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Caldwell High School is a terrific place for a student's education. Everyone in this school district is polite, supportive, and creative.
Currently CHS I’m under construction adding amazing new facilities, classrooms and a turfed football field. Would’ve been amazing to be a student to be able to enjoy the new things, but I still loved my time there. So many teachers were welcoming, helpful and encouraging. That what my favorite thing was. Being able to know my teachers had me back and loved what they teach so it made class more fun.
Caldwell high school was nothing to write home about. Granted, I made memories there with friends that I wouldn’t trade for anything, but the school, along with some of the staff/administration, need an update. I enjoyed most of my teachers while I attended Caldwell High School. I would recommend more small freedoms for the students, such as allowing students to use their phones during lunch without getting in trouble. I would also include more of the off campus lunches as rewards for future events.
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I would like to see a more open and modern dress code. Caldwell High is very behind the times and also needs some more maintenance on their buildings. Certain procedures for mental health reporting are impersonal, treated as a punishment not help, and humiliating.
It is a good school with the basic classes but lacks in variety of elective classes. Never had a problem with staff/teachers before, but have heard complaints from students(wouldn't take it too seriously). The school's main goal is to have your child graduate with a head start on figuring out what is best for them after graduation.
My experience with Caldwell High was magical . My teachers were very supportive and very informative with college things. I would change some policy’s like the dress code policy . I would love it if we could’ve worn Nike athletic shorts .
I have lived in Caldwell my whole life, I was in and out of the public school but overall I had a pretty average small town school experience. This school is Athletic based. We take pride in out athletics and almost everyone here plays a sport. My experience was average, nothing too big happened, I got my work done, played my sport, and continued to learn. I would love to see the community be more involved, as well as the kids being more involved in the community.
Caldwell high school has given me the opportunity to take college courses which gives me college credit and has provided me with a variety of AP courses. One thing I would like to see changed in this high school would be the opportunities for more medicine classes, and to be able to take both Pharmacy Tech and/or CNA/EMT in the same year instead of separately. I would also like to see more involvement with the community, even tho the involvement is well-balanced now, it wouldn’t hurt to get more students to help out with the community as well.
very little academic opportunities, federal lawsuits about rape, and indecent relationships for multiple teachers, very little resources, very little extra-curricular opportunities, ridiculous codes and rules. school is literally falling apart
Caldwell High School is a good school to go to. It has good sports along with great people to get along with. The downsides about it is the food and classroom materials to work with.
I like how it's such a small school but I would like to see more renovation throughout the school because of how old it is.
I thouroulghy enjoy school at Caldwell High. Over all, the atmosphere put on by the administration is hands down amazing. It's very evident that my teachers care for my well being in and outside of school. Not to mention, most of the students are very respectful and are well behaved. I couldn't ask for a better public school environment to grow up in!
Caldwell High School is a mostly average high school. Its a very local school, meaning for those that move here, you won't really fit in unless your popular as soon as you attend. Most students have known each other since they were born in the small town. That didn't stop me from making friends, i just happened to learn of this overtime.
Some things that I liked at Caldwell High School is that the teachers are always willing to help the students succeed and they are usually patient with the students. One thing that I wish would change is the organization within the schools clubs and extracurricular activities.
I loved the athletic programs they offered, but the academic side was very poor. There was more focus on dress code, ID and parking than if the students had a education.
Caldwell High School is a wonderful school-for certain people. Being centered in a small town, it is by no means diverse or well funded. For students interested in careers in the health science, medical, or agricultural fields, it has excellent certification and qualification programs. However, there are holes in the school's infrastructure caused by lack of funding and the general atmosphere of a small town. Sports tend to be prioritized over fine arts. No dual credit classes are offered in science, although they are offered in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Foreign Language fields. Minimal electives are offered, including in the area of foreign language credits (Spanish is the only class offered). While CHS is strong in personal relations and certain fields of study, it can be difficult for minority ethnicities and beliefs, and it lacks the overall well-roundedness of many schools which are better funded and less rural.
Caldwell ISD isn't a wealthy district, but most of the teachers make a great effort to reach out to their kids even though most don't care to be engaged in class. I'd like to see wiser use of money however in the district and local government funding. Instead of spending lots of money on text books we never use, teacher's should be paid more to give them further incentive to engage their students in (and outside of) the academic environment.
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They are understandable and easy to talk to. Some show that they actually care about us graduating and getting into college ! You get lots of one on one time when you need help with something and they are always there when you need them !
Everyone is basically the same, and they do the same thing.
Not terrible but not the best
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