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Absolutely no diversity. In fact, the school isn’t allowed federal tax exempt status. Most of the teachers do not even have teaching degrees.
My child has been attending Calhoun Academy over the last several years and I felt like this board needed a perspective that didn't seem heated and something that is unbiased. think they have iPads, so they are moving in the right direction. I really came in with an open mind. Well unfortunately that is very true. Some people have advantages if they are from a certain family or if they are related to a board member. I just try to incorporate these instances as a teaching moment at home. One more thing that I would like to touch on is the nepotism at the school. Half of the office staff is married to a board member and a lot of the teachers are related to different board members. Let's be honest, they only got the job because of a board connection. This honestly doesn't make a bit of difference to me, but it does not make the school look good on the outside looking in.
Calhoun Academy is a great school to attend. The amount of students that attend this school is low but that is another great thing about Calhoun Academy. You make friends with all your classmates. You get chances to play sports with them and make memories with every single one. The teachers at Calhoun Academy are outstanding. They really take time to teach you and make sure you understand what you are learning. You have many chances to be apart of clubs as well. My favorite part about this school is that we can have FCA. We talk and show others about what it means to be a Christian.
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I have gone to Calhoun Academy my entire life and while it is great, many things could be improved. Diversity is lacking, but the few diversities present are accepted. The standard of education has begun improving especially in the math department. The grades below mine are learning skills earlier than my grade did to improve them better for college. Overall this school has a family environment full of love and support to help students acheive their goals.
I would like to see a change of the teaching style at the school. I would also love an enrichment of activities at this school. I enjoyed the school being close knit and growing up with my peers.
Calhoun Academy is a great school. I have loved the teachers and all the families involved in the school.
Calhoun Academy is a welcoming family environment that allows students to excel in life after leaving. My child has been at CA from grades K3-12 and just graduated this past year, 2016; She has gone on to be very successful at the University of South Carolina, making National Honor Society her first semester and being named to the President's List her second semester. We are very proud of her accomplishments and recognize that the foundations for her success came from her education at Calhoun Academy.
I have gone to this school since K-4. I've grown up with all of my peers within this one school. Everyone knows everyone and we call our teachers by their first names. Very personal. I have enjoyed my years at Calhoun.
Calhoun Academy is a wonderful school. I would like to see a little more diversity and change. The school is very black and white and had been the same since forever. This school needs to be updated on its classes, resources, beliefs, and teachers.
Doors are locked during the day. We have a very qualified nurse.
The FCA is very strong.
They are very helpful and kind.
I like that it is small. However very cliche. If you are not in the club you feel like an outsider.
There is a lot of bullying that goes on. Teachers talk a good game about not allowing it but it continues to happen
I like the fact it is a small school. I don't like the fact they charge so much. Everytime you turn around they are asking for money. Not all of us that send our children to this school are doctors, lawyers, or CEOs.
The nurse is also a classroom teacher. When she is being a nurse the kids do not get taught. The doors of the school are locked at times but seldom. Children walk across the parking lot after school.
If you are not involved in sports, you have very little to be involved I . The school says they offer many different clubs but this is once or twice a month for a short time. The kids must bring their own supplies to participate. FCA is the only club that really meets so most kids join this club to have something extracurricular to do.
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If I knew what I know now, I would never choose this school. it is very old school - you scratch my back and I will scratch your back. Finances are secret. You are not allowed to attend board meetings or receive a financial report. My children have never felt like part of the school because we are just average. If your parents are doctors, lawyers, or Indian Chiefs you are on a pedestal. The teachers speak to you and call you by name otherwise they just pass you by.
The school nurse is also a classroom teacher. When she is out of her room, her students are not being talk. She is really great at trying to do both jobs. There is some bullying but kids do not talk about it because it gets them nowhere. The principal just brushes it off. Most bullied kids try to find a new school. They lock most outside doors at times. This is done rarely and some doors are never locked. They say it is for insurance measures but do not do it at all times. The outside library door is never locked. Some classroom doors don't lock. Children walk across the parking lot after school between cars.
If you don't play sports, there are very few clubs. FCA is fairly well attended. There are a few other clubs (ex. Chess, home Ed., etc) but they only meet once in a while for a short period of time. This is so they can say we have these clubs. Saying and doing are very different things.
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