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Highly Recommended!!! CCA is great at what they do! Students receive an amazing education for a reasonable tuition price. There is so much to offer and be involved with on and off-campus. From the competitive athletics to the S.T.E.M. program. There is truly something for every student! We have been at CCA for 7 years and our only regret is we didn't move to South Florida sooner! Thankful for the amazing leadership and administration at CCA!
Incredible leadership, academics, sports, fine arts, robotics etc. etc.
The teachers and staff absolutely love the students with the love of Christ.
My daughter has been at CCA for 8 years and we love it! The CCA leadership and staff/teachers are one-of-a-kind. When planning and making decisions/choices for the school, the CCA leadership always has their students, families and staff in mind. They talk to us, they hear us and they take care of us. The staff/teachers truly love and care about you as a family and are always there to walk along side you - no matter the season. I remember our family went through a hard time and I received so much support - which I believe no other school could've done. As a family, we love CCA because they honor God in everything that they do. Additionally, I've seen hands-on how they pour and build their students up to give them the opportunity to grow spiritually, academically and socially. I would recommend CCA to any family looking to invest in a Christian education. Thank you CCA for making an impact not only in my daughters life, but also mine and throughout the community.
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My children have been attending Calvary Christian Academy for over 10 years now. I can not say enough about the amazing experience it has been. Jesus is at the center of everything they do. They have amazing academics, athletics, fine arts, STEM and their mission to make disciples drives it all.
As a new family to CCA and relocating from New Jersey to Florida during the early times of COVID we were troubled not knowing how CCA would handle the new protocols if and when they decided to reopen. I applaud the Leadership team and teaching staff for their hard work in making it all coem together. We are beyond grateful for the safety and care they invested to allow our 7yr old son to engage once again in an on campus schooling experience. We are encouraged daily knowing that we are partnering with CCA in nurturing our child’s mind and soul in becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ! Lastly, as a bi-racial family we have not only felt the love and support through the application process and beyond the comfort level we feel is heart warming to see the diversity not only on the CCA Campus within the student body but also with the CCA teaching staff. Thank you to Dr. Rachels and to the rest of the CCA family. A five star review for sure!
This is one of the best high schools all around. Loved the friendships I made there with students and teachers.
I've been at my school since Kindergarten, and it has been the best experience of my life. I love the teachers, fine-arts program, and honestly everything about it. I wouldn't change a thing!
This is an amazing school in which the faculty and people involved go above and beyond to make sure you enjoy your experience. One thing different about Calvary is the fact they are so loving and care for each and every student that attends. They will work hard and put the time in to know each and every student's name. We have chapel once a week on Friday and pray in every single class we have. The teachers care about the student's relationship with Jesus Christ and are saved so they can be assured all students that attended Calvary Christian Academy will have a spot in heaven one day. The people they are great and welcoming which is why it is easy to make new friends. This is what sets my school apart because we are one big, happy family. But, if it was one thing I would like to see change is people not taking this amazing school for granted. I would like to see people be grateful for the position God put them in to attend this school. Overall, amazing school I would recommend.
Calvary is a pretty good school but can definitely use more cultural diversity and more focus on the arts and performing arts departments. Needs a better way to connect with there students and not always pick from the same group of students for special events and ceremonies. The food was good but can get reparative due to the lack of consistent menu changes, but overall a good school and a good education system most of the time.
Calvary Christian Academy is a school I have attended for 10 years and as a senior looking back I have received an excellent education, as a Christian school I received amazing learning about the Bible and as a community I have gained some of my closest friends. There are improvements that this school needs and you can see the negatives for improvements but the pros at this school tremendously outweighs the cons.
I have a son in middle school. I was a bit worried about him managing all of the classes, homework and projects but the teachers are amazing. I have been so happy with the curriculum and how the teachers post assignments. They have Helps classes for the students in case they need some extra teaching time, or review. The teachers are genuine and they really care about the student, but the student has to do their part. If they don't, CCA will be really hard because there is a good strong academic push. Lots of sports to participate in, or fine arts. We have great robotics teams. A well rounded school, and on top of it we have the focus of our discipleship teams. I'm grateful for CCA.
My experience at CCA has been pretty great. The Christian & family-like atmosphere makes it much more enjoyable and great mentors. I would like to see some changes in the teachers and their attitudes. I would like to see more choices in classes and to be able to take more classes over the summer.
I think my school is one of the best private schools around. It offers such a warm and loving environment to learn and grow in. All the teachers are great, and the students are all so welcoming.
I have been attending Calvary Christian Academy since Pre-K 4, and I have seen the ways it has changed over the years. These changes that have been made have been implemented to benefit our learning experience, and to better connect the students with the teachers and vice versa. CCA has taught me many life skills that I will carry on with me for the rest of my life.
I've been going to CCA since freshman year and it's the most excellent high school! The atmosphere is amazing, and the teachers and staff put their all into their students and it's most evident through retreats, chapels and small groups. I love the school, the people and the staff at Calvary!
worst school very overpriced. Teachers suck. Food is trash 6 dollars for some dry leftover french toast. The staff is trash. sports suck. every year someone gets suspended because of bad management. They try to hide everything to not mess up there reputation.
If you really love God, you’ll love CCA. If you want great academics, you’ll love CCA. If you love sports, you’ll love CCA. If you want award winning theater and music programs, you’ll love CCA. If you think that “we need less Jesus in our lives” CCA is not for you.
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Calvary really helped me step out side of my boundaries and the things that I was comfortable doing. I came from Blanche Ely High School, so it was a giant jump from the public school environment to the private school environment. The thing I loved the most about Calvary is that they helped me grow not only on the intelligence side and get me ready for college, they also helped me grow closer to God and build my own personal relationship with him. I thank Calvary to this day I wouldn’t be where I am without going there.
Yes, I rated the school Excellent in most categories; here's why! Academically, the curriculum is very rigorous and challenges students, offering over 30 AP courses. They have a diverse group of students, including an International Program, bringing in students from other countries. I believe most of their teachers have Masters degrees, who also pour into students, developing trust and relationships. They just invested over $700,000 in Security Upgrades. They hold Championship titles in many sports, hold records in Music & Fine Arts, and hold records in their STEM Program. They also have a restaurant on the campus and cook all of their food on-site. And if you attend one of their dramas or musicals, you will honestly think you're watching an off-Broadway production. I have two children who attended CCA years ago, and I have two children enrolled now. They are a Christian school with a mission to make disciples, and believe that a relationship with Jesus changes everything.
I’ve been to 3 different high schools and Calvary feels the most like home , everyone is so helpful and kind
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