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For the most part, the classes are really informative and helpful. If the concept is not grasped in class, students are more than able to one-on-one help from the teacher. A few of the most favored classes include: biology, speech, and home economics.
On every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday students are required to bring their own lunch. They are allowed to heat it up in the available microwaves. On these days snacks are offered ranging from chips, sweets, and drinks.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students have the option to order from the restaurant the school is offering that day. These restaurants include: Wendy's, McDonald's, Chick-fil-a, Subway, and Little Caesars.
I love the staff and administration at Calvary Baptist Church School. They are all so caring and it is evident that they are there for the students.

Several of the rules are very legalistic. For instance, girls are required to where skirts which must be below the knee. We are also not allowed to listen to secular music on school premises. Another rule is that we are to turn our cell phones in. We are allowed to retrieve them at the end of the day. Bullying is not something that often occurs at this school, but when it does it is dealt with in a timely and highly urgent fashion.
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Calvary offers women's volleyball, men's soccer, and both men and women's basketball. The basketball team are pretty good! In 2008 we won the state championship in our division, it was very exciting! We only have a soccer field, but we use local facilities for practices and games.
Calvary Baptist offers a good number of sports including: volleyball, soccer, men's basketball, women's basketball. They also hoping to start a woman's soccer team. As far as clubs and organizations, Calvary offers a yearbook club, music/drama club, Eagles club, Art club, and a Young Patriots Club.
The school facilities are a bit small and we are out-growing them rapidly. They are in good condition, however, and there is hope of expanding. Every teacher at Calvary counts as a guidance counselor, they are readily available and love talking with and advising students. Every teacher is willing to arrange a day each week to help students, or often times the teachers are free in between class times for questions and help. There is no busing system at Calvary, however the school does take responsibility for traveling when it comes to athletics or field trips.
I love all the teachers at Calvary Baptist Church School. They all care so much for each individual student. During my high school career, I would stay after school and get help on assignments or tutoring. The teachers were so willing to help.
Calvary Baptist Church School was great in a lot of ways. While in that school, the administration and staff were consistently pouring into the students spiritually. Also, the care and love for the students was evident in every teachers classroom. I did not realize this until I came to college and was able to see my peers' education level, but Calvary Baptist also really prepared me for college in the areas of math and english.

However, Calvary Baptist did not really prepare for the responsibility of college. The work-load at my high school was often minimal and the teachers were very lenient with grading. Also, they were extremely merciful when it came to turning in late assignments.
The administration of this school provides a quality education in a structured environment. There are a lot of rules and guidelines, but if handled with a good attitude the students and parents will receive a good experience with this school.
I have not noticed any problems with bullying or have felt unsafe at this school.
There is not a cafeteria in this school, so the students usually bring their own food such as, sandwiches and heat up food. On Tuesdays and Thursdays the students can order food from local restaurants. There are also available snacks and drinks the students can purchase.
My classes and work load helped prepare me for my college classes. The structure I received from the school helped me while working jobs by teaching me to work hard and to work to my best ability.
I attended Calvary for two years, and received quality education in a safe environment. I enjoyed attending this school.
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