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Calumet New Tech High School Reviews

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I really love Calumet New Tech High school because they show u that they care about your education.Also they push you to do great in life and school.
I actually love my school it was nothing like a expected,The reason I love my school is because we have a big help system and they understand when we have bad days and the cope with us. And they just treat us like family.
The school tries there best but there’s not enough teachers to teach us everything. The teachers who are here really do impact your life.
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I like that Calumet is a small school so many people know each other. Bring in a sport gives people the opportunity to make a brotherhood or sisterhood. Gym glass is especially fun because we are always active.
It’s overall a decent school , it would be better education wise if we went back to paper . New tech is a smart way to teach us but we as the students don’t learn as much if it was on paper.
Calumet was my school all four years of high school. The education has always been very average and not all teachers take their job serious. Majority of the time I felt like nothing was really done for the students except for them simply being pushed through high school. Only the athletes or top of their class students really experienced anything dramatic such as scholarships, etc. However, some of the teachers were great and actually helped pushed kids and helped when they were asked even though it felt like everything the school was offering was stacked against us. Discipline was never a huge thing throughout my school, majority of the students were average teens and came to do what was necessary and get out but there was still a couple fights throughout the time I was here. I believe the school has a lot more potential then what we've been provided, somebody just needs to know what to do with it and how to do it.
I loved this school over all but there should be slight changes in my opinion . Students shouldn’t be able to have as much free time in our non core class
It was pretty good just would like to be able to be more organized and the teachers more controlling of the school
It's a family. Various teachers have helped me even after I graduated. However, there is too much group work.
My experience so far at Calumet new tech high school has been pretty great. There is always someone there to help you with what you need.
Calumet is not as bad as everyone makes it seem, it’s diverse and making a turn around as far as technology. Only thing the school is lacking in my opinion is that the teachers need to teach more often and help each student to actually understand the content taught.
I like how diverse the school is. I like when we do all of the cultural days to get to know out peers and our teachers. I also like how supportive the students are for each sport. Rather we are losing or winning everyone is still cheering and being supportive. I also like how we are one big family and we all get along with each other.
I have been going to Calumet New Tech for two years. So far, the school has improved through personal connection with the students for better education. The staff are more open towards the students' opinion on cultural differences and school improvement.
My experience at Calumet New Tech Highschool has allowed me to outgrow my shy side, and be who I am because that’s what Calumets students and staff allow to happen. Although academically it could be improved a lot, I wouldn’t change my experience at Calumet New Tech because we are all family and I am very proud to call my self a Warrior!
What I have so far liked about Calumet is that we have teachers there that will help us with whatever we need. With us having these teachers we always have someone behind our back to count on.
I love this school no matter it's issues but be warned not everyone is as great, sure almost everyone is open-minded and okay with you for you but it's a high school horrible things are bound to happen. No matter the past issues I've had with it, in the end it's quite fun if you make it fun. Love it or hate it.
It's really a below average school in terms of academics you won't feel ready for college and if your experience is like mine then you'll be lucky to barely know anything you needed to learn in Highschool. Sports are the real priority here, it's the only well managed and funded part of the school, there are a lot interesting clubs that could really support and help in a student's academic progress. However, the majority of the student body is content to be ignorant and does not want to learn. Lot of the teachers just can't handle 20+ students acting out all the same time and the few who want to learn suffer for it. If you do manage to sumble on the academic clubs hold fast to it and don't let go I almost guarantee you that no one else will show up but you.
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Absolutely could not stand the fact that new tech became our way of learning. I feel like we were not taught very many things, and being in a new tech school put us (students) behind classes our year/age across our area. My favorite thing was how diverse and such a big family the student body was. Most schools you see big cliques and outcasts, but at Calumet MOST of the students interacted with different "types" of groups aside from their main one, ex: popular/wild students with band members, jocks with quiet students.
I enjoy how much diversity there is at calumet. You have a chance to meet everyone from different cultures there. There are also a lot of opportunities to get involved in school activities.
Me experience at Calumet has mostly been positive. Of course every school has their problems but I wish calumet would be more involved with the students and care about what we have to say. I feel like the teacher and faculty are not as involved with the students population as they shpuld be m other than this , there is no problem and it's a pretty great school.
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