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Calvert Catholic Schools becomes an extension of family for the student in attendance. They have personable and innovative teaching techniques and phenomenal athletics.
I hated going to Calvert. I was never safe there. I was groped by students and teachers. Academics were not at all challenging. Once I left Calvert I skipped several grades. Calvert just thought I was stupid. I have some special needs. Calvert treats people who are special needs and different like they are lesser. I will acknowledge Calvert has changed for the better over the years but I can NEVER forget my experience.
This school is not what all the other reviews make it out to be. Yes it may be pricey, but you get to learn about God and be apart of the catholic church weekly. The people that say you don't experience this are taking advantage of it. Calvert is a good school and some of the reviews that call it "awful", "racist", etc. are being wayyyyyy dramatic. Of course Calvert has flaws, but every school does. Just because one person had a bad experience does not mean the school only tolerates people who are rich, white, or not special needs. So let's just all be catholics and spread positivity.
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I would like to see the payment of this school to go down. We already have to pay for so much and then also have to pay for Spanish dues.
Calvert so Catholic Schools was the worst school!! The teachers allowed bullying. I was picked on for being special needs and a different race. The academics were poor--because I was always bored. There were no clubs besides sports. I and other students have lost the Catholic faith due to the horrible examples! What a disgrace and a horrible excuse for a school!!
My Granddaughter went to school there and they did not know how to teach. They were mean to her because of her special needs and the best choice was her leaving there!
No air conditioning, teachers never seem to care about students. Horrible math program. Athletics are very good though. Small class sizes were a plus. Being in small classes enabled more interaction with teachers and students and it was easier to make friends. Tuition is a bit pricey for the education you get, which I dont think was well worth it. Superintendent didnt care about anything, as he is there just to get his two years in before retirement. Overall, the only good program that was run was probably the chemistry department, but the teacher left after I graduated so it couldve went downhill from there.
Calvert has taught me so much about myself and about being a Catholic. I would recommend Calvert to anyone who needs or likes a small school environment and classmates like family.
I went to Calvert for many years, but I did not like the way I was treated so I decided to go to a different school. The administration only cares about sports. Many of the students at this school are very disrespectful to their peers and teachers. Some of the teachers are very good, but most of them are not good at teaching.
The school is primarily concerned with male students and sports. Academics are definitely secondary. They also claim to have a "no bullying tolerance policy" which is basically nonexistent. Nothing is ever done if bullying is brought to the administration.
Our son started at Calvert after St. Wendelin HS closed. The welcome has been tremendous. Very organized, great communication and some wonderful opportunities. We are extremely impressed and glad our son is attending.
People are rude, rich, and racist. There is bullying that the staff does not address. If you have special needs there is no respect for you. These people believe if you are white, rich, and non special needs you then can be respected.
What a disgrace. If you are really catholics you better change. I do not like the way my cousin was bullied and abused here at this place. This place is the antithesis of people who are Christ's children.
The student I talked to left this school several years ago and is still damaged.
The teachers did nothing to help the student I talked to. The teachers may have been some what knowledgeable in their accedemics but absolutely lacked knowlege in helping special needs students. In some subjects this student recieved poor grades and had to redo her papers until they were A/B grade occasionally they let her flunk (inconsistencies). In the subjects she did well in she was bored. The teachers sided the other students when this student was bullied. The teachers tod this student to never discuss matters again (such as being bullied). In the end these teachers are terrible!
We offer all the basic sports and many clubs.
Calvert in the last few years have instituted a no bullying policy. I feel they try their best to enforce this policy. The school

is locked during school hours therefore, making the students and staff feel safe.
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It is a very small school which I consider a positive. Everyone knows everyone and for the most part

are there to support each other. There are of course the "politics" that all schools have, which at times

make it hard to accomplish personal goals. You have your good teachers and bad teachers, again like all schools. Not always very challenging. Therefore, I am not sure if I would choose this school again.
Most teachers are knowledgeable and genuinely care about how the students are doing.
I would choose this school again. I like that the school is small and that I have gotten to know everyone. I like the 1 on 1 help from the teachers. I like that I am getting a catholic education
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