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Cava has teachers that willingly help students that need more help within the subject and let their students interact with each other before and after class, if they have time. Students learn at their own pace and have time to learn more about themselves and find new talents along with spending quality time with family.
I had to take my son out of catholic school last fall. He took the state test with them at that time and tested average. I enrolled him in CAVA K12 in Sept. He just finished CAVA in June. He took the state STARR tests and he tested above average in ALL areas and is happy!
It is a really good school the teachers are really nice and they really try hard for you to succeed.
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I loved the fact that I got to learn how to do independent learning. Although it was challenging at first, all the teacher were extremely supportive about everything and helped me through the learning process. A change I would like to see would be the "class connect" sessions, a time where we "enter" a classroom to learn from our teachers. It would be nice to be able to see all of our classmate's faces so that the session feels more interactive. I believe this will help us to pay better attention. Even so, with everything taken into consideration, k12 is just an overall amazing "homeschooling" program. The lessons provided by are relatively up-to-date in comparison to "normal" public schools. Plus they give you free equipment such as computers and microscopes. All in all, I highly recommend k12. A friendly reminder though, the first 1~2 years may or may not be hell. It all depends on the person. But it's fine after that.
California Virtual Academy is a great option for homeschooling. I have been in both brick and mortar schools and homeschooling programs and CAVA gives the best flexibility by far. As a student, you are given the flexibility to get ahead or catch up if you are behind your classes. You are still given the option to take Advanced Classes such as Honors and APs, and they do monthly fieldtrips to meet with fellow students. CAVA gives me the flexibility to attend community college as a high school student without receiving as much stress compared to going to a brick and mortar school. All my teachers are extremely kind and communicate well; they offer office hours for students to ask for help or communicate any concerns. CAVA’s staff continually strives to help you to get into your ideal college and updates you with your highschool path. Overall, with my experience with two other homeschooling programs, I would highly suggest CAVA to anyone who is looking towards the homeschooling path.
I have been with CAVA for over 6 years now. My experience has been exceptional so far. As with any school, they have their strengths and weaknesses. Courses are okay - they could do a much better job at elaborating content and offering more student participation/activities, especially for science. However, teachers are always there to help and answer questions, and they are often very caring. I don't like having to attend live sessions, though, as they are basically the same as the online lessons. I'm not sure how effective college prep is, as I'm only a sophomore, but I feel it's not thorough or individualized enough - info shared is skimmed over. My biggest con is that students aren't offered many extracurricular activities besides online clubs, which can be a problem for those seeking to go to college. In the end, what I like most is that they offer useful resources such as industry certifications, an exclusive dual enrollment program, and paid school trips.
I liked that you could work at your own pace, be that a little slower or a little faster. And you could work your school around other plans.
Great school for children to excel, learn and grow. Would highly recommend this academic program. The teachers are wonderful.
I liked CAVA's willingness to help their students and to get them to their goal. However, some of the teachers were unwilling to help the students and were overall unreliable and unhelpful.
I love CAVA! It is such an easy and basic way for me to attend class right at home. The menu bar is super easy to click on my classes to attend lessons and Class Connect Sessions. All the teachers are amazing and they personally help you learn if you are stuck or left behind. I love it very much and I am very glad I get to go to this school.
This is my first year at CAVA, I am a Senior and so far I love it. It's very different, but I like how I am able to work at my own pace (most of the time) and I don't have classes all day everyday. If you are an independent student your schedule is very diverse as well and I love that as well.
This school is a great option for students who want to try online schooling. It gives student's a more flexible schedule than brick and mortar schools. This flexibility gives students time to focus on volunteering, jobs, or other extra curricular activities. Classes are rigorous and there are many options for AP classes. There are many planned outings for CAVA students to meet up and socialize too.
Because of CAVA, I was able to take a look at myself and slow down for a couple of years while still taking challenging classes. This helped me for the more self-driven aspects of college and by the time I started at a university, I wasn't bored of classes. I was actually excited to get started.
It was great having the opportunity to go to school here. The online environment was easy to learn in and the teachers were always there to help.
I have been with California Virtual Academy since middle school and it has been an amazing experience. The curriculum and variety of course choices are great and the teachers are very involved and are willing to help when you need it. They provide several clubs that you can join that are pretain to your hobbies and interests, in these clubs you can communicate with other students about your hobby. They also have field trips and outings every month where you can meet other students, learn, and have fun. These outings can include museum trips, college tours, science fairs, and more. This school allows the parents to be very involved in their child’s education, the parents get a account where they can view their child’s grades and progress. Overall, California virtual academy is an amazing school, the teachers and academic opportunity is amazing and there is a variety of clubs and activities.
The school is good because it allows for more flexible schedules, but it isn't the greatest because its sometimes hard to contact the school.
I really like working online with teachers, I would want more outdoor field trips and more virtual clubs to socialize with students.
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I enjoy my schools ability to include all students in daily activities. Since it is an online school it can be easy to get off track but the teachers at my school give us the best motivation and are always keeping us up to date. Also my school allows students to work at their own pace, so if you feel like working ahead you can. I appreciated this because I always felt held back in a traditional school setting. Teachers at CAVA are also very organized and punctual. They grade assignments in an orderly fashion so you know exactly where your academic progress is at. CAVA is a community of people wanting to see others succeed and it is a great place for every kind of student. There so many options and I would recommend this if you want to have a flexiable learning schedule
I loved the freedom to be able to work when I need it and to receive individual attention in coursework I struggled with.
I have been at CAVA for 2 years and it's great. The teachers help you with everything and although it may be hard at first, you get the hang of it. I love this school because its very flexible with your schedule. I have been to two other schools due to moving across the country and this school is my favorite.
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