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Cambrian Academy International School provides an excellent education in a small group setting which very hard to find anywhere else. I love and admire the teachers/staffs whose really care about their students.
Nice, small and safety school, friendly environment. Teachers care a lot about the students. It is a good place for those parents who want their kids to study there.
Excellent options for online learning. If you want opportunities to move ahead in courses, you are encouraged to! Flexible for students of all academic abilities with teachers ready and willing to help them out.
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I attended for three years and it was some of the best teaching I've ever had. I would be a fundamentally different person if I didn't go. I am grateful for everything they have done for me.
As a former student, I cannot express how much I love Cambrian Academy. I would thank Cambrian Academy, since without it, I would not have my journal at UC Irvine and Stanford University. Academically, it has amazing teachers who do not only teach academic knowledge, but also encourage students to think from different perspectives to grow as a whole person. Personally, all of the staff and faculty members were caring for me as a person. Also, it has rich resources to support students to engage with different activities. For example, when I was a student, I was engaged with go-kart racing team and participated in different racings, which helped me for my college applications. Besides, the school has teacher to help seniors for their college applications, which was a huge help! Within the smaller size of class, it is better for students to interact with the teachers. Cambrian is also a school to respect diversity, which I have made friends all over the world and still keep connections.
The reason that I very like about Cambrian Academy that it bring for the student a variety of culture for many students, also the small communities also help the student could really get to know the teacher, to know every one in the school
The teachers had helped me preparing for my college experience a lot. They are actually care about their students.
I've been a Cambrian student for a while. Coming here, I was a shy boy who didn't know anything about the world. A few years after I came here, I feel like I'm the most erudite person in my group of friends. The reason for that is definitely the level of academics and teachers here. The classes aren't "normal" in a good way. Most of us are used to classrooms with 30+ people. When I came to Cambrian, I realized that "standard " isn't always good. Here, any teacher is able and willing to work with you individually and all of it is because the school community is small. This allows you to get a way better education. At the same time, it makes you feel like school is your home because of the faculty relationships that you can establish here.
Another great feature that Cambrian offers is college prep. Combining it with its small class size makes this college prep way more productive. Putting a diverse community to this mix makes it a perfect school for international students.
Cambrian International Academy is one, if not the best K12 school that ready students for College. With an interactive faculty group, small facility but up to date with great equipment, Cambrian creates an environment for students to challenge each other and excel educationally in both High School and prepare for the same attitude towards College and University. As of the small facility that Cambrian has, the students has the chance to work closely with the teacher to reach their respective goals and likewise, the teacher can have more time to help the students as they can know the ability of each individual students. Students here can immerse themselves into school activities created by students and teachers from their own clubs, such as doing fundraiser, sport's tournament, and especially students themselves organized the school Prom every year. Students came from all over the world with different backgrounds so it makes Cambrian such a diverse space for studying!
I'll graduate from Cambrian this year. I received many cares and opportunities to be successful from teachers in here. Although Cambrian Academy's still a small school, its improvement's very fast. There are many subjects with both teachers and online so students freely choose. Many projects're created to help students interact practically. I'm in GNaRLI project by Dr. Bender to protect native plants, maintain the diversity of the ecosystem. I also in Yearbook class not only design a yearbook but also writing articles for the Cambrian newspaper. I think it's helpful in improving writing skills and sharing events popularly with everyone. I think, under one hundred students, having five clubs is enough to organize fundraisers and activities. I love the Cultural show at the end of the year to learn cultures through performances. Moreover, communication between school and parents is close to ensure the learning of students. I believe any student will have good times in Cambrian Academy.
Cambrian Academy is a good school for students learning and exchanging culture. The school has many activities to be involved in, making it easier for students to make progress. Teachers are always thoughtful, always ready to help students to achieve good results. I hope the school can sell lunch.
The best part of the school is the teachers. All of them are highly experienced and know their subjects well. They are eager to help and give excellent advice to their students, and guide students with effectiveness I have never seen at any other institution. Courses offered at Cambrian are challenging and are truly college prep, and a good grade must be earned. The Administration is kind and helpful, and the materials/resources in good condition. One small problem is the lack of native English speakers at the school, especially in the High School grades. Overall, the school is excellent.
I have been having a great experience at Cambrian Academy. I feel like I have been learning a lot more and I am much happier here than at my old school. I think that this school has prepared me for college much more than my previous schools.
Cambrian is amazing! I took 8th grade there last year, and am now starting 9th. They put me in the classes I was ready for, so even though I was only in 8th grade they allowed me to take high school classes like marine biology and media studies. They even allowed me to take Algebra 2 and then Precalculus online! I was constantly stimulated, challenged, and engaged. I learned a ton! The small class sizes allow for one-on-one interaction with the teachers. The school is perfect for gifted kids, as well as those who just want a higher quality education or a head start on life.
Our highly gifted rising freshman loves this school. We brought her here last year for 8th grade after having spent many frustrating years advocating for her needs in public schools and getting "she is doing great" responses from teachers and administration. Cambrian Academy teachers are nurturing and able to both stretch our daughter academically and respond to her emotional needs at the same time. We love that Cambrian Academy has small class sizes where each student is treated as an individual. Our child feels "seen", accepted, and valued, and she can't wait to see what Cambrian Academy high school will offer her.
I can't say enough good things about Cambrian. My son, who is starting college in about 2 weeks, found himself there. Great teachers, challenging courses, and most of all people who really cared about him and his potential helped turn around an unhappy middle school kid into an enthusiastic student and leader.

He tried one year of public high school and was completely frustrated and turned off by the low expectations, uninspired teaching, and lack of connection with the school community. Within two weeks at Cambrian all of that completely changed and his next three years were ones of continual growth in all areas: social (he was involved in public service and learned so much by studying with kids from other countries), academic (both in science and in the liberal arts), and artistic (he learned a lot about music production and technology).
It's my 8th-year teaching in this school. It's a new school in a new location and we are evolving for the best. This school might not be that "perfect" in terms of facilities but the human resources is what makes the school a quality one. From the headmaster to the admin to the teachers and the students, we are a family. Our small class size makes the learning progressive, energetic and empowering because everyone knows each and treat each other with respect. Our academic, Art /music and mentorship programs and students' clubs provide a balance in shaping the student's whole being. As a teacher this has been the most fulfilling, satisfying and inspiring environment to work in. The best part is our students are polite, respectful and goal oriented.
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I am an international student of this school. When I came to America, I was very shy and scared of everything in here, especially the language. However, teachers in Cambrian help me a lot to improve my shortcomings, they let me talk, encourage me to answer their questions to study better in American environment. Although some students don’t like this school, many of them have not tried hard enough to study at high school as well as prepare to study well in colleges. This is an private school, students come here to learn well and change yourself better. Moreover, teachers sometimes have mistakes in their grading but students can come and ask to find the best solution for that problem. Cambrian teachers respect your ideas and opinions.
This is an private, they are trying to improve it day by day
Small class size is very helpful. Great community and the international aspect allows you to interact with new people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Very helpful in going through the college process with the college prep classes.
I graduated a few years back and highly recommend Cambrian, it helped me get into my 1st choice college and really prepared me for all the hard work of attending university.
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