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Caldwell Academy is a wonderful school, and I can honestly say that it has shaped me as a person. Although the work can be rigorous, I feel prepared for college and for the work there is in the "real world." I've made many lasting friendships as well as relationships with teachers.
leaving caldwell has been one of my best decisions. it’s really hard for me to see the school dealing with difficult situations in such terrible ways. they push themselves into the lives of their students and concern themselves with things that are quite frankly none of their concern. i understand that they must monitor what the students do at school, but they cant control what the students might do outside of school.
I transferred to this school in the 6th grade and was immediately engulfed by the kids and the staff. Caldwell may be smaller than other schools but it gives them a little more freedom to change up the day to surprise and reward students for different things. The principle is very present in the halls, classes and even in our off campus class get togethers. I have never had a problem that I didn't feel like the teachers wholeheartedly listened to me. I have built so many strong friendships not just with my fellow students but with many of the teachers. We do so many things as a whole school that I love. For instance when you are a senior you get paired with a kid that is just starting at Caldwell in Kindergarten. You both meet all through out the year reading together and doing other activities. Then they send you off with a little letter as you graduate and go off to collage and you write them one as they begin the next 12 years of their school .
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Caldwell Academy is a classical, christian, community school whose mission is ‘Soli Deo Gloria’, meaning, ‘Glory to God alone’. My experience has furthered me to analyze literature, improve my academic skills, and most of all, taught me a Christian worldview in which I can use throughout my life. In transitioning from a public school to a private school, I quickly realized there was a difference in Caldwell Academy that fit my education. The teachers stand out the most. The teachers are caring and truly want to see their students succeed. They are giving of their time after school for office hours and tutoring, to even editing college essays, the faculty and staff are there to aid and support the students. Caldwell Academy's foundation is more humanities based, meaning history, literature and Bible. One aspect I would change is the math and science departments.
I am 5 years post-graduation from Caldwell and always speak so highly of this place. I started there in 6th grade and truly found my best friends for life. The teachers were incredible and truly cared about the students. It is a challenging school but I can say without a doubt that I was very well prepared for college. I love all the traditions (Thanksgiving in the Meadow, senior prank, pep rallies, Veterans Day, etc.) and have made so many memories here. Since graduating, Caldwell has completed a beautiful addition in the form of a new lunchroom/classrooms/and an art room. I hope my own children can attend Caldwell in the future.
Caldwell Academy is a great school that prepares it’s students for college. Teachers are always there to help and they care very much for each student.
The school is a great fit if your student is perfect-able to sit in rows for 7 hours a day, makes straight A's, never runs in the hallways, never forgets a pencil or leaves a paper in a locker. Otherwise, your child will be treated like a second class citizen.
Caldwell Academy has strong academics but one of the downfalls is the lack of AP classes and credits available to earn. There is a strong community and the teachers do care about your education and help you grow.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my classical training at Caldwell. It has impacted me in innumerable ways and made me into a lifelong learner.
Caldwell was a very academically challenging school with supportive faculty and staff in a christian environment. Like every school, it was not perfect, but it was still a great school at a good price, compared to neighboring schools.
Caldwell Academy's supportive and uplifting environment encourages not only the students' desire to learn, but it also encourages students' to step out of their comfort zones through Caldwell's fine arts and sports programs. Thankfully Caldwell's teachers are very excited and knowledgeable in their fields of study. The teachers are also ready and able to help students in need by setting time outside of class to meet with the student. Caldwell Academy, even through their times of expansion and growth have upheld the ideals and values held near and dear by the original founders. I truly believe that the values and academics Caldwell teaches its students will lead them to be the leaders of the future.
I really enjoyed the overall experience at Caldwell. It provided with a very high quality education while also being able to play sports at a very high level. The teachers genuinely care about your well being and strive to know you on a personal level. Caldwell offers the highest level classes in order to prepare you for college and I feel like they have done this well.
Teachers are extremely personable and willing to help students in any area necessary. The administration is friendly and campus is beautiful with exceptional grounds keeping.
The community at Caldwell Academy is completely unique. Small class sizes mean that students are close with everyone in their grade. Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving in the Meadow, Christmas Caroling, Rhetoric Retreat, 717, and Caldwell Compassion are all incredible opportunities where students create special bonds. It's also nice to be able to gather all grades, K-12, together for fellowship. The academics at Caldwell are strong, and it is a challenging school, but I often wish we were offered more AP classes. I also think we sometimes miss some of the quintessential high school experience by not having a football team. Regardless, Caldwell Academy is a wonderful school with a thriving community of people who truly care about one another.
I have seen many students graduate from this school well prepared for the academic level they will experience when they go to college. It is a close knit community that genuinely cares for the success of each of their students.
The Humanities program at Caldwell Academy is top notch. The depth of preparation that Caldwell offers in preparing students enables them to live out their full potential; however, some subjects are under-focused upon by the teachers.
Many clubs and organizations are available to all students, such as RUSH, international club, and student council. The clubs meet weekly and commit to making the school a better place for all students.
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From the first day I walked on the campus as a newbie 6th grader, I have felt welcomed by my piers and teachers. Caldwell teaches in a classical, Christian manner and has a strong foundation in faith. We have memorable events such as Veterans day, where the school puts on a ceremony to honor veterans of war. The school comes together monthly and enjoy events, scuh as Thanksgiving in the Meadow, Backyard Bash, and Christmas night out.
The teachers have a genuine passion for teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals.
In a good part of town and everyone knows everyone
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