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To be honest, I was not very excited about attending Camden High School. I didn't think it could get any better than my time at Camden Middle School. I soon discovered that Camden High School is full of caring, involved educators, hands-on administrators, and amazing sports/after-school activities. I am very proud to say that Camden High is my high school. Once a Bulldog...Always a Bulldog.
Camden High School is a great school that prepares students for life after schooling. The environment is super friendly, and they have plenty of resources to aid their students.
When I was at Camden High School I felt at home with the students even though I was only there for a short period of time. The teachers were also very involved in trying to make sure the students read and understood the criteria. Before I left Camden High School my band teacher was so involved he through me an Italian themed going away party. Why was Italian themed, because that's where I moved. I am from a family that is part of the military that moved to Vicenza High School.
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I enjoy attending here. I'm glad my mother moved to town for me to attend. I wish they would change the school meny
What I like about Camden High is our school spirit and how well we support each other in all of our different sports, clubs and more. I have became close with many teachers at Camden High, and have made lots of life long friendships. I love my bulldog family, and Camden High school is my home away from home.
Loved Camden it was the best high school anywhere. Great facility and teachers that strive for you to succeed.
Camden High School is a big part of my life. It shaped me into the person i am today. Everyone knows everyone pretty much and people are very helpful. The teachers and staff are very nice and willing to go out a limb if you need them to. Camden High is a great place. Teacher student relationships are respected and encouraged to help you do better academically. Sports are well recognized and the community supports the school very well and make sure the students feel great about attending the best ole high school anywhere.
Camden high was outstanding to me. Any issues were taken seriously and solved right away by the office and teachers. I never witnessed any bullying. Every one enjoyed each others company from what I saw. The lunch wasn’t too bad. The teachers were amazing at teaching their subjects.
Camden is a pretty great school. The sports games are awesome with football being the most exciting. the classes are fun for the most part and pretty interesting.
I had great experiences at Camden High. The teachers are awesome and they prepared me for the future. I have learned a lot from them. They prepared me for my college experience.
Camden High school is the school you see out of the movies. Everyone knows everybody. It is hard for anyone to fit in.
Camden High School is a school that exemplifies hometown pride. They have the support of the entire community and it shows through their community service and love of everything that Camden has to offer.
I moved to South Carolina just before my junior year and honestly, I thought it would suck. However, when I opened up more I learned that everyone there was accepting and appreciative of any and all sorts of people. I felt comfortable in my own skin. The staff were really nice and offered lots of help including the custodians.
My experience at Camden High School was great. I've enjoyed my years of high school here and I'm going to miss it when I graduate.
I personally like the teachers and how they help you with and they aren't just teachers, they're like family. I would recommend changing how some of them teach, they should teach with variety instead of just one way they are familiar with.
This is my senior year at Camden High School, and I can honestly say that it is a great choice for any teenager. It doesn't matter what your background is, the staff at this school are dedicated to making sure you get SOMEWHERE in life. The one thing I would love to see happen at Camden High is more community service projects. There should be a plethora of other choices for community service other than the animal shelter. Overall, Camden High is a great high school and I'm proud to say that I will be a Bulldog Alumni on May 30, 2020.
Camden high is a great school for people who are not afraid to stand out. Those who hide in the shadows will quickly be forgotten about, not by teachers but by students. If you're naturally shy and quiet and refuse the kindness offered to you by the students they will only try a. few. more times before giving up.
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Camden high school is a place where everyone becomes family. They care about each other’s success and when something happens they are the first to be there for you. They have great teachers who care and the principal is the best. I enjoyed my 4 years there. Go Dogs!
I think the policies on juuls should be cracked down on more and also better teachers are definitely needed.
It's been kind of slow and it's been okay. I know a lot of people. My Algebra 2 teacher actually was the best out of all of my past math teachers, I never really understood a thing until I got into her class. I would like to see some teachers and their rules change and the principle and the whole school in general, not everything is about the looks of the school.
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