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Calvary Christian Academy Hollywood Reviews

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My experience at Hollywood Christian was a pretty good experience. I have only been there for one year and truly I can say that it is like a second home to me. Everyone there is very helpful and care about you and want the best for you. The teachers are also very helpful and have as well. If you are looking to go to a school with a good environment then Hollywood Christian School is the school to go to.
Excellent curriculum and teacher involvement. Girls basketball is also a plus. My child’s academic success is attributed to the rigorous academics that have taken place over the last two years
My time at Hollywood Christian was very unique. The school isn't the biggest but you can still get lost when you first walk in the school. The uniforms where decent and the jackets in my opinion are outdated. When I I walked into my class on my first day of school I was stunned. My whole class had about thirteen students and it turns out to be all the kids in my grade. So throughout the year everyone was very familiar with eachother. At this school I played football, basketball, and track. Overall I had a good time at this school.
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I loved the simplicity of the school and how making friends was exceptionally easy. I would change the interaction between secondary and elementary during class changes just keep the small hallways from congestion.
My experience at Hollywood Christian School has Been: Wonderful! Excellent Instructors!
Caring Nurturing Learning Environment!
Challenging and Positive Guidance!
Hollywood Christian is a very different school. It is fairly small, I love that everyone gets to know each other on a personal level. And everyone spreads nothing but love.
The teachers were wondering, they were always helpful inside and outside of the classroom.
I can't really compare it to other school basically because I've only went to that school.
The building was in alright condition, you could tell it was getting old. They were upgrading technology as I was leaving. They had good guidance counselors, tutoring, and parent involvement. There wasn't enough kids for busing and they only did it for the Seminole Indians. College prep resources were ok.
There has been a change of many principals and staff. They normally keep a good staff though.
Its a small school so there isn't much, but it had very good basketball.
I wasn't bullied and didn't see much of it in the school. Many kids would shoot down any bullying. There has been times that I didn't feel safe but the school took care of it and it's not the school's fault but the area. There wasn't a school nurse there.
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