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Camino Nuevo Academy #2 Reviews

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My experienced at Camino Nuevo High School was good because I met good friends that I spend with for four years. The teachers are really helpful and nice when helping students with their education. I really connected with some teachers that helped me apply to colleges. I like how this school helped students to apply to colleges because we had a class that was only applying to colleges. Some changes for this school would be more resources and other stuff such as benches because some students didn't have nowhere to sit. I would also have to say the school lunches and cleaner restrooms. Overall, my experience in this high school was great and some good memories I had with some people.
Very interesting neighborhood, and amazing teachers. The administration has gotten worst over the years, but could be fixed.
I transferred to Camino Nuevo in 2015, my junior year. I really love this school because there is so many positive vibes here and so many people are very friendly to everyone. Every one is very helpful and all the teachers are very understanding to when students need help. The only thing I would like Camino to fix a little more is the school lunches, they are not as good as before.
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They take personal safety very seriously in order to prevent very grave problems.
There are some extracurricular opportunities at this school but their are not many options to choose from.
I would choose this school if I had to do it again, because its a fun hardworking school.
The Teachers at this school are great, because they engage in their students learning and do everything they can to help them understand a certain subject.
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