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Calvary gives you many opportunities to get involved with school activities, but activities are limited. The small student body allows teachers to give more attention to their students. Teachers have a lot of responsibilities and might be stretched thin in some cases. Overall, my experience at this school was good.
My experience at Calvary Baptist Academy has been beyond anything I could have imagined. Calvary Baptist Academy offers so much for each and every student and interest. Through a rigorous academic program, Calvary Baptist pushes students to become the best version of themselves and prepared not only for college life but also for the life that lay beyond. My favorite thing about Calvary is not what it has to offer, but who. Each and every faculty member is personally invested in a student's life. They want each student to succeed and thrive. Calvary Baptist Academy truly is "Committed to Excellency"
I absolutely loved attending Calvary Baptist Academy. I had the opportunity of playing on both soccer and basketball teams, performing in band and choir activities, participating in school plays and traveling groups, and being on the debate team. The student body is very tight-knit and they all care about what is happening in another student's life. The teachers go out of their way in order to help a student succeed while still making sure the student is ready for college.
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Calvary has a phenomenal, qualified staff who facilitate a caring environment for every student. They also maintain a high level of academics with an acute focus on character development. A wonderful Christian atmosphere is enjoyed throughout the organization. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Calvary.
The absolute best attribute of Calvary, as a whole, is the collectively godly, uplifting, and genuinely friendly character of the students and teachers. Everybody knows everybody at Calvary, and that particular family feel is the second best part about Calvary. The teachers really do invest time and love into the lives of the students, seek them out when they seem to be having a bad day, and hug whenever they need it! I have a special place in my heart for Calvary. If I were to change anything about it, I would love to see lots more extracurricular activities, clubs, and opportunities given throughout the elementary to high school.
Calvary quickly becomes a home to those who attend. The teachers really take time to get to know you, both academically and spiritually. I can genuinely say I am friends with many of my teachers. The music programs are out of this world. Honestly, there is not much negative to the school. The only things I would think of fixing are the uniforms and some of the ways the educational aspects are presented. Overall, I would recommend this school to anyone.
More activities are offered than one student could possibly participate in. Caring staff and excellent spirit among students. Spiritual emphasis is refreshingly Biblical and encouraging.
I attended Calvary Baptist Academy for all of my education. Overall, I loved my teachers, classmates, and classes. Everything is taught through a biblical worldview, which helped me grow more as a Christian.
Excellent preparation for college. Students are given the opportunity to take college dual enrollment courses while in high school.
My overall experience at Calvary was very good. I never felt out of place there and always knew that if I ever needed anything, the teachers and staff would be more than willing to help. At Calvary they try their best to make sure their students can succeed. For the most part I felt after graduating from there I was ready for college, especially because of my senior English class. During all my years at Calvary I grew a lot as a person and will forever remember and be thankful toward Calvary for everything they did for me.
Calvary Baptist Academy is not perfect, and honestly no school is, but my experiences there are ones I will never forget. With a very small population of just 125 students in the high school, opportunities that most students never get bubble over the brim. I am able to play sports without having much athletic ability, take two trips to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Canada in the fall every year, and preform in a fall and spring play in the Dramatic Arts class. As a surprise to all, the beginning of my junior year was a crazy one. Why? Because Calvary made the decision to issue Chromebooks to each student instead of using academic books. Occasionally we still use actual paper books, but for the most part we use the Google Chromebook, and also Google classroom, which allows us to turn in our assignments digitally. If that is not unique, that I have no idea what is! I love my school, and one of my favorite experiences would be an activity we have every November called Choir/Drama Tour. The Calvary buses drive from school to school and I am able to perform in the play we put on. It's a moving experience because not only does the Dramatic Arts class act out a script, but the choir sings beautiful songs that usually connect with the moral of the story line. Many other experiences come to mind, but that one is definitely my favorite. There is always a myriad of things a student can do at Calvary, and it is hard not to take it all for granted. One other thing about Calvary that has always amazed me is the teachers there. They do not just hand out homework and grade it when it's finished, they take time in between to help if a student is struggling, or ask how the student is doing if something seems off. I've been to multiple parties where the teachers have been invited too just because the student body enjoys their company. In retrospect, only does Calvary Baptist Academy have a great academic reputation, but it cares about it's students. Calvary cares about me.
Calvary is very strict and as a high school student it is sometime over bearing, but is in some ways good for us.
We are given the opportunity to do anything we want and it is only up to us.
We never had a full running cafeteria, but we did have food options that were ok.
Calvary Baptist Academy was the absolute best place for me to be. My classmates were my family and my teachers were my friends. They have helped me out so much while I was in school and even now in helping me further my career goals.
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