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The teachers in this school are friendly and will try to help students as long as they try to ask questions. This school is mostly Asian and is very small, so everyone knows each other. There is also a mental health counselor with helpful academic advisors
harsh academics, not much social life. they have small exclusive events and are not that great at sports, but at least this allows people with not much skill to participate. It is almost all asians and christians.
The school caters a healthy learning environment and provides a rigorous curriculum to prepare students for college. Surprisingly, the things you’ll hear the most throughout your high school career here is “no speaking Chinese” or “dress code.” I understand the purpose of them enforcing such rules, but it is honestly overdone. CCA has great teachers who care for their students on and off campus. They will reach out to you on a weekend to check up on you or will help you whenever you need. I think that’s what’s CCA has that other schools don’t. They work on helping us to become good people who practice the ESLR’s (Expected Schoolwide Learning Results). A teacher who pre-writes referrals for students speaking Chinese during lunch would only engender fear and bitterness.
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The school California Crosspoint Academy ,is a very good school with good facilities ,teaching ,and studying skills .They also Impact not only knowledge on students but also good morals.
Overall, I am very grateful and privileged that I can attend this school. The environment here is welcoming and easy to adjust. In terms of academics, California Crosspoint Academy teaches many high-leveled courses and always pushes students to challenge themselves. Although I regard this school as high in standards, there are a few things I am not happy about. There are some teachers here that aren't well prepared to teach. They don't teach all the necessities in the curriculum, and as a result, I tend to teach myself. Some of the teachers don't comprehend and understand where their students are at academicly.
Although the education here is good, the diversity is lacking due to half the school being composed of international students from one county. While this creates a diverse environment in terms of culture, it makes the school feel more strict and almost like a boarding school because of it. The facilities are lacking, as we have to use another school's gym and field, but the classes are usually good.
I’ve been going to California Crosspoint Academy all of my academic life. From Kindergarten to my Senior year of high school, I have seen myself, as well as the school, grow academically and spiritually. California Crosspoint Academy has-and will always be-my second home as I have been able to be a part of a great, loving community of students, teachers, and friends. California Crosspoint Academy is constantly growing in student population, in building complexes, and in doing the works of Jesus Christ. If your looking for great education, exceptional academics, and long-lasting friendships, California Crosspoint Academy is the place to go.
I liked that CCA was a place that prepared me for college but I did not like the lack of facilities, commitment to the ARTS such as theater or creative arts besides physical art and the extreme lack of diversity.
Definitely a good place to go for high school. The teachers are all so caring and willing to help you with your work!
The staff here really care for the students. Through holding teacher office hours nearly every day, they demonstrate us sacrificial love. Through their willingness to talk with us when we have questions or simply when we feel stressed, they inspire servant leadership in us. Through their industrious efforts to create a friendly, growth-oriented learning environment, we build up one another, not looking to our own interests, but each of us to the interests of others. Fully equipped with a broad base of scholarly knowledge and strong morality, I, as a student graduating soon, will be able to serve in any venue of life -- wherever God calls me to.
I love my school and just the whole environment. Being there you can tell that the staff really want to see you succeed. They're always willing to set aside time for any struggling students and are required to reply to any emails within 24 hours. Crosspoint not only is a great high school experience, but it's also a great way to get ready for college. Students are given opportunities to learn about colleges on the east coast and to tour junior colleges. Being at Crosspoint Academy has given me a greater insight on what I want to do in life and what to look for in the college I want to go to. Also, they have seminars for parents who need help financially for their child or to help parents plan out their child's path in life.
Those who enjoy sports and want to play for fun rather than competitively can receive an easy opportunity at this school. However, the academics are more advanced compared to other schools and teachers expect their students to learn at a very fast pace. This results in students who are more competitive than encouraging. Despite the difficulty of the academics, students have the opportunity to go on class trips to other states and countries that unify classes and provide a break from the stresses of school.
The school is small and allows you to bond with all your classmates, even the ones from different grades. It gives you the chance to have a personal connection with all your teachers. Everyone there truly cares about not only your personal growth, but spiritual growth as well.
I've had a great experience at California Crosspoint Academy so far because all of the teachers and staff at this school are very friendly and nice. Because this is a small private school, it is easy to schedule office hours with teachers. We also have 3 counselors at this school, which makes it easier for us to ask questions about classes we want to take and the college application process. Moving to the new campus also gives us a lot more space for classrooms.
Provides the Christian small-school experience. If you enjoy that kind of thing, whatever floats your boat - but personally, I found it stifling.