teachers were always sure to make the lesson plans as fun and interactive as they can. Since the school is in a low-income community, they always made the best with what they had. They brought in people to help interact with the kids, and always offered their help outside of the class. They fundraised and donated a lot for the school, in order to make sure they all had the resources they needed or the experiences worth having.
My favorite experience is that i finally got to join basketball one of my favorite sport and know we kind of have sports in our school. What makes this school unique is that we are always doing something together a community. I would choose this school again because it has very awesome teachers that can help you on anything.
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