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I love this school. I've been to other schools, but Cambridge is the best school. It has a friendly atmosphere and the teachers are interested in you as a person as well as your academics.
I could not stand this school at all. Horrible teachers, principal, and worthless hours spent at this school. I was not at all prepared for college and luckily my self-motivation has kept me going. The worst part is the principal. He is a principal that will treat you like a kindergartner, absolutely no respect for anyone and does not deserve a job like this.
The best part about attending this school is it's small size, while not for everyone, it allowed me to participate in many different types of activities and groups allowing me to broaden my horizons and experience things that I maybe would not have been able to at a larger sized school.
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Many of the teachers at this school try their hardest and put in a ton of extra time to help students out. You truly feel like they care about whether you succeed or not as a student.
Overall I feel very safe at this school.
There's a range of clubs/activities, but it often feels like sports are the main focus, and some clubs or activities that are less popular don't get the recognition they deserve.
This is a very small school, and it isn't very diverse. But, it is still a nice environment and I feel safe and respected by my teachers. Because it is a small school, everyone knows each other, and people are very social. Overall, I think this school is in a very nice, small community.
It is easy to get help when it is needed, and each one of my teachers has a different style/approach. Some are really great with integrating technology, while others dislike it. It is easy to feel like you are being treated like a middle school student, and students often don't get the independence/respect that a high schooler should.
The salad bar was added my junior year, which was a great addition. The meat was always pretty funky, and I usually chose a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on those days.
Had a lot of trouble with dress code issues and such.
Students get pretty involved because since it's a small town, there's not much else to do.
A few teachers went above and beyond, most didn't really have much interest in the students.
Good variety of extracurriculars to choose from.
Choosing a college was an easy experience for me. However, I didn't feel prepared at all for the work load. My writing skills took a long time to develop, and study skills weren't emphasized at Cambridge.
There isn't much diversity, but the students are accepting of those that do have cultural, ethnic, or racial differences. High school can be hard, but Cambridge makes a great effort to make everyone feel accepted.
Cambridge just added a new lunch area and weight room. Their new addition looks amazing! They also added an amazing lab with new computers. Every room is equipped with a Smart Board.
I don't eat lunch at school because I bring my own, healthier lunches. In the past year, i have noticed that the food has gotten healthier. However, there aren't many options for students with special dietary needs that I have noticed.
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Both the principal, guidance counselor, and office staff are involved with the students. They genuinely want to get to know the students. The dress code is reasonable and promotes a great learning environment.
Cambridge takes great precautions to make sure that their school is safe and that the students have the best environment that promotes learning. The guidance counselor is excellent; she addresses bullying issues before they happen and all of the students feel comfortable going to her with anything.
The teachers at Cambridge truly care about their students. They go out of their way to help each student to understand their curriculum, even if that means putting in extra hours. Even outside of school, you can find many of the teachers working to make the school better for the students. Cambridge also provides an excellent tutoring option for students struggling in classes.
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