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More passionate teachers who spend the time teaching what we need to know. I feel as though I learn better if the teacher is truly passionate about what they are talking about.
Very great school to send students for elementary or even junior high. However, in high school, it becomes a challenge. The very small attendance in the school makes for a hard diversity in the means of classes or difficulty of classes. In a way, it can limit the student. It doesn't fully prepare one for college or college prepping like the ACT or classes.
My children have been here since grade school. The teachers are excellent. They really care about the students. I also think the academic classes exceed those of local public and other private schools. Calvary size makes it feel like family.
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it's a very nice school, you can connect with the people there well. The teachers are always wanting the best for you and wanting you to excel in your grades, but also in christ and having him at the center of you life and encouraging you to have a daily walk with christ and to follow in unconditionally. The people and the teachers are very friendly and welcoming.
Calvary offered top notch education. I'm glad I attended this school rather than a public school. Time and time again, alumni report the ease of college because of the hard working teachers and the resources offered.
Calvary Academy is a good school to stay focused in. It has the basic necessities and the staff for the core subjects, such as math and science and English, are superb. That being said, there are little to none extracurricular activities, which is a detriment, I have found, when it comes to filling out college applications. There are not many platforms for students who do not play sports to shine, so they end up falling into the routine of simply coming to class and going home. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, the small amount of students pull together to have unofficial events. The closeness of the student body and the family-oriented atmosphere often proves to be a detriment, making it easier for new kids to feel on the outside after the initial welcoming spirit has worn off. This dynamic has been shifting over the past few years and hopefully it continues to. All in all, your experience beyond the classroom is what you make it.
Calvary Academy really allows students to be their own person instead of being just another face in the crowd. All of the teachers, including the elementary teachers know who you are. Calvary Academy lacks student involvement. There are not any clubs for students to join based on their interests.
My school is definitely an experience. I have gone there pretty much my entire life. That can be a good and bad thing. Its good because you make life long friendships right from the start. The people you go to school with become like your family. The negative side can be that when you leave its much harder to say goodbye, and you don't have much experience in making new friends, but over all academically its a fine school.
Teachers are very caring and willing to help struggling students.
There are a lot of volunteer activities, plays and musicals. There are a few organizations.
There is a lot of school spirit.
Everyone is caring and understanding
I'm very glad I went to this high school.
Student involvement is encouraged. There is alot of racial diversity.
Some meals are better than others. There are healthy food options and snacks available.
The school adequately prepares you.
There are very few issues. If there is it is immediately addressed.
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Very good Christian School. Teachers are very will to give extra help and have regularly scheduled help sessions each week.
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