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I believe Calvary Christian Academy is an overall very well rounded school. Faculty and students are well mannered and respectful. The environment in which we learn in is very home like, and comfortable. The love centered school, gives a loving peaceful vibe, and its easy to find a teacher to lean on, as a student, when in a troubling situation. However, the only complaint would be the walls, which are not fully connected to the ceiling, and also the lack of extra curriculars and sports. However, with the adults willing to always help students, there are arrangements to overcome these weakness, starting with online classes, and advanced. Regarding the sports situation, there's always travel groups and Delaware teams outside of school to join. The school also has a lot of community service time dedication, and it's very easy to get connected to help others, and collect hours for better experience. In coming to a conclusion, I assuredly can say I would suggest coming to Calvary.
Excellent academically. Teaches biblical truth, character, and integrity. Their classroom size is perfect and all teachers are very well educated, many with masters and doctorate degrees. They care and love the students as their own. All students that graduate from Calvary are way beyond ready for college. Many have received full scholarships from many institutions.
Calvary Christian Academy is a God centered school. It provides a safe place for Christians to display their faith and have a foundational Christian education. The school has a great community.
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The teachers are very knowledgeable in their field. They actually care about you and are commited to your success. Their care is unparalled to any other school I know. The tutoring services are proficient and accessible. I was also able to complete six college credits/elec give a in my high school career. The school resources are limited. Public schools do have better equipment. The building is small compared to other high schools in the area. Calvary's clubs and activities are very few because of their limited resources. However, the culture of the school is very welcoming. Overall, I valued the connections I made there and enjoyed my experience, despite the varied shortcommings of the school. I felt confident of my academic ability from my education at Calvary Christian Academy.
The staff at CCA provides a welcoming and friendly family atmosphere. The student / teacher ratio makes for a positive and productive learning environment. One fact that I love is that all of the teachers no matter what grade they teach invest the time to get to know every student. As they move between grades the relationship and bond carries and grows from year to year. The administration always strives to provide students with the most advanced and up to date academic and christian based material. My son is more well rounded due to CCA than any public school could provide.
They are like a family at Calvary Christian Academy. they have great teachers! The school gets you prepared and ready for college courses and helps with anything you need. There is a community atmosphere and everyone is there to help out each other. I feel my education and overall personality and future would not have been the same if I had not gone to Calvary Christian Academy. They made a huge difference in my life.
Growing up, I never quite fit in anywhere else, but when I enrolled into CCA, I felt like I was in the right place. Although it is a very tiny school, it made it more like a family than a competition. Bullying wasn't much of a problem because I always felt safe around my teachers and peers. I am always able to approach the situation without a problem and solve the issue. I learned a lot in many aspects of life.
Calvary Christian Academy incorporates Godly principles into everyday classes. The staff genuinely care for both your academic growth and your spiritual growth. The school is not only a place to develop friendships, but also grow into one big family of believers.
I have had great experience at Calvary Christian Academy. My teachers are wonderful. They have a great choice of sports available to all students. There are also dual enrollment and advanced course opportunities.
The environment is good, but academics always seem to come second. However, the teachers really do care and will help you succeed.
Great school. The teachers are really invested in the students. Small class sizes allow for specialized and focused attention to the students. I will truly miss this school.
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