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My experience was average I would say. It’s a very small town, so everyone knows everyone. Students aren’t friendly to each other. Most Teachers do not have you college ready,with an acception of some teachers. The administration board is great! They try their best for the students. Cafeteria food is just your basic school lunches. Dress code is ridiculous, favoritism is very much shown in that category. You’ll see two girls wear the same thing but one of them will get away with it and not the other.
I love High School because we get to meet new friends and see them everyday. The teachers are very friendly and nice to all the kids.
What I enjoy most about my highschool is the tradition within sports and all the school spirit! We have the absolute best teachers who at willing to work hard extra hours just to prepare us not only for college but the real world! The only thing I would change about my highschool career is how fast it went by!
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The teachers are awesome and they help out as much as they can! The teachers make sure you are understanding the lessons. Also , they try to make the lesson as easy as possible but make sure you´re actually getting work to do.
My first year of highschool went by bad because I didn't have any friends, but friends are so easy to make at the wonderful school. I loved school because of Cameron Yoe High.It then later changed throughout the years i hated school the more i went. Senior year was so great, by far my most favorite year. The staff really helped out at my lowest. They really care about their students.
I like that Thursday is late start. I like that most of the teachers are coaches too. One thing I'd like to see changed would be the food available at lunch.
My experience at Cameron Yoe High School was pretty good. Teachers were always nice to me and treated me with respect as so did I. I thank all my teachers for helping me throughout these four years. I am fortunate that I had the opportunity to attend this school. My consular was extremely helpful whenever I had a question about something or needed help I knew I could go into her office to get help from her. I am especially grateful for my Ag teacher Mr. Kopriva for teaching me everything I know that I will be using in my future school Tulsa Welding School in Houston, Tx.
Great small town rural high school. Was helped in my education from the resources available in Cameron. Would recommend.
One of the main thing I like about CH Yoe High School is the school spirit and the wide range of certifications.It has a variety of courses you can be certified in such as floral design,Accounting ,and CNA .The one that i would like to change is the school food.
C.H. Yoe is a great place to go to school. The football program is extremely supported and the marching band program is aswell.
My total experience of Yoe High is that there are a lot of caring people in the school all of the faculty and stay are there when you need help for any thing. Yoe High is the only school in Texas that has a saying once a yoeman always a yoeman people in this community are also helpfully they support our school through any thing. So for my opinion C.H Yoe High is a very great school
There is a wide variety for a school this size.
Kids values in school and self respect have exponentially worsened. I feel this is due to a lack of parenting and value on self in our society
Most of the teachers want us to be successful and focus on both academic and character.
There are so many Academic UIL activities to be involved in. Students are really encouraged by the school to be a part of academic UIL. The people that are involved in these activities are well taken care of and fed for away events. There are also clubs like Yoe Tech Club that draw in the gamers and anime fans. Drama is well supported too with an alright budget that keeps the members fed for events and able to have cool costumes and sets. Two organizations that are the most funded are Band and Football, and that is mostly because those two bring the most success. They have competed at state levels multiple times. There is so much motivation to be involved in extracurricular activities, and none of them really go neglected.
This school is one of the better 3A schools. I don not agree with a lot of the regulations, like the sexist dress code or the cafeteria food. I also do not agree with rules suddenly being made that have cost people money. (For example, all of a sudden there is a rule about if you have more than 8 absences you can't go to prom. This was just given a month before prom when a bunch of girls and their dates have already spent money on dresses, transportation, and suits. I did not think this was fair because it was not given ahead of time.) But the school always tries to push the betterment of the education, and does what it can with what it can afford. There is a lot of motivation to succeed in sports, and in other extracurricular activities like band, or academic UIL. Each success has a reward, and the school does its best to include and support every club.
There are some teachers that do an amazing job. They stay up for long hours grading work because they give us so much practice, they spend an hour after school every day to help out struggling students. Some even juggle about 3 clubs to run after school, and it still gets done. Some of the teachers also come early every day to help struggling students. Other teachers, however, do not do much at all. They give easy work, some even just make the class watch movies as a grade. They think that just because their classes aren't tested by the state that their classes don't matter. These teachers are only a handful though, and the rest are either okay or go beyond what they're paid, such as the teachers I first described.
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The student body is pretty diverse. You don't see a lot of peer pressure.
I do not know what to compare it to, to be honest.
Overall they are great teachers.
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