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CFS is a supportive and nurturing place for your child. Values, civic awareness, engagement and community come to mind. If you define success as developing students of character - CFS should on top of your list. Differences and diversity are welcome here.
The school is Quaker, not Christian. The values that the school permeates with is integrity, community, stewardship, equality, and simplicity. My kids are in 1st and Pre-K and they already know about social justice, have budding leadership skills, and are learning the skills to be a good person who can deal being in any situation. The Pre-K have two recesses so that the kids can get their energy out - and on the playground you can see them working together on a goal (last year they were making a dam), and negotiating the best way for this by working together ,some helping each other if they are frustrated (can't find the right stick!), and negotiating different opinions on how the dam should be with different opinions They also learn about social justice - and explore difficult topics such as race and class inequality - which is a touchy subject - but they do a fantastic job teaching about it.
I can't say enough about how great Cambridge Friends School has been for our family. Each and every teacher my kids have had has been AMAZING, and the parent community is an incredible group of people. I appreciate that CFS truly does focus on the individual needs of each kid. I like the small class size and project based learning. I strongly value the focus CFS places on social justice, not just in words but in practice. And as a queer family, I appreciate that our family has not only been accepted but celebrated. Different family structures have been included in classroom experiences from the beginning, and my kids attend "Rainbow Kids" with other kids from queer families. My kids have always had peers and teachers reflecting their own experience, something I am grateful for! CFS is a school like no other - I am grateful to be part of such a wonderful community!
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You would be hard pressed to find a more caring school environment. CFS lives by its values and my children come home with a sense of social justice and are able to articulate complex themes such as equality, community and stewardship even at the pre-K level. This school appreciates the fact that each child learns at his/her own pace, and staff are incredibly friendly. The facilities are also excellent with a sprawling sports field, well-resourced library and an enticing art room. Staff take pride in their work and go the extra mile to listen to parents.
This has been an excellent school for my children.

The teaching methods are carefully chosen, progressive, and effective. The teachers have been really good about paying attention to who they are teaching, as individuals, and helping my kids to learn in their own ways. Overall, they keep learning fun, and keep the curiosity in the kids, where it belongs.

The school's strong and explicit focus on social justice, community, and anti-bias education have been really inspiring to me, and have made it possible for me to have amazingly sophisticated conversations with my kids about society.
Related to this, there is very intentional work to support diversity in the community, so that every child's different indentities and challenges are supported.
Our family has been at Cambridge Friends School for almost 5 years now, and our youngest child just enrolled in the preK/K classroom this year. CFS is a very warm and supportive community, strongly grounded in social justice. Both of my children are engaged in their classrooms and have benefited from the project-based learning approach. I am so grateful to the outstanding teachers we have had each year. I'm proud of the people my children are becoming - from preK/K onward, they are learning about equity, fairness, privilege, human rights, and environmental stewardship. These values are embedded in the academic curriculum and also put into practice daily on the playground and during community time, when children learn how to resolve differences, challenge each other, and use their voices to speak out for themselves and others.
We've had our kids at CFS for 3 years now. We have been extremely pleased with the academics, with both our kids well above grade level for math and reading. Our kids love the teachers, who have consistently have done an amazing job with our two very different kids. And last but definitely not least our kids actually enjoy school, looking forward to returning after breaks, and are clearly engaged by and interested in the curriculum there.
I went to Cambridge Friends from kindergarten through eighth grade. Because of its small size, the teachers were able to give me an extremely personalized education. Though the extracurricular programs are minimal, but the flexibility of the curriculum -- especially in the middle school -- allows each student to pursue their interests. The students and teachers there are kind, accepting, intelligent, and have a great sense of humor. For me, CFS has created a lasting sense of community and warmth that I will never forget.
The school was inclusive to people from different backgrounds and identities. I felt comfortable as a student here. I was able to make friends and not feel ostracized.
Cambridge Friends School is a unique school that instills the values of a Quaker education in their students. I attended this school for middle school (graduated in 2015), and it taught me about the importance of community, self-reflection, honesty, and acceptance. For this, I am thankful. The teachers are supportive and knowledgable. CFS is welcoming of others and their backgrounds. They taught me how to be an individual and how to create change. I had a phenomenal experience with this school in terms of self-growth and learning how to foster positive relationships with adults, younger children, and students my age. The only disappointment with CFS was the fact that the academics in the math and science departments were subpar. However, the English, History, and Language departments of this school were stellar and these were the classes that taught me how to write well, how to think critically, and how to learn openly about another culture.
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