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As someone with anxiety, going ANYWHERE was hard for me. I struggled with depression, and bipolar disorder. But this school.... Was different. It treated me as an equal. They helped me get to the top. Now I am going to college with an academic scholarship. Thank you camden. Go Cougars!
All the important topics as in bullying, safety, health, etc. Are gone over on the first day of school. If any of those negative things happen, people will report and get the situation will get situated. We take those health and safety policies very seriously.
Some of the extracurricular activities add on to the academic and some are just after school clubs. They all help students mentally and physically with what is coming for them in the future. They are also very fun but serious at the same time.
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This school is great because it has soda machines and school stores that sell cookies, slushies, candy, granola bars, etc.

And the atmosphere is great also.
The teachers at the school are very detailed and they care a lot about their students. They are also very fun to be with.
As an athlete, most of my time was taken up in the sports I played. These moments were some of the best in my life. Through sports, I've been fortunate enough to have met many great people all with similar passions as mine. Some of my greatest friends and most cherised memories have come from the strong foundations of the extracurricular activities at Camden.
My school is so unique due to it's massive size, both in structure and in class size. It is often mistaken for the local college campus a few miles down from it. Also, the possibility to meet a new face every day is not far from reality. Many peers unknown today end up being the ones with whom you will share your greatest memories tomorrow.
The teachers at this school are very interactive with the student body in many ways. With personal tutor sessions on certain days and more rigorous teaching methods being provided among the entire populace, it's easy to see the devotion of our teachers.
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