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Since I was young, it was always my dream to serve in the United States military. Many people like to say that but I actually acted on my dreams. The military lifestyle is no stranger to me. At the age of fourteen, I decided to come to Camden Military Academy alone from the state of Washington (2,768.2 miles away from home). During my years of enrollment at Camden Military Academy, I have never had second thoughts about staying, I have never been deranked, I have never violated the honor code and lastly, I have never backed down. I have made many great strides to better myself as a person and become an even better leader. I worked my way from a small bug-eyed private all the way up to the schools S-1 Adjutant. I wish to Enroll in this scholorship program because it would open up a variety of doors for me that were previously unavailable.
Our son was always goofing off in public school and making many poor decisions. Frequently associating himself with other children also making bad decisions, fueling negative behavior on a daily basis thus resulting in poor grades and being held back. I can't begin to emphasize how exhausting it was trying to drag him "kicking and screaming" to a successful path. Various motivators were put into place and we would have a pattern of every 3 weeks on and off challenges. Finally, we made the decision to send our son to Camden Military Academy. After several months in his 1st year he sees the "Light" and made the decision on his own to step up to the plate, earn rank and embrace structure. He really cares about doing well and it shows in his attitude even when he is off campus. He is proud of what he is doing and so are we. Now that behavior is in check the grades have also improved dramatically! My only regret is NOT sending our son to Camden Military Academy Sooner!
We are so glad we made the decision to send our son to Camden. Initially he was reserved about attending, which I think is a normal response for a teenage boy. Being sent away to live in a military environment and be cared for by retired military service staff members can be very intimidating. He has not only embraced the school, he has thrived. After 2 ½ weeks home at Christmas, he admitted he was ready to go back. He loves the structure and realizes the importance of it. Not only does Camden teach accountability and leadership it helps to build self-confidence and mold these boys into polite and respectful young men. The academics have been top notch. The small classroom ratio of teachers to students has given him the attention he needed. Our son will begin his 2nd year at Camden this fall, and we are excited to witness the continued growth that he has had.
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Its a really good school the teachers there help you if you need a 1 on 1 opportunity. Plus if you have bad grades getting good grades is easy there.
I went here for four years. It was very fun and it raised my grades tremendously. I have become a much better person and i have made many friends that will last a lifetime. The faculty and staff are all great people and since it is a smaller school you get yo know everyone very well. It really feels like a family after being there so long and if your son needs help with their grades or behavior then this is definitely the right place.
My experience at Camden Military Academy has been very positive so far. Unlike public schools, this school teaches you discipline through a military environment and provides teachers and staff that truly care for your well being. An excellent environment overall to grow up and develop as a boy and to leave as a man.
Before CMA our son was not living up to his potential. CMA has had a significant impact on him since he has been in the Corps of Cadets. Before CMA, we questioned if college was going to be in his future and now the conversation has turned to which college he would like to attend. Camden's smaller class sizes allow teachers to have a personal relationship with the cadets and to make sure that they stay on track. The mandatory study halls have cultivated structure and discipline leading to his academic success. This year has really been one of self-reflection for our son not only in the classroom but other areas as well. He has climbed the leadership ladder and has currently attained the rank of Master Sergeant while in Bravo Company. His behavior and his choices, as a direct result of his time at CMA, are allowing him to see his own future as promising and bright! We will always be forever grateful for the opportunity he has been given at Camden Military Academy.
Nancy & Bill Pitt
It's a reform school, regardless of what the school will tell you. Company tactical officers(the adults directly in charge of kids) are all retired veterans of questionable mental states. Kids don't want to be there, and therefore behave poorly and buck against the system. For kids who want to be successful, this place is incredibly punishing, due to the fact that faculty assume guilt, and fellow cadets discriminate against "try-hards". The classes are designed to be near impossible to fail, and easy to get A's in; this is good for gpa's, but bad for college preparedness. Food is decent. There is little to no STEM extracurriculars aside from a poor robotics club. Mediocre school band. Incredibly high participation in sports, partly due to the fact that they can be used to avoid Pad, the standard punishment that takes place at the same time as sports.
Camden has helped me maintain solid grades from my sophomore year to my senior year. This place has also helped me become a more well-rounded person as well as a better leader. Camden Military Academy has definitely prepared me for adulthood. I like this school because it has given me the structure that I needed to prepare for the "real world" as well as giving me the opportunities to try new things such as holding a high rank in JROTC, being a team captain on the Varsity Lacrosse team, and giving me the opportunity to meet new people.
My experience at Camden has benefited my life more then I would have ever thought. It has taught me what hard work, persistence, self discipline, and respect truly is. I've "opened many doors" by embracing myself in the "Camden Experience". At Camden we are a family, we struggle together, thrive together, and have each others back through everything. That is something that is hard to find and at Camden I guarantee you will find it.
What I like about CMA teachers are always trying to help you if you need the help.People are ways generous their, kind and helps you with college.
This school is a poor representation of what the military is like, they say they do PT at least once a week but that isn't true at all. This school is built on lies and there are more drugs than any other school district. The tacs give rank to those who dont deserve it and are trouble makers. You end up being bossed around by kids who are given permission to bully.
My son returns to CMA for his fifth year at the school, and will graduate in May, 2020. We have had a wonderful experience for his entire time at the school, and he is set up for success in many ways. In addition to his having learned about structure, responsibility, leadership and discipline, he has developed lifelong friendships and connections and relationships with faculty, staff and alumnae that will continue to benefit him throughout his life. We've had plenty of support in the past year getting him prepared to submit college applications, including SAT prep and test scheduling and facilitating school tours. Additionally, the school has provided some very cool opportunities - including wreath laying ceremonies at Veterans Day in DC, national competitions for Drill Team, National History Day competition, and being exposed to significant military leaders. Overall, I am pleased with my decision for him to spend the past 4 years at CMA and know it has been the best thing for him.
This is the second year that my son has attended Camden Military Academy and all I can say is that this school works! My son has learn respect, discipline, humility and confidence. The teachers and officers truly care for my son which the other schools never did. My son now has goals and aspirations for his future and is on the road to a brighter future tha ks to CMA!
This is my son's first year at CMA, and there's such a difference in him. He's more confident and respectful, and he is working hard and succeeding. Camden Military Academy personnel have helped him in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in his everyday handling of life. We are excited to enter his high school years at CMA and see a wonderful future for him!
Since my son began at CMA, he has dramatically turned his grades around. For the last two progress reports, he has been on the Honor’s List. He is determined to be on the Dean’s List and continues to work toward that. Teachers’ comments on the progress reports include “conscientious student” and “dependable student”. He joined the lacrosse team – both travel and home – and is currently a back-up to the main goalie.

Besides his increased grades, he is learning how to take responsibility for his life. Daily tasks like laundry, living with a roommate, bunk inspection, room cleanliness, and homework deadlines are all a part of his routine now. It is now a pleasure for to speak with him again and laughter is now a big part of our weekly video calls.
My son has made a complete turnaround at Camden military academy. He is focused on schoolwork, engaging in his classes, and excelling academically - none of which was happening in our well rated public school. Camden is the best choice we’ve ever made. I only wish we would have found it sooner.
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In my time at Camden Military Academy I have furthered my education more than I ever thought possible in public school. The teachers take care of the students and always put them first. The administration is very kind and they are very fast and are willing to work with you on anything. For example like getting your drivers license or sending your scores to an college you want to go to. There are not many things that I want to change at Camden Military Academy because it has made me into the responsible young adult I am today.
CMA is a great school. It's course curriculum prepares you for college There are plenty of sports to choose from . In addition to military clubs to participate in . Dorming at CMA is a great experience. It allows you to meet other cadets from all over the world and other countries. The administrative staff helps student stay on track with their grades. It's helpful that they monitor your academic performance. That gives students the opportunity for improvement. CMA is an outstanding college prep & pre-military boarding school .
I like that the adults are in charge, the discipline and that the teachers take time with the students. I would prefer that all sports are treated as special as football and that the students attended all the different athletic games. Overall I’ve enjoyed my experience at CMA.
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