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Most of the teachers treat some students better than others because of their last name or who their parents are; they only care about a select few of students. Most of the coaches are the same and favor those specific last names. Club and organization advisors treat students poorly if they are not only committed to their organization.
CAM is a small student based school with just over 100 kids so it is very easy to know and get along with all the students. Teachers know who you are so your always able to go and get help when needed. All four years have been fun for me and for future students there is nothing to worry about or have fear for its a easy to get along with get to know eachother school.
It's okay for how small our school is.
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There is a mix of sports, but I would of loved to see more clubs.
The staff at Northwest are really helpful and always put the students learning first. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
The teachers don't understand students problems/questions and don't explain stuff very well. Some teachers get upset when a student asks for help because they don't understand what the teacher has previously taught.
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