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The counselors and teachers don't do much to help the students, they just do the bare minimum of what their job requires them to do.
I am going into my senior year at Caledonia High School and have spent my whole high school career there. I believe my school has some really amazing teachers and some not so amazing teachers; however, the good definitely outweighs the bad. I have learned so much these past four years at that school in both my education and just life. In the end, I believe Caledonia High School is one of the best schools in the county.
One of the best things about Caledonia High School is the multiple opportunities for students to be engaged with their fellow classmates. From sports events to many different clubs, Caledonia gives its students a chance to be a part of something, improving their social skills and preparing them for the real world. While the school offers many different extracurricular activities and honor clubs, they do not offer much support to the performing arts. Even though the school offers choir, band, and art classes, they do not encourage the students to participate in these classes and rather look down on them.
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CHS is your typical small town southern high school. It has a great teaching staff, and everyone is very involved. The only problem is some of the rules pertaining to self expression through hair and clothing.
I think the entire school needs a whole re-work, everything needs to be looked at and revamped in some way.
Overall, I like Caledonia High School. There are a lot of sports and clubs to be involved in. We also have pretty good teachers overall. On the other hand, our food is not the best. We are diverse and have decent academics as a whole.
Although somewhat strict, the school is well disciplined and the students behave. There are a few rules that are pointless, but overall it is reasonable.
My experience at Caledonia High School was about average throughout my four years. One thing I would like to see change would be school spirit, clubs, and activities. These factors at Caledonia High School are pitiful and makes students lack interest in school. The days are full of work only, where the students are rewarded nothing.
Caledonia is a great school! The people here are very helpful and I feel that I am prepared for college. Some classes are challenging, but being pushed to do the best we can do is what makes it great.
The use of technology at Caledonia High School is what sets it apart from any school I have been to. Every student is given a MacBook, and everyone has equal opportunity to take dual enrollment or advanced placement classes. Caledonia High School is a prime example of peak innovation, despite the slow-paced, small town community of Caledonia.
I feel like high school has molded me into the person I would like to become. Learning that friendships come and go and who your real friends are. What I would like to see change? Administration not putting so much pressure on standardized test as they do. Instead helping students with furthering their schooling or life skills.
I have attended Caledonia since Kindergarten. I play two sports and take part in many clubs. The teachers and staff have always pushed me to be my best. I have always felt safe when I am at Caledonia. My education has always been a top priority at Caledonia, and the teachers here have dedicated their time to make sure I have the best opportunity for an education. Sports programs, however, have not been a top priority at Caledonia. The sports are well underfunded and under appreciated. Many sports at Caledonia win district and make it well into playoffs, but the faculty does not pursue sports.
At Caledonia High School, we are all college readiness. Caledonia is a great school and we learn something new everyday. I love Caledonia! The administration there is so wonderful and all teachers are very good with every student. The facility itself is very clean with the wonderful janitors we have. The cafeteria food is very well done and tastes wonderful! I am very involved with the groups at Caledonia and the directors are very involved with every student in the clubs. They focus on each individual as needed. The student body is so awesome! Whenever there is dress up days or anything to do as a group, everyone does it and it is very fun. The atmosphere at Caledonia is very wonderful and I love my school as a whole.
While the teachers are kind, the school itself seems to place a huge emphasis on sports rather than education itself. If you sign up for a club, you rarely do anything for them unless you have a coach/sponsor that is very passionate about the club/activity.
Very good academically, but not good for the students who are in a minority group. A school that takes racism as a joke, and laughs at the serious requests to get it fixed. The school's team is called the Confederates.
I think Caledonia High School is a great school. I think I have been prepared well for college and to enter the real world.
Caledonia High School is an amazing school! There are so many opportunities and a great teaching and counseling staff. It is a small town school with a growing population. This past year (2017-2018 school year,) we received the honor of a “Blue Ribbon School!” I would attend Caledonia High School again if i could.
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Caledonia High is GREAT! It is an "A" school because of the fantastic behavior o the students, high test score, and quality faculty/staff. It also has tons on clubs, sports, and other activities for students to get involved in. There is a lot of classes that students can take (General; AP; College-level) and a Vo-Tech center for those students who wish to take vocational courses.
The school is above average in every way. I am happy with the education that I have received, and with the MacBook as a major resource in the classroom, there is a lot more to do in school than worksheets and busy work. I would like to see more support for the marching band and special clubs implemented for after school
Caledonia High School is a friendly environment for a child to further their knowledge. Although it is a small school that lacks a few aspects a bigger school has, the education and staff is very generous to the students who attend.
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