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Camden County High School is a very personal school. You feel right at home. It has lots of diversity and academies to choose from.
What I liked about Camden County High School is that they offer dual enrollment classes. I also love how some teachers take the time to explain what they are teaching you. However there are some things I would change. I would love if they added more classes that are related to our future career choices. By having exposure to those classes you would know if that career is something you would truly like to do in the future. They do however have some options, but they did not have the option that I wanted. It is not a bad school at all. My school is fortunate enough to provide Chromebooks to all the students to take home. I am so thankful to have access to dual enrollment classes, AP classes, and Chromebooks to take home.
Our school offers good opportunity for its students, but they ignore the students who do not follow the school's agenda. When the student does what is best for their future, the school screws them over. Essentially, they only offer certain opportunities because it brings in money and they don't pay attention to the students who are partaking in the other, more beneficial opportunities, because that doesn't earn the school any money. Though they claim to care about the students and their success, they only care about the numbers, and the students are just pawns in the political game of the education system. They speak lies into their ears, telling them that this is the best way to ensure your future, when it isn't. But, I understand that the best performing schools get more funding, and that without money my school wouldn't be able to offer these opportunities. It just seems hypocritical to say they care about all students but only pay attention to the ones that fit their agenda.
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Camden County High School is a very good school and above average from other schools. Camden County High School offers many programs for us, students, to explore. I myself have or will explore at least 5 programs. The high school as well offers duel enrollment programs with our local technical college. The high school with our recent issues globally Camden County High School is doing an amazing job trying to keep students, teachers, and staff safe. I am proud to be a student who will graduate from Camden County High School.
Camden County Highschool is extremely flexible with its students. The teachers who work there are well-trained and help their students whenever possible. The high school has a variety of programs and academies to choose from as well as many athletic choices. Programs such as duel enrollment are also available, which allowed me to get a head start on my college journey.
I´ve been in Camden County School Systems for my entire life and I´ve seen the good and the bad. I´ll start with the bad so I´ll end on a positive note. For one, since Camden County High is the only high school in Camden County, it can be rough for students to escape their past, drama tends to carry on each year because with this town being so small, we see the same faces every year, which is something I´ve always despised. Also, this school has a very big emphasis on football even though there are other amazing sports that deserve just as much recognition. The school severely lacks diversity and has problems just as colorism, favoritism, and people getting treated a certain way due to who they are. However, on a positive aspect, there are a lot of great teachers who go above and beyond to help students. The resources offered at this school are immense, we have an abundance of pathways, rigorous courses, and clubs to choose from. All in all, its not the best but not the worst.
Camden County High School pushes for all their students to strive for excellence both in education, dress code, and respect towards others. I feel blessed to have been able to go to this school. I'm proud I am graduating from here as a Wildcat!!
People are fairly close minded but teachers and administrators care a lot about your education. Lots of AP classes and clubs are available.
Many days during my four years here, I thought the school did poorly in some areas because an entire county of students were forced to share one high school. That may have created more options, but that also allowed several students to fall through the cracks.
Really enjoy working with animals at school. This is big help towards my goal of getting zoology scholarship.
Camden County High was a school that I felt prepared me for life very well. Guidance counselors were very involved and helped very much with college readiness. Teachers were all very different in the way of thinking and teaching that helped different students. There were difficulties going here like adjusting to the pace and dealing with rigor courses, but there were many resources to help me get on track at school.
I really enjoy the atmosphere created by the staff and students. Academics are top priority but there are also a plethora of clues and sports for the student body to join. Everyone has a fair chance to suceed.
I like the availability of honors and ap classes, as well how easy it is to maintain grades through remediation. However, the schools rules make it hard for students to book appointments with guidance counselors.
Camden County High School (CCHS) is an amazing school for those interested in the dual enrollment program. It offers a plethora of dual enrollment classes right on the highschool campus! I, myself, have been enrolled in at least 5 so far and they are great opportunities for a future in college. CCHS has many clubs as well. However, there are a couple of flaws with the school. It is the only public high school in Camden County therefore it does have over 2,500 students. The hallways get extremely crowded during class change which makes it easy for you to be tardy to class. There are a lot of students who love drama and causing problems with teachers and other students. The cafeteria food is awful but edible. However, overall, it is an okay school because they offer a lot of different educational options as well dual enrollment/advanced placement classes.
Being a military kid, Camden County High School made me feel included immediately. I moved to Camden two months before my freshman year and I was able to join sports and student organizations past try outs and deadlines because of my situation. I was given the opportunity to try out for cheerleading during the summer. This gave me a family and made it easier to adjust going into a new school. I was fortunate enough to do multiple cheer teams and have this family for all 4 years of high school. This helped me join other student organizations to then become a leader and the president of DECA and the manager of our school store "The Wild Way". CCHS prepared me for real world experiences for college and in the work force, I wouldn't trade this experience for any other.
I had am okay experience with Camden County High School and it could have been better. I met most of my really good friends there and had a good time, but some of the teachers don't know how to teach. I am glad that we got a new principal because now I think we can get some more school spirt and we can get the students more involved with the school.
lots of cool people but the staff is awful especially the admins. Most of the teachers simply have no idea how to teach.
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Camden county high school is a great school with awesome teachers and amazing learning environments. We offer 28 extracurricular classes and rigor courses.
I gave a three star because while I didn’t have the best of time while attending Camden County High School it wasn’t completely terrible. There were teachers and staff that I met that I absolutely adored and there were ones who I turned to in time of need and left in even more distress. I think some of the administrators took the title to their heads and sometimes played the role of Big Brother. But honestly I’m grateful that at the end of the day some teachers really had their students’ back when it came to personal issues.
The programs are nice and so are most of the teachers. Some teachers can't quite explain things well but they still try to help you.
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